Lets Go to the Heights With Adventures Found on Private Lesotho Tours

With this high altitude landlocked Country, you can reach new heights with the adventures found on Private Lesoto tours. The lowest point of land in this country is 1,000m above sea level. Hence the reason why this country is also known as the “Kingdom in the Sky”.

Lesotho, or the Republic of Lesotho as it is officially known, is a small beautiful country which has South Africa completely surrounding it. The fact that it is criss-crossed with spectacular rivers and mountains provides some of the most scenic sightseeing tours Lesotho can offer.

There are no shortages of Lesotho adventure tours either which the many high altitude adrenline thrill seekers long for. These include bikers, hikers and 4x4 riders.  In the winter there are a number of extreme winter sports to be enjoyed too.

Venture through the country on the varied guided tours Lesotho offers seeing the likes of surging waterfalls, snow-capped high mountains, towering peaks, fascinating rock formations, crystal clear streams and so much more.

Let the activities begin!
Sani Pass Lesotho 4x4 Tour
Sani Pass Lesotho 4x4 Tour
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Lesotho -Sani Pass, the Route Begins at the Sani Pass Hotel Which Is 1566 M Above Sea Level, We Visit the Highest Pub in Africa Which Sits 2873m

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12 to 14 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Maseru
1 There are only two ski resorts located in Southern Africa and Afriski is one of them, it also happens to be the highest. With private Lesotho tours, you get to experience some extreme and not so extreme winter sports activities. With the help of two ski lifts, there are three slopes to be enjoyed winter or summer. The spectacular and beautiful views that can be found here are amazing at any time of the year.
2 A top destination to visit with sightseeing tours Lesotho is the town of Malealea. This is a great place for those seeking serenity and peace before travelling on to other destinations for adventures. Here you can go camping in beautiful remote areas or visit Basotho villages learning about their lifestyles and being entertained by local bands using homemade instruments. Enjoy pony treks or walking trails.  
Sehlabathebe National Park
3 Lesotho adventure tours are plentiful when you visit Sehlabathebe National Park. This National Park is the country’s oldest reserve. It is remote, areas are almost inaccessible and stunningly beautiful. Thanks to the Tsoelikana River, there is excellent trout fishing and other water activities. The waterfalls are mesmerising, rock paintings are fascinating and the ancient Basotho stone dwellings are amazing.
Masitise Cave House Museum
4 The Masitise Cave house museum is built directly into the rock and was once the home of Revered David-Frederic Ellenberger who was a Swiss Missionary. He decided this cave was the perfect place to found his church and bring God to the people. There are many fascinating features to this cave including a dinosaur track found in the ceiling and the fact that Ellenberger’s son is said to be entombed in its walls.
Maletsunyane Waterfalls
5 On sightseeing tours Lesotho provides, take a trip to see the spectacular Maletsunyane Waterfalls. These falls are among the highest single dropping waterfalls found in the Southern Hemisphere. Into a stunningly beautiful gorge it drops 192 metres creating incredible noises and clouds of spray that can be seen from a distance. There are many great photo opportunities on a visit to these waterfalls.
Ha Kome Cave Village
6 Another fascinating place to visit with private Lesotho tours is the Ha Kome Cave Village. Located in the Berea district these caves were a hideout for the Basia and a Bataung Clan during the times of the Lifaqane Wars and cannibalism. Today their descendants are still living here. In the cave there are faded San paintings indicating that the caves were at one time occupied by the San. This is a great place to visit.
Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village
7 Lesotho cultural tours will bring you to explore the Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village which is located not far from Maseru at the foot of the Thaba Bosiu plateau. On this site, you will find a traditional village, museum and amphitheatre and a 41 chalet lodge with bar, restaurant and event facilities. On this tour, your guide will go through the fascinating history of the area. This is a unique experience.
Tse’hlanyane National Park
8 The Tse’hlanyane National Park has much to offer tourists who visit with Lesotho adventure tours. It is located in the Maluti mountains and comprises of 5,600 hectares of rugged mountain terrain. This terrain offers much to extreme sports enthusiasts with mountain climbing, hiking, mountain biking and lots more. The Holomo rivers are also part of this park which adds to the beauty found here.
Bokong Nature Reserve
9 Bokong Nature Reserve is among the highest nature reserves found in Africa are over 3,000 meters above sea level. There are extensive afro-alpine wetlands in the Bokong river. This nature reserve is also an excellent location for those interested in birdwatching, you may even get see the bearded vulture found here. Other activities to do here include Basotho pony rides, nature trails and walking tours.  
Katse Dam
10 The Katse Dam is regarded as “striking item of modern engineering” and a popular place for tourists to visit on guided tours Lesotho provides. It is built in an area that is 2,000 metres above sea level and is among the 10 biggest concrete arch dams in the world in terms of volume. It also happens to be Africas highest dam. Thousands of people have visited this dam since its construction back in 1991.