Deliver by Hand Your Santa List on Rovaniemi Private Sightseeing Tours

Diverse is a word to describe the fabulous city of Rovaniemi and the variety of private sightseeing tours available there.

Winter is the season when you want to visit Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland and hometown of Santa Claus with all the added extras and activities for the winter and yuletide season. Lots of snow and the magic of Santa Claus!

Spring brings the rebirth of nature and fabulous colours emerging on the landscape. Take private guided tours to reindeer farms for calving season or venture through the countryside of Rovaniemi on private guided cycling tours.

Summer and the midnight sun is the best time for fantastic seasonal Rovaniemi adventure tours, festivals and lots of activities. The nights tend to be bright with 24 hours of daylight which means lots of time for fun, activities and partying.

The stunning landscape changes colour with the arrival of Autumn or in Rovaniemi, Harvest season. There is no shortage of private tours in Rovaniemi for all types of berry picking in the forests. It is also another country where the Northern Lights are visible from mid-August.

Let the activities begin!
Santa Claus Village
1 Cross the magical Arctic Circle when visiting the Santa Claus Village on Rovaniemi sightseeing tours.  This village was declared by Santa Claus as his hometown and is where he spends all his time. His mission to make children's wellbeing better, make grown-ups kinder and to spread the Christmas Spirit of love and goodwill all happens from here. There are many magical experiences to have here and amazing things to see.
Arktikim Science Centre
2 Experience northern culture, nature and history on a Rovaniemi private guided tour of Arktikum Science centre. Have a much better understanding of the Arctic in the Regional Museum of Lapland and University of Lapland's Arctic Centre which is housed here. See centuries of artefacts from Lapland, learn the fascinating stories of Lapland, listen to the challenges facing the Arctic or watch videos of the changing seasons.
Ranua Zoo
3 Not far from Rovaniemi is Ranua Zoo, an excellent location for a guided tour. This wildlife park is where you will find over 200 animals from over 50 species that are native to the Arctic. These include animals such as the arctic fox, polar bears, minxes and wolves. The bird types include snow geese and buzzards. Then Ranua Zoo is open all year round but dress warmly when visiting in the winter snow. During the summer you can ride ponies!
Oulanka National Park
4 A little over two hours from Rovaniemi is Oulanka National Park with hanging bridges, waterfalls and impressive scenery. Explore Oulanka in a number of ways from hiking tours, rock climbing to 4x4 safari tours from Rovaniemi. The activities you can do in the Oulankajoki River include kayaking or small boat tours. The wildlife you may see is amazing and it is a’ must go to’ place if you love bird watching.
5 Visit the magnificent waterfalls that are found in Taiga forest in Auttiköngäs Nature area on sightseeing tours from Rovaniemi. It is regarded as being one of the finest waterfalls in all of Finland. In Autiköngäs there are many activity tours winter or summer. In the winter go snowshoeing and in any of the other months explore the are son hiking tours. Visit the small exhibition about log floating, a custom in this region.
Arctic Circle Husky Park
6 For an opportunity to meet genuine Siberian Huskies and possibly their puppies if you are lucky, take a private guided tour of Arctic Circle Husky Park. Here you can spend time with the dogs, petting and taking photographs. Husky safaris are extremely popular when you visit and you can do anything from a short husky led sleigh rides tour which lasts an hour or so or full day tours but also a coulee of day tours
Hiking tours Rovaniemi
7 Enjoy some of the best areas for hiking tours in the beautiful aapa mires and rapids located close to Rovaniemi. The variety of hiking trails available are vast and each trail is clearly marked. Take a long hike go on the forest trail to Sortovaara or aapa mire trail. Another trail even allows prams and passes fantastic rapids leading to a campfire site. This is not a long hike but still a good way to see areas around the city.
8 No trip to Rovaniemi during the Christmas period is complete without taking a guided tour to Joulukka. It is found deep in an authentic forest of Lapland in the Arctic Circle and is magical. This land and lake close by are where you will find the Elves of Jouluuka who have the vital task of making sure everything runs smoothly on Christmas Eve and that Santa delivers on time to good children. There are great fun activities here too.
Ounasvaara Sled Track
9 The beautiful scenery that is found in Ounasvaara and Rovaniemi can be seen from a different angle when you take the Ounasvaara scenery lift up and down. However for a more thrilling way to descend the huge hill is by the summer sled track. The sled track is brilliant for all the family and not only is it safe but you decide how slow or quick you want to go. From the Lookout Lift Station enjoy the superb views.
Rovaniemi Local History Museum
10 Another Rovaniemi guided tour to do is of the Local History Museum. See collections of artefacts from late 19th century to early 20th century displayed in a house and outbuildings that belonged to a wealthy farmer around a hundred years ago. The main house is furnished in traditional rural style and dates back to the 1840’s. The main collections are to do with traditional trades such as hunting, fishing and reindeer husbandry.

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