Explore the Azure Blue Seas of Dhangethi Island on Private Diving Tours

Visit Dhangethi Island of the Maldives and explore the crystal clear azure blue seas on private diving tours or relax in the calm and tranquility of the white sandy beaches.

This island is the ideal place to get away from city life and recharge your batteries. It is not the largest of islands in the Maldives, but it is close to being the most picturesque.

If you imagine that your dream island has lush greenery in the center with white sandy beaches surrounding it, crystal clear blue waters lapping its shores with narrow streets, quirky but quaint houses, Inns, souvenir shops and cafes then Dhangethi Island is where you want to go.

Dhangethi Island is a place to have a relaxing vacation with sea adventures mixed in. It is somewhere to take a private sightseeing tour, where you can explore for a few hours but beware, once you have been here, you may not want to leave!

Let the activities begin!
Whale Shark Diving Tours
1 One of the top and most popular diving tours to do when in Dhangethi Island is Whale Shark Diving. These tours are a wonderful experience for any diver, amateur or professional, and you are left with unforgettable memories of your time here. All tours are with experienced whale shark divers, so you are in safe hands.
A Tour of Dhangethi Island
2 A tour of Dhangethi Island enables you to see all of the Island and not just what is local to your accommodation. With a guided tour, you get to walk through narrow streets, shop in souvenir shops, stop for drinks in quaint cafes and then with luxury car transport, you are brought around to interesting areas of the island for sights and views.
Island Hopping Tours
3 There are many Island Hopping tours where you can visit the surrounding islands by speedboat. These tours can be customized to what you want, for instance, you can choose how long you want to stay to explore whichever Island you decide you want to see. There are so many little islands to visit, you may need to do more than on tour!
Sightseeing tours to Male
4 Take a day sightseeing tour of the capital of the Maldives, Male. This tour will bring you to the main landmarks of the city such as the Friday Mosque and National Museum of the Maldives. It is also here where you can do excellent shopping especially for souvenirs in the Markets and Bazaars. Be sure to visit the Fish Market, it is an experience!
Diving Tours of Dhangethi Island
5 Apart from the Whale Shark diving tours, there are many other diving tours available to do due to the many different diving sites around or close to Dhangethi Island. The most popular sites being Dhangethi Beru, Dhangethi Corner, Media Thila, Vakaru Beru Thila which offer the best opportunities to explore the rock formations and reefs as well as to see the amazing tropical fish.
Boat tours from Dhangethi Island
6 Possibly the most relaxing and leisurely way to spend a day or a romantic evening, is on a boat tour. These are days where you just sit back soaking up the sun, diving from the boat at certain times to cool down or if it is a romantic evening tour watching the moon and the stars while sailing on the calm waters. 

Travel Tips for Dhangethi Island