Experience the Life in This Oriental Cocoon on a Private Tour of Kowloon

Experience the life in this Oriental cocoon on a Private Tour of Kowloon, Hong Kong. In the past, Kowloon or Tsim Sha Tsui was infamously known for its walled city and the 50,000 inhabitants, but now it has come out of that shadow with many unique sightseeing tours available.  

Book a guided private tour of Kowloon and take a walk down the promenade at the harbour, see the informative history museums, lush green parks and amazing colonial properties.  It is worth a visit to see the diversity of the ethnicity of the people living and building a life there.  

Try a Kowloon guided private tour and visit the unique night markets, martial arts studios and guesthouses they are second to none and packed with culture, amazing genuine welcomes and wonderful history.  

The locals have preserved their long-standing traditions but held onto their memories of some difficult and challenging times in their vast and checkered history.

Let the activities begin!
Sik Sik Tai Sin Temple
1 On a guided private tour of Kowloon, you will visit The Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple.  Locals claim that if you make a wish at the temple, it will come true.  As you can imagine many tourists and locals alike flock to the site to worship and make their wish at the holy temple.  The stunning ornate building in its lovely natural setting is a must see on your trip to Hong Kong.    
Temple Street Night Market
2 Kowloon temple street market situated in its centre starts at the junction and runs out over five blocks of the city centre.  The traders work under the glare of street lights to see the goods from fake watches medicines (do not buy).  The ladies of the night work from the tenement area and the Opera troupes busk for dollars near the restrooms.  This market is vast, diverse and unique don't miss out on this private tour.  
Chi Lin Nunnery
3 On a guided private tour visit the Chi Lin Nunnery renovated in 1990 this vast temple is breathtaking.  The elegant wooden decoration and architecture of the building surrounded by delicate lotus ponds will give you peace.  The temple halls containing wooden, gold and clay statues and Buddha's are a photographers dream and a must see.    
Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade
4 On a sightseeing tour of Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, you will visit the Avenue of the Stars and see the hand prints and sculptures of Hong Kongs great stars of TV and Film.  Have a walk and admire the stunning views, soak in the great atmosphere and do some people spotting.      
Kowloon Park
5 Kowloon Park on a sightseeing tour is a must see; the tranquil atmosphere will just wash over you, it is such a beautifully peaceful place.  Once an army fortress it was given to the public in the 1970's to use as a park after the walled city was demolished.  With the lovely Chinese garden, ponds and Sunday performances of Lion and Kung Fu shows it is a must see.    
Lyi Seng Chun
6 Built in 1931 this famous shophouse is home to the school of Chinese Medicine is it a hotspot for guided private tours in Kowloon.  With a quaint herbal tea shop on the ground floor, access to the upper level clinics and exhibitions are by appointment only so book with your tour guide to avoid disappointment.       
Shanghai Street
7 The beautiful thing about shopping in Kowloon is that most of the street shops are dedicated to specific items.  Shanghai Street Kowloon is the place to go to for anything you need in the kitchen.  The stores store everything you can think of from baking supplies to pots. and pans all in the one area it is ingenious and very unique.     
Museum of History
8 Book a guided private tour of The Hong Kong Museum of History which was established in the 1970's and is home to a wealth of artefacts and information about Hong Kong's past.  One of the permanent displays is a showcase dedicated to the Museum staff depicting the development if the museum.  With two floors and eight galleries showing multimedia and diorama exhibitions, there is a lot to see and do here.    
Yven Po Street Bird Garden and Flower Market
9 If you have a lot of love for birds then this is the place for you, take a guided private tour and see the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden you will not regret it.  With dozens of lovely stalls selling bamboo cages, exotic birds and many other bird care essentials, you can spend the day strolling around.  Watch the professionals preen and feed their much-loved birds.   
Tin Hau Temple
10 The most famous Tin Hau (Goddess of the Sea) temples on a guided private tour of Kowloon you will visit this iconic temple.  At the front of the temple, you will see the large public square where in days gone by fishermen would dry their nets, but now the elderly residents can be seen playing chess in the shade of the temple.  

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