Let's All Go to Overloaded Oslo on Outrageous Private Sightseeing Tours

There is an overload of sights, attractions and activities found in Norway’s capital city which can be seen on outrageous and fantastic Oslo private sightseeing tours.

Located in the south/south-east of Norway, this coastal city may be one of the World’s largest capitals but only in terms of area. When it comes to the amount of land developed, only 20% is used. The remainder of the area is made up of protected forests, parks, hills, open green spaces and many lakes.

On an Oslo city tour, you can walk through the parks and green spaces on connecting pathways to get to the wonderful attractions. This fabulous city is so rich in culture, a day spent on private guided tours Oslo of the excellent museums, galleries and stately buildings, is a day well spent.

The music scene in Oslo is important and plays a big part in the city’s identity. The vast array of arenas and clubs plays host to countless of concerts and, annually, major rock and pop festivals are held.

The nightlife is as diverse as the city with a mix of excellent restaurants and venues to suit all personal tastes and interests, without any discrimination to any community!

Let the activities begin!
Nordmarka Wilderness Area
1 In northern Oslo is a vast forest region called Nordmarka Wilderness Area and just one of the great places to go on adventure tours Oslo. In the winter snowy months have fun on the ski trails and there are exciting evening trails too. In the summer enjoy hiking, biking or swimming in the lakes to name just a minor few of the activities. The scenery and views are breathtaking and it is a place for all ages to have exciting times.
Akershus Fortress
2 On private guided tours Oslo, see the wonderful and majestic Akershus Fortress. This fortress was built at the end of the 13th century by Håkon V. What is left of the original medieval castle can be explored as can the chapel which is home to the Håkon VII tomb. A visit to the Museum of the Norwegian Resistance is a 'must do'. From where the fortress is situated the views from the grounds of the harbour are stunning.
Vigeland Sculpture Park
3 Take Oslo walking tours through the Vigeland Sculpture Park which is an iconic and famous attraction in Norway. The park has 650 sculptures which represent the lifeworks of Gustav Vigeland. Made of bronze, wrought iron and granite they vary in design and topic. Vigeland, himself, designed the park with 5 themed sections holding the majority of the sculptures. The fountain section is the oldest and shows the cycle of human life.
Aker Brygge
4 The architecture found at Aker Brygge is reason enough to take an Oslo city tour. The stunning buildings are erected around an old shipyard and attracts millions of visitors each year. The stunning architecture which blends perfectly with the old compliments the natural beauty already here. Visit the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, enjoy some shopping or relax in a cosy patio bar or restaurant on its seafront boardwalk.
Adventure Tours Oslo Summer Park
5 Oslo Summer Park is among the largest climbing parks in Scandinavia and located a half hour from the city. There are lots of exciting, thrilling, scary and fun adventure activities to do here with something to suit all ages. Hike any of the nine trials that vary in length and difficulty or have fun on the zip lines. Adrenalin seekers try the Tigerspranget where you free-fall 13 meters and then lowered the rest of the way gently! 
National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design
6 A trip to the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design is almost like taking Oslo walking tours as you visit exhibits in venues all over the city. To see the National Museum is a must when in Oslo and moving from place to place adds to the tour rather than detracting. Included on the tour are the National Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art, National Museum: Architecture and the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design. 
The Viking Ship Museum
7 An Oslo City tour should include a visit to the Viking Ship Museum, home to the best-preserved Viking ships in the world. It is located on the Bygdøy Peninsula and you can also see items and artefacts which were found in Viking tombs located around the Fjord of Oslo on the Gokstad, Tune and Oseberg ships. The things to see include tools, textiles, sledges and even small boats. The Vikings Alive, an adventure movie, is playing too.
Natural History Museum & Botanical Gardens
8 The Zoological Museum, Geological Museum and Botanic Gardens make up the Natural History Museum in Oslo, the largest collection in Norway. The Zoological Museum has exhibits and displays of Norwegian fauna. The Geological Museum has an amazing collection of dinosaur skeletons as well as minerals and precious metals. The spectacular Botanic gardens feature well over 7,000 plant species from Norway and internationally.
Oslo Opera House
9 As part of Oslo walking tours, it is possible to walk to the roof of Oslo Opera House due to the way it was designed. The Oslo Opera House is the home of the National Opera Theatre and the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet and is angled in such a way it appears to rise from the water. The large wall of windows allows the public to see rehearsals and workshops during the day. It is truly an architectural beauty.
Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower
10 Possibly the most loved place to visit for tourists and natives is the Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower in Oslo. It has the world’s most modern and futuristic ski jump tower with the oldest or its kind Ski Museum inside the tower. The panoramic views are superb from the Jump Tower's observation platform and the museum displays skiing history of over 4,000 years. There are competitors taking place every year too.

Travel Tips for Oslo