Beautiful Belarus Guided Tours, Discover Its Bounty of Art and History

Belarus is surrounded by Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine and most of the country is made up of flat land. It is also a country whose art and history should be discovered when you go on Belarus Guided tours.

Take some of the sightseeing tours Belarus have to offer, include the beautiful cornfields, national parks and stunning gardens. Enjoy many Belarus walking tours around the beautiful lakes which are lost in the forests.

Private Belarus tours of the hidden villages, let all tourists experience traditional life and to meet the locals. On a Belarus cultural tours, you have the opportunity to watch them perform their skills in blacksmith and ceramic making.

Let the activities begin!
1 The capital city Minsk has some great Belarus Guided Tours as it is a city that is full of War Museums, art, history and stunning gardens. Gorky Park is a famous Park with fairground rides for kids and an observation wheel, from the top, you can see the beautiful city views. The square holds many shopping areas and the city comes alive at night, with bars, restaurants and if you are feeling lucky, many casinos.
Braslav Lake Area
2 Sightseeing Tours Belarus brings you to the beautiful Braslav Lake area which is a must-see, with up to 300 lakes it is known as the Blue Neckles of Belarus. There are over 30 species of fish to be found and it is also known for the pastime of bird watching. Take a guided tour of the rocks left from the glacier wick could weigh up to 40 tonnes with names such as Devils footprint and Cows stone because of their size, this area is breathtaking.
Mir Castle
3 The stunning Mir Castle, in the Grodno region, is a great place to visit on Belarus guided tours with its goth feel. Explore the beautifully kept Italian styled gardens which are surrounded by fortification walls. Steeped in history, the castle holds some of the best architecture of Belarus and is protected by UNESCO World Heritage Site. The castle was damaged badly in a fire of olden days but has been restored to its former glory.
National Park Pripyatsky
4 Belarus guided tours of National Park Pripyatsky which lies in a valley is known as the Belarus amazon. Tourists flock here to see first hand the beautiful wildlife on photo safaris, boat trips, fishing and hunting tours. With over 50 species of animals which include the likes of deer, racoons, elk, beavers and rare animals such as lynx and minks. Take a visit to the museum here for a more in-depth view of the park
5 Polotsk is the oldest city in Belarus. Enjoy any of the Belarus walking tours of this ancient city, taking in the heritage buildings asking to be explored. You will also find The Cathedral of Saint Sophia, which dates back to medieval times and has been beautifully restored to its baroque style. Take a visit to the Traditional Weaving Museum or the Museum of Belarus printing which is also found in this city.
Brest Railway Museum
6 The Museum Brest is located near the southwestern border of Belarus and is known for being the first open-air Railway museum in the country. Take Belarus guided tours of the museum where you will come across over 56 units that include steam engines, some steam cranes, retro passenger cabs, electric, diesel engines and a snow plough. Step on board and explore inside many of the wagons. Enjoy the many festivals held at the museum
Nesvizh Palace
7 Belarus consider Nesvizh Palace the most beautiful of all palaces in the country. Belarus Guided Tours of the estate and gardens include visiting the elegant rooms of the former Radziwill family home and the gardens outside that are designed around the traditional English rose.Take a visit to Corpus Christy Church, one of the oldest Jesuit church in the world, outside of Italy, where lies the tombs of the Radziwill family.
Tower of Kamyenyets
8 Take Belarus guided tours of this historical and only tower standing in Kamyenyets. At one time, these towers were widespread across Belarus, built for there defence, but sadly most have been destroyed in the different wars.The towers were once known as the white towers, but reconstruction saw them change to red. Be sure to explore the museum of Kamyenyets which can be found on the platform of the tower.
Chalk Pits Grodno
9 With private Belarus tours discover the stunning Chalk Pits of the country and see the beautiful azure waters that are surrounded by spectacular landscapes, you will leave here feeling different. On a calm day a drowned crane can be seen at the bottom. The unusual colours of azure-turquoise water come from the soil mostly made up of chalk. White slopes surround it with wild vegetation that flows into the water.
Naroch National Park
10 There are as many as 43 lakes in Naroch National Park and it is a fantastic place to find many fishing tours. There are over 35 species of fish that call this park and its lakes home. It is a wonderful place to go on camping tours Belarus where you can explore this beautiful park over a few days, discovering the largest lake in Belarus and its richness of flora and faunas. This National Park is also the country's youngest Park.