Lets Go for Gold With a Private Tour of Francistown Botswana!

Let's go for Gold with a private tour in Francistown Botswana. Dig for gold and become rich, well at least try! 

You could dig for gold in oldest towns in Botswana and South Africas second largest city called Francistown.  Since the start of the gold rush era, Francistown was at the heart of it and the same mine which was used back in the 19th century has recently been reopened. 

Gold was so important to this town; it even got its name from an English man who came to South Africa to dig for Gold, Daniel Francis. At the moment Francistown is changing for the better thanks to a change in the economy and the reopening of gold mines. 

Gone for the most part are the dreary old buildings and instead are modern, lively businesses, shopping arcades, hotels and restaurants.  Although there are a lot of new developments, we can still see some of the old traditional buildings, recognisable African mini markets and lovely old parks areas all over the city.

Let the activities begin!
Kuminda Farm
1 Take a private tour to a farm off the beaten track called Kuminda. It is over 15 hectares and has lots of areas of untouched bush and some of the largest trees in the district. What a peaceful and tranquil place with lots of species of birds and exotic flowers. It is a working farm and provides for itself as well as the local people. There is old style traditional buildings made of mud and little allotment areas.
Domboshaba Ruins
2 When translated Domboshaba Ruins means “trading Hill.” These are ruins where the archeologists have found fascinating things which prove that Domboshaba was a place where trading was like a market of olden times. A private tour to the Domboshaba Ruins will guide you to areas where they show, such things like copper, pieces of ivory and even bones of animals and humans. The majority of artifacts unearthed are in national museums.
Supa Ngwao Museum
3 This fascinating museum in Francistown, Botswana was originally a traveling museum which began in 1986 but was finally given its permanent home in 1992. Supa Ngwao Museum is such an interesting museum and well worth a private tour. Like all museums, it preserves all the history of the city Francistown but also of all the surrounding villages. On Display are musical instruments, pots, weaved baskets, pictures all from years ago.
Tachila Nature Reserve
4 Tactile Nature Reserve, which is still being set up, is situated on the outskirts of Francistown, Botswana. The main reason for it being set up is to ensure that wildlife and nature are preserved in an area that is ever growing with business and developments. Even though this reserve is at its beginning, a private tour to this reserve will enthrall you from beginning to end. The Reserve are re-introducing animals and plants.
Matobo Hills National Park
5 Approaching the Hills, it is amazing to see the large boulders which look like they should fall to the ground! When getting closer, its is hard not to get a tingle of excitement. Over 2000 million years ago these Hills were formed due to Granite pushing its way up through the ground and over the many years changing shapes until finally, they are in this very precarious position. A fabulous private tour is a must.
Nswazwi Mall
6 Take a private tour to the Nswazwi Mall in Francistown, Botswana. Have a stroll through the local shops buying your souvenirs and trinkets as a reminder of your exciting trip. Have a fabulous lunch in the restaurants and cafe shops with so many things to choose from. No matter where you are going in the world, you have to have to go shopping in Mswaswi.
Marang Casino
7 An entirely different private tour, why not try the Marang Casino in Francistown, Botswana. This exciting casino is found in the Marang Hotel; it opens at 11 am and closes in the early hours of the morning, which is not a problem if you are winning!!. There are over fifty gaming machines/ tables to keep you entertained, and the free food available is of American style and local cuisine.
8 The ancestry of Tonto is said to be Bakhurutshe tribe. People first came to live here around 1912. To this day there are a few different tribes living in and around the area, but Bakhurutshe is the majority. The primary occupation of the locals is rearing cattle with land farming coming next. An interesting fact about Tonto is, for such a small village, it has produced many influential politicians for South Africa.
9 The translation for Gaborone is ‘it does not fit badly.' Originally Gaborone was made up of small little settlements until around 1885 when it became one city it was at a time when there were rumblings about independence for the country, and it was decided that Gaborone was the best place to have an administrative office as it was central to nearly all the major tribes.
Mbalambi Village
10 This village is so remote you can only go by private tour, car or if you are a pedestrian hitch a lift on the old cobble roads. The villagers are very welcoming and love to see travelers coming to see their village. There is a hill on the way into the village that the villagers go to pray for rain during a drought. Friday is a very religious day for them and all the same traditions from years before are followed devotedly.

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