Luxurious Sightseeing Private Tours of the Royal Principality, Monaco

Luxury and wealth are what comes to mind when you think of going on a sightseeing private tour of the petite royal principality, Monaco.

Monaco is a destination on many people's wish list and that is no surprise. It is a tiny country on the French Riviera that is full of charm, winding narrow roads, fabulous scenery, inviting blue seas and the sunshine for the most part, what is there not to love here?

This is a country that exudes wealth, everything about it is rich and extravagant with designer boutiques, opulent restaurants, upscale hotels and luxury yachts lining the harbour.

However, you do not have to be rich and famous to have a break here and enjoy many of the fabulous sightseeing tours. There are plenty affordable and entertaining places in Monaco where you can have the experience of a lifetime without spending your life savings.

The people of Monaco are definitely doing something right because the life expectancy in Monaco is one of the longest in the world at almost 90 years.

Let the activities begin!
Palais du Prince
1 Visit the Palais du Prince on a fascinating sightseeing tour and see the home of Monaco’s monarchy. This fortress was built originally in the 13th century on the perfect site that gives the most spectacular panoramic views. After centuries of renovation, it is a luxurious place in the style of Louis XIV. On your guided tour, see the magnificent, opulent interior with ornate rooms, chapel, throne room and courtyard.
Monte Carlo
2 Take an amazing sightseeing tour through Monaco’s most affluent and wealthy district, Monte Carlo. Soak up the fantastic atmosphere and the spectacular natural beauty it is set within. See the famous landmark buildings of stunning architecture or just relax in a cafe, people-watching. An excellent time to be here is during the Formula One Grand Prix weekend, lots of people and excitement. Shopping is a treat with lots of fashionable streets.
The Musée Oceanographique
3 A highly recommended sightseeing guided tour is of the Musée Oceanographique. Located, literally, 90 meters above sea level on the edge of Monaco-Ville, it is the most dramatic and oldest aquariums in the world. Opened in 1910 its aquarium has some of the rarest species of fish and marine life in reconstructed natural habitats. The Oceanographic Museum displays world famous exhibits of marine science and oceanography.
Garden Exotique de Monaco
4 A very enjoyable guided tour is that of the Jardin Exotique de Monaco. This exotic gardens situated along the cliff edge overlooking the bay of Monaco. There are some magnificent and stunning rare exotic cacti and Mediterranean plants, the size of which you may never have seen before. An added plus to this tour is the spectacular views of Monaco and the French and Italian Riviera that you get to view from here.
Saint Nicholas Cathedral Monaco
5 This very impressive Cathedral of Monaco is an excellent place to visit on a sightseeing tour. It was built in 1875 and it is where you find the tombs of the previous Princes of Monaco. It was in this cathedral that Princess Grace married Prince Rainier III which was televised to the nation. The architecture is stunning both inside and outside. There is beautiful mosaics, a marble Episcopal throne and a great Altar.  
New National Museum of Monaco
6 To take a sightseeing tour of the New National Museum of Monaco, you are visiting two different locations. One is the Villa Sauber and the other Villa Paloma. This museum is of contemporary visual art found in Monaco. Some of the exhibitions in these venues include a large collection of works by sculpture Kees van Dongen and displays on the town planning, urbanisation and architecture of Monaco and so much more.
Princess Grace Rose Garden
7 As a tribute to his wife Prince Rainier III created this exquisite Princess Grace Rose Garden. This is a beautiful and sweet smelling sightseeing tour to take when in Monaco. There are 300 varieties of rose in the 8000 rose bushes found here along with a small lake, palm trees and an olive grove. The Princes and Princesses for the Monaco Royle Family have roses named after them. Explore at your leisure this charming garden.
Fort Antoine
8 Another interesting place to see on a sightseeing tour of Monaco is Fort Antoine, a historic military fortress. This fort was built on the edge of Le Rocher and is now an outdoor theatre. The theatre is big enough to hold 350 spectators in the tiered semicircular seating and is a great place to see performances under the stars. The views, however, are exceptional from Fort Antoine and reason enough to visit.
The Japanese Gardens of Monaco
9 Enjoy a peaceful sightseeing tour of an authentic Japanese Garden in Monaco. In the beautiful French Riviera setting of the eastern end of Monaco, this garden is built into a steep hillside. The lush green vegetation, stones and ponds are a replica of a Zen garden from which the atmosphere comes across as calm and serene. Explore the gardens to see the waterfall, beach, crystal clear stream and ornate bridges.
Monte Carlo Opera House
10 With stunning architecture from the designer Charles Garnier, the Monte Carlo Opera House is another recommended sightseeing tour. Located in the public square Place du Casino in the glamorous part of Monaco. The Opera House was built back in 1878 and its auditorium is decorated in red and gold. There have been many famous performances here by world-class opera singers and ballet dancers.