Descend on the Amazing Deserts & Dunes on Azerbaijan Private Tours

Azerbaijan the former Soviet Republic is a magical country to visit that lies on a rich oil bed of the Caspian Sea with spectacular architecture buildings. Azerbaijan is also partially enclosed by a desert and mud volcanoes. The Caucasus mountains are a must see with their vibrant distinction. Baku the capital of Azerbaijan is famously known for its Medieval walled Inner City. The Palace of the Shirvanshahs lies within the walls of the Medieval Inner City.

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Xan Sarayi
1 This Palace has spectacular murals and vibrant coloured stain glass windows that make it one of the most iconic buildings in the South Caucasus. It is surrounded by a walled rose garden with large trees that were planted in 1530. The delicate interior is lavished in floral designs, further up in the chamber you will see the heroic interior of Haci Çələbi’s 1743 battle accompanied with requisite swords.
Maiden’s Tower
2 The Maiden Stone Tower is 29m high; it is Baku’s most famous historical building with specular rooftop views of the fantastic Baku Bay and the Old City built in the 12th century it is an incredible structure. It is one superior architectural building due to its magnificent design. Qız Qalası is known as the Maidens Tower in English with walls 5m thick at the base a single buttress. There have been many fictional fairy tales about this beautiful tower.
Fazıl Labarynth
3 Fazıl Labarynth is an archaeological site with caves dating back to the 2nd and 7th centuries BC that have been excavated but left as they were found with pots, talismen and the bones of sacrificed animals in situ. You can feel the evolution of humanity as you walk through the brick catacomb. This rural site is 25km southeast of Şək. This beautiful place has been a lifetime achievement for two local archaeologists.
Qobustan Petroglyph Reserve
4 Qobustan Petroglyph Reserve is an amazing archaeological site that has thousands of figure stone engravings dating back to 12,000 years. There are several different themes including livestock, wild animals and shamen. They were carved into caves but over the years have crumbled into rough boulders. There is also a reed boat sailing towards the sunset in the evenings that is a must-see for fantastic views of this magical place.
The palace of the shirvanshans
5 The palace of the Shirvanshans is located in Baku, it is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site that was built in the 15th century by the Shirvanshah decent.  And Is the most famous architecture buildings that were constructed under the rule of Ibrahim Shirvan. This sandstone palace was once the seat of Azerbaijan’s ruling regime back in the Middle Ages. The palace was restored in 2003 and is open to visitors from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm.
6 Bulvar is famously known for there marvellous cafes, glorious fountains and the fairground rides. The seafront park is most popular with families, couples and musicians. There is some city light shows on in the summer that makes this trip the most memorial for anyone wishing to Travel there with its modern buildings including the International Mugam Centre, Baku Business centre and the park Bulgar Mall.
Fountains square
7 Fountains Square is located in central Baku it is a public square in the heart of Baku city. The fountains are topped by shiny silver spheres that give amazing reflections of the trees and stone exterior. The square was once called Parapet and was built during the Soviet rule in Azerbaijan. The square is a magnificent place to visit with various fountains to see and very popular with visitors strolling around with many shops, cafes and restaurants to choose from.
Flame Towers
8 The flame towers is a triad of skyscrapers in Baku. They are the tallest buildings in Azerbaijan with a height of 182 m. The towers resemble the history of fire worshippers that said Azerbaijan is a birthplace for the prophet Zoroaste. The flame towers are covered with LED screens that exhibit movement of a fire. The towers are visible from a great distance in the city. The towers are amazing to see with spectacular views of the fire shows.
9 Lahic is a gorgeous highland village to visit it is located on the southern slopes of Caucasus. It is famously known for its Persian language and traditional coppersmiths and their unique handicrafts with copper it is a noticeable place in Azerbaijan for its traditions. It is also great for taking a stroll in the forest making it fantastic for hiking with wonderful views of the village. Staying overnight is a must to enjoy everything Lahic has to offer.
Yarat Contemporary Art Centre
10 Yarat Contemporary Art Centre is in a refurbished former naval building that over looks the Caspian Sea, that once acted as a maintenance base for navy ships in the 1960s. YARAT is a non profit art organisation. The building shows exhibitions by international artists and displays YARAT Collection. The YARAT is a contemporary art and art education for Azerbaijan and the wider region.