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The capital of Panama is the ever popular Panama City and a place where you can find many various Panama city guided tours. This is due to its location, history and landscape.

With cultural tours Panama City offers, visit Casco Viejo which is the historic old quarter full of charm, cobblestone streets and colonial buildings.

On specific Panama City Boat tours, sail across the famous Panama Canal. This canal is regarded to be among the most famous feat of human engineering that cuts through the centre of the city, linking the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean creating an essential shipping route.

Another great reason to visit this city is its diversity. Not only is it a busy cosmopolitan Metropolis, but it also has a rainforest on its outskirts. It is here you can experience the fantastic walking tours Panama city provides. As you walk one of the five trails, be on the lookout for tropical wildlife such as Titi Monkeys, Sloths, Toucans and lots more.

There are Panama city tours to suit all types of travellers that will leave them wanting to return to this incredible city again and again.

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