Make Some Marvellous Memories in Minsk on Private Sightseeing Tours

Minsk city is the capital of Belarus where you can make some memories on Minsk private sightseeing tours. This capital is well known for its safety and its cleanliness; citizens are law-abiding, so even jay-walking is frowned upon.

Minsk is on the main transport routes connecting Western Europe and east with regions of the Black Sea coast and Baltic states. The city Minsk lies between the river Svislotsj and Njamiha, you will be pleasantly surprised at what Minsk has to offer.

Bursting with history, Minsk guided tours of the war museums and monuments of this city is a must. The cultural tours Minsk provides include 13 museums and 10 theatres.

With private Minsk tours of the Orthodox churches and Catholic Churches, you will see stunning architecture and see the beautiful gardens.

Walking tours Minsk offers are of the famous monument of the KGB which overlooks Independence Square or walking tours of the residence of Lee Harvey Oswald who was accused of the assassination of the USA president John F  Kennedy; Lee Harvey Oswald resided in Minsk from 1959-1962.

Let the activities begin!
Great Patriotic War Museum
1 Housed in a beautiful new building, its one of the most significant WWII museums in the world. Minsk guided tours of the Great Patriotic War Museum explain the hardship and suffering the people of Belarus endured in WWII. With items on displays, the museum shows, strong and powerful artwork with messages made plain and simple. There is also an area with tanks, aeroplanes and artillery from WWII.  
Independence Square
2 On Minsk city tours visit Independence square and see many important government building. The three storks in the square symbolises the city's independence. A dome with skylights covers the Stolitoa shopping, with a centre that lies directly under the square and plenty of shopping to be had. Also, come to The church of Saints Simon and Helen a Roman Catholic Church, it is often called the red church due to the red brickwork.
Bolshoi Opera Ballet Theater
3 Bolshoi Theatre is one of Europes largest theatres. It's Minsk central landmark, being rich in architectural. Minsk guided tours of this theatre include the stunning gardens and a beautiful park that surrounds the theatre. The theatre has held of 20,000 performances and with over 200 premiers. Many performers that have taken place in the theatre, with masterpieces of swan lake, and Nightingale, by Mikhall Kroshne.  
Victory Square
4 Minsk Victory Square is one of the most significant places of Belarus. Once known as the circus, it was renamed in 1954 to Victory Square. Walking Tours of the square brings you to a powerful obelisk stretching 40m high which overlooks the Square and is in memory of the wars dead. Vistors come to the square to pay their respect and there is a flame alight at all times. Also around the square discover the beautiful architecture.  
National Library of Belarus
5 See the National Library on Minsk guided tours a building of very unusual but beautiful design, made up of 18 squares, 8 triangular faces, in the shape of a diamond that sits on a platform. It holds 22 floors which contain over 70,000 early printed books, newspapers dating back to the early 19th century. The library used as a multipurpose centre combines technologies, modern design and unusual architecture.
Church of Saints Simon and Helen
6 Known as the red church due to the red brick and roofing, enjoy Minsk guided tours of the church, built in 1908 - 1910 by a rich Belarusian family, after the loss of their 2 children Simon and Helen, whom the church is named after. Two small towers represent the children; a taller tower for the parents  The bronze statue of Archangel Micheal to the front of the church depicts the slaying of the devil.
Minsk zoo
7 The zoo of Minsk has many exotic animals and over 400 species, On walking tours of the zoo see its natural pools running through the zoo, flowing from the river Svisloch. In 2016 a Dinopark was opened with many pre-historical creatures that can roar move and blink. A Horse and pony club for kids and adults, those of you who wish to gain riding skills, also find the zoo has an area for petting and feeding the animals.
Minsk Botanical Gardens
8 The botanical gardens of Minsk, with cultural tours Minsk offers, are full of gardens and greenhouses that are spectacular any time you visit throughout the year, with many rare and unusual different species, you will feel you are in an open-air museum. With a unique collection of perennial sought from Southern Europe, Australia South America. There is also a small freshwater lake running through the gardens.
National Art Museum
9 Cultural tours Minsk brings you to the National Art Museum, consisting of beautiful arches with a glass dome roof.Visits to the workshops, to see the restoration works of exquisite paintings. There are over 30,000 unique items from castles and mansions displayed in the museum, beautiful wood carvings, textiles and artworks from around the world, some of the decorative arts have been donated by private collectors.
Gorky Park Minsk
10 Enjoy walking tours of the oldest park in Minsk. The design of the park is of a classic English park; it holds a 56-metre Ferris wheel, a ride on the wheel at night or sunset, with a view of the whole of the city all lit up. With plenty of walks around the park, the kids can take a pony ride. The park also has an indoor skating rink, avail of a row or pedal boat on the river Svisloch that runs through the park.

Travel Tips for Minsk