For Majestic Adventures That Will Stun, Take a Private Tour to Maun

For grand adventures that will stun, take a Private Tour to Maun and experience the incredible wilderness and wildlife.

Situated on the southern fringe of the Okavango Delta, you will find Botswana’s third largest city and its tourism capital, Muan.

This fascinating city, although it has gone through many modernisations, still has an air of being a dusty, frontier town which is a bonus when you are a tourist.

Okavango Delta is a vast, swampy inland delta that owes its existence from the Okavango River.

During the dry season and due to flooding from Angola the Delta is where the great migrations of plains game take place.

As Maun is pretty much the starting point for many safari tours to the Okavango Delta, there are lots of safari companies, with each one offering the ‘best’ deal.

Once you have done your research before travelling here, you are ok!

There are still lots of traditional villages on the outskirts of the city, on guided tours, you can visit them and learn about their lifestyles, taste their food and generally interact with the very welcoming natives.

Let the activities begin!
Nhabe Museum
1 Take a guided tour to Nhabe Museum which was established in 1995. This museum works on the promotion and preservation of the Cultures, Crafts and Arts of the Northwest District. Working closing with the Okavango Artists Association and the Poetkavango Basket Weavers and Craft Fabricators, the Nhabe Museum displays their collections at various times in the year.  With lots of other Cultural artefacts to see, this is an interesting tour.
Okavango River
2 On a private tour, you can be taken by boat or air to see Okavango River. It is the 4th longest river system in southern Africa and it runs for 1000 miles from central Angola. See the hippo and crocodile, to name but a few, in their own habitat and if you have timed the tour properly, see the most amazing sunsets or sunrises. With some of the best guides to show and point out the most interesting things, this is a thrilling experience.
Okavango Delta
3 Take a safari tour to Okavango Delta and be mesmerised. The delta is permanent marshlands and seasonally flooded plains. The unique thing about this delta is that the annual flooding of the River happens during the dry season which is why there is a great game migration to here. It is home to many endangered species of large animals such as the black rhino, white rhino, cheetah and African wild dog.
Moremi Game Reserve
4 Voted the best Game Reserve a few years ago, Moremi Game Reserve is a gem of a National Park and the most beautiful Reserve in Africa.  From Maun, take a 2-3 day guided tour or safari to here, and you will not be disappointed. See the spectacular game like the endangered Black and white rhinos or do some bird watching with over 400 species of bird. A tour to this reserve will give you memories that will last a lifetime. 
5 Take a guided tour to one of the remote villages close to Maun and experience the lifestyle they lead. It is reported that Toteng is the location of the oldest ‘directly dated evidence of cattle in southern Africa’. When you arrive in the village, you are greeted by happy locals proud to show off their lives. Taste some of the traditional food that is offered and be respectful, after all, they are welcoming you.
Makgadikgadi Pans National Park
6 Take a guided tour of the world's largest salt flats that is Makgadikgadi Pans National Park salt pan. This Park is situated in the middle of the dry savanna and it is all that remains of the formerly enormous Lake Makgadikgadi. There is not much wildlife during the harsh dry season, but after the rain, it is one of the important habitats for migrating animals like the zebra and wildebeest. The wet season also brings migrating birds.

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