Go on Private Kopavogur Tours for the Lure of Fun and Adventures

You will be lured to do private tours in Kopavagur as it is a destination where you will find plenty of fun and adventures as well as history and culture.

Kopavagur is Iceland's second largest town with a population  34,000 and its name literally translated means seal pup bay. Long summer days with nearly 24 hours of sunshine is followed by short winter days with just a few short hours of daylight. Kopavagur church dominates the skyline and is located on the hill Borgarholt and offers spectacular views over the town.

Kopavagur is home to 'Smaralind' Iceland's largest shopping mall, as well as a natural history museum, an art museum and a natural science centre.

There is so much to enjoy on your tour if you love the outdoor life, horse riding through the lava fields and on the black sand beaches. Watching Minke and Humpback whales in their natural habitat. Your private guided tour can show you the remote and unspoilt beauty and natural wonders that Kopavagur has on offer.

Let the activities begin!
Off-Road Adventure Tours of Kópavogur
1 Definitely among the most popular ways to see the natural wonders of Kopavogur is with an off road adventure tour. With a 4x4 you are taken to see the rocky cliffs, lava fields, thermal pools, glaciers, beaches and so much more, you are can decide. These tours are led by experienced drivers and guides who always but your safety first even though you may not think so as you are flying over the beaten tracks!
Kopavogur Art Museum Gerdarsafn
2 See amazing modern art and stunning contemporary art when you take a private guided tour of Kopavogur’s Art Museum Gerdarsafn. It is a very elegant building that houses this art museum and it is located in the centre of the city. The museum is a memorial to Gerdur Helgadottir who was a pioneer Icelandic sculpture. She was famous for stained glass and mosaic works including the windows of a nearby church.
Horseback Riding Tours
3 A thoroughly enjoyable way to see the landscape and scenery of Kopavogur is by going on a Horseback Riding Tour. These are tours you can do every day and see a different place each time. Horseback riding is very popular in Iceland and there are very experienced horse handlers with you at all times. The horses are a delight and you feel they are very proud to be showing you their homeland. A highly recommended tour!
The Natural History Museum
4 Take a private guided tour of the Natural History Museum on Kopavogur. This museum first opened its door in May of 2002 and it is divided into two different categories which are geological and zoological. The formation of Iceland, minerals and major rock types are the focuses of the Geological section. Icelandic mammals, invertebrates, fish and birds are the main focuses of the zoological section.
Fishing Tours Kopavogur
5 Another activity that is very popular in Kopavogur is fishing tours. These are a half day of full day trips where you are brought out into the waters to do all types of fishing such as fly fishing, bait fishing and much more. The tours are with experienced anglers and you are given all the necessary equipment. You can have great fun on these tours even if you don’t actually catch anything although that rarely happens!
Dolphin & Whale Watching Tours
6 Iceland is among the best places to see Dolphin and Whales on specialized tours and there are many tours available from Kopavogur. It is a magical and beautiful experience to witness these fabulous mammals. It sometimes feels like they know you are there to see them and they do extra flips and tumbles to impress everyone. The tours are again very well organized and it is safe for children to go on too.
Hiking and Camping Tours
7 If you want to spend a bit of time outdoors, then go on a hiking and camping tour. These tours bring you to places where you can set up camp and then go on a hike before coming back for the night and doing it all again the next day. It is a great way to see some of the natural landscape, lava fields and rock formations found here and it can be great fun around the campfire when you go with a group of 8-10 people.  
8 For a day of rest from adventure tours and activities or guided tour, visit the largest shopping mall in Iceland, Smaralind. This is the place to find everything from cinema's, restaurants, amusement parks and every type of shop you can think of. This is the ideal place to be on a rainy or snowy day, but you will find everyone has the same idea, but luckily it is large enough for all. You will be entertained here.

Travel Tips for Kopavogur