Casinos and Celebrities on a Monte Carlo Custom Private Tour

Casinos and celebrities on a Monte Carlo Custom Private Tour are just some of the things to see and do in this unique principality.  Situated along the French Riviera at the base of the Maritime Alps the region has stunning views and is a hot spot for the rich and famous from around the world.  

Guided tours of the western quarter will take you to the Place du Casino which has made Monte Carlo the hub for gamblers, retirees and the wealthy.  Head down to the port and see the magnificent yachts and cruisers docked there.  

Know as a tax haven for the wealthy the country it is awash with very clever rich people.  Sightseeing private tour opportunities like the Princes Palace, Oceanographic Museum and the Japanese Gardens are very popular as well as the famed Formula One Grand Prix Race.

Let the activities begin!
Princes Palace
1 Visit the Palais du Prince (Princes Palace) on a fascinating sightseeing tour and see the home of Monaco’s monarchy.  This fortress was built originally in the 13th century on a site that gives the most spectacular panoramic views.  Take an escorted guided private tour of the Palace and see the magnificent, opulent interior with stylish rooms, a chapel, throne room and stunning courtyard.
Exotic Gardens Monte Carlo
2 A very enjoyable guided tour is that of the Jardin Exotique de Monaco. These exotic gardens situated along the cliff edge overlooking the bay of Monaco are beautifully located.  There are some great and stunning rare exotic cacti and Mediterranean plants, the size of which you may never have seen before. An added plus to this tour is the spectacular views of Monaco and the French and Italian Riviera that you get to view from here.
Oceanographic Museum
3 The Musée Oceanographique private tour is essential to any holiday in Monte Carlo.  Situated in a unique location on Le Rocher, and almost 90 meters above sea level this is a fabulous place on any guided tour.  With discoveries from the famous Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the aquarium has rare species of marine life and fish.  The three aquariums are home to sharks, turtles, sea urchin and many more endangered marine animals and mammals.   
Casino De Monte Carlo
4 Monte Carlo’s legendary marble-and-gold casino is an essential private tour while in Monaco.  The casino is opened every day, but it is after 2 pm and through to the night when it comes to life with professional poker players and high rollers.  From blackjack, slots, roulette and private salons, this casino is one which many other aspire to become. A strict dress code applies so don't turn up in sneakers or without a jacket and tie.     
Monaco City
5 Luxury and wealth are what comes to mind when you think of going on a sightseeing private tour of the royal principality of Monaco.  As a destination on many people's wish list the small country on the French Riviera is full of charm, winding narrow roads, fabulous scenery, inviting blue seas and the sunshine for the most part, what is there not to love here? 
Grimaldi Forum
6 The Grimaldi Forum in the Monaco district is a conference and congress centre located on the seafront in the eastern beach quarter.  On most sightseeing guided tours of Monte Carlo, this a top destination for tourists.   One of the three auditoriums has been host to The Philharmonic Orchestra, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo and many other famous performers and artists who have debuted here.      
St Pauls Church
7 Visit Saint Paul's Church on guided private tour of Monte Carlo and see how this dynamic community of Christians of all ages ad drawn from around the world are representing the traditions of the Christian Church.  This church has many followers and holds regular services throughout the week.  The interior of the church is beautiful and perfect for a little reflection time.     
The Japanese Gardens
8 Enjoy a peaceful sightseeing tour of these authentic Japanese Gardens in the Monaco region.  The beautiful French Riviera setting for these gardens is stunning as they flourish into a steep hillside.  The lush green vegetation, stone reliefs and ponds are a replica of a Zen garden from which the atmosphere comes across as calm and serene. Explore and see the waterfall, beach, crystal clear stream and ornate bridges.
Antiques HSH Prince Rainier
9 Approximately 100 vehicles formally owned by His Serene Highness Prince Rainier are on show in this 4000m² museum.  On HSH request they are categorised according to class or period of manufacture.  This collection is unique as it ranges from military horse-drawn carriages to classic, prestige, vintage and veteran sports cars. A must see tour on any holiday to this region.
Monte Carlo Grand Prix
10 The Formula One Monaco Grand Prix is a motor race held each year on the Circuit de Monaco.  Running since 1929, it is widely considered to be one of the most prestigious automobile races in the world.  The narrow course is laid out in the streets of Monte Carlo, and Monaco and has many tight corners, elevation changes as well as a tunnel, making it one of the unique and demanding tracks in Formula One.  

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