Male by Guided Tour, the Lively Capital of Maldives Set in Azure Waters

The city of Male is the capital of the Maldives and also an Island set in the stunning azure blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Male is a great and lively city that you should see on a guided tour from whichever island you are staying.

Ideally, the chances are you will fly into the airport here and then transfer to your private resort, why not stay a night or two here first before heading off.

There are excellent sights and landmarks to be explored on sightseeing tours, but also it is here you will find the liveliest nighttime entertainment in the Maldives.

No visit to Male could be without a shopping trip, there are excellent shops, but the best places are the markets, where you get to mingle with the friendly and helpful locals.

The choice of excellent restaurants is high, serving large varieties of mouth-watering cuisine both with traditional and international flavors.

Then there are a number of varied bars, cafes, music venues and nightclubs to keep you entertained all night long.

Let the activities begin!
Male Friday Mosque
1 The Male Friday Mosque or also known in Maldives Hukuru Miskiyy is a great guide tour to go on. This mosque dates back from 1656 and is the oldest in the country. It is a beautiful coral stone structure with a Quranic script and intricate decoration chiseled into it. Non-Muslims are allowing into the mosque at certain times but you must be dressed appropriately and when inside you get to see a superb and elaborate interior.
National Museum Maldives
2 Located in the Sultan Park is The National Museum Maldives, which is another excellent place to take a guided tour. It is housed in the old palace building and has amazing collections of objects depicting the cultural heritage and history of the Maldives. The type of things to be seen include fabulous belongings of the Sultans such as costumes, paper and cloth manuscripts, armor, photographs and so much more.  
3 Take a short boat tour to the island of Hulhumale which is actually an extension of the city of Male. It was a reef which was built up into a manmade island to relieve pressure from Male in terms of population growth. This fresh new city is worth visiting with boulevards lined with palm trees, modern shopping centres, waterfront esplanades, stunning artificial beaches and an impressive glass-domed roof mosque to name a few.  
The Islamic Centre
4 When on a guided tour of the Friday Mosque, be sure to visit The Islamic Centre of which the mosque is part of. This building is noticeable from afar due to its fabulous golden dome. The centre stands out proudly among all the modern buildings shaping the skyline of this city and is an architectural landmark in Male. Apart from the mosque, there is a large library and conference hall to explore and admire.  
Scuba diving and Snorkeling Tours
5 Almost everywhere in the Maldives, you can find fantastic scuba diving and snorkeling tours and that includes Male. Just off South Male is one of the best channels for diving with Reef Sharks and North Male has the best areas for whale shark encounters. North Male Atoll is one of the oldest scuba diving areas and still very popular for all the breathtaking sights underwater to be explored.
Submarine Tours Male
6 When you are not too confident about diving or you cannot swim but do not want to miss out on the most fabulous adventures underwater, then the ideal solution is a submarine tour from Male. This is a great experience especially if you have children over the age of 3 for all the family to do. This is a very leisurely and fascinating tour of the sights below sea level, seeing reefs and lots of tropical fish.
Fishing Day Tours, Male
7 Another excellent activity to do when in Male is to go on a Fishing Day Tour with one of the many fishing charters found here. All guides on these tours are experienced anglers and know the best areas to catch what you are looking to catch. There is river fishing for the opportunity to catch big fish or fly fishing for salmon or trout. Whichever fish you are going for, it is a very enjoyable day.
Fish Market Male
8 When in Male, an experience that should not be missed is that of the fish market in Male. This market has to be seen to be believed; there are fish of all sizes and species. The activity is much higher in the afternoon when fishermen bring in the days catch. Large fish such as tuna are laid out on tiled floors for all to see and for the locals to bid on. These are usually chefs and restaurant owners.
Local Markets and Bazaar in Male
9 There are many great shopping areas and modern shops but to get authentic souvenirs and local crafts, you need to visit the local markets and Bazaar. These are very entertaining experiences and best done on a guided tour to be sure you don’t get lost or possibly overcharged. All market vendors love to have fun with tourists so like to haggle a lot, don’t be afraid to take part in this, it can be a great laugh.  
Maldive Victory Diving Tour
10 A particular diving tour to take that is unique to Male is the Wreck of the Maldive Victory. This can be challenging so only experienced divers should do it due to the possibility of strong currents. The Maldive Victory was a cargo ship that sank on the 13th February 1981, which happened to be a Friday, after hitting a reef. The ship is at laying at an angle with the propeller end deeper than the wheelhouse.

Travel Tips for Male