The Stunningly Beautiful Historical City of Cologne Guided Tour

The stunningly beautiful historical city of cologne guided tour. Cologne is a place of genuine amusement; this stunning city is arguably the most beautiful town in Germany.

No town in Germany offers tourists attractions as many as Cologne offers; these attractions includes the magnificent cathedral, the delicious traditional foods, and the historic architecture.

Moreover, the stunning city features several great museums and lots of free activities a visitor access.

You can take private tours of Cologne and enjoy a mixture of the best events, great attractions and unique places in Cologne.

Experience the city and let the real Kölsch life inspire you!

A visit to Cologne should be used in any case, to experience the culture of Cologne and other amazing things the city has to offer, and you will definitely fall in love with this town!

Let the activities begin!
Hohenzollernbrücke (Love Locks)
1 Here, there is a lock with names of loved ones and the date of coming together. This is a popular tradition in Cologne, also newcomers use this beautiful custom to seal their love. The key is thrown as a sign of eternity together in the Rhine. The bridge now attracts not only young lovers but due to the impressive appearance but also tourists from around the world. Bottom line is, this place is worth visiting.
The Chocolate Museum
2 The museum is located in the Rheinauhafen directly to the old town and not far from the cathedral. The Chocolate Museum shows you the history of cocoa and chocolate from the past to the present. Of course, you can also taste chocolate, all you want. And in the souvenir shop, you can find guaranteed a souvenir for home. The museum always has a great program that makes everyone happy. Guided private tours available.
The Rheinauhafe
3 The old Rheinauhafen is now one of the ultramodern spots in Cologne. It stretches over 2 km along the banks of the Rhine right next to the old town. Here you will meet the most modern architecture and historical buildings. Especially on the weekends, you see joggers, inline skaters, cyclists or walkers. Here you will meet all kinds of people. There are great cafes, Also, the open-air cinema in the summer is worth a visit.
FC Museum
4 Football is the favourite sport of the Germans and the Cologne have a close connection to their FC. The FC Museum displays the entire history of the traditional football clubs and no football fan should miss this insight into the best football club museum in the world. This place is a must to visit for all lovers of football with a private guided tour.
Melaten Cemetery
5 The quiet atmosphere away from the bustling metropolis not at all depressing but rather impressive seeing the opulent graves. The 435,000 square meter site, boasting beautiful flowers and lush greenery. Many famous Cologne families are buried in the cemetery Melaten, such as the family Farina (creator of "eau de cologne") and the family Millowitsch. Cemetery tours are also available on request.
Cologne Lights
6 A huge firework in beautiful Rhine scenery awaits you when you visit the Cologne Lights. If you wish to be there live, you should be there early to reserve a good spot - loyal followers are already in the early evening hours there to see as much of the fireworks. After a guided private tour to Cologne most some iconic places in cologne, this place is also a nice place for couples visiting cologne.
Christopher Street Day (CDS)
7 The rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender are the focus. More equality and acceptance in society - that is the goal of the CSD. The event that usually takes place in Cologne's Old Town street festival is a huge and colourful parade in Cologne, more than 100 vehicles and countless groups on foot attend this event. Guided sightseeing tours are available.
8 n summer, the meadows along the promenade are full with people on picnic blankets and towels until late in the evening. In his place, you will see dozens of young people enjoying the great view of Cologne at night - a very special atmosphere. In addition, the Rhine promenade is the starting point for various boat trips on the Rhine. It is a popular destination for tourists and locals. Take a private guided tour of this area in cologne
Cologne Cathedral
9 This iconic structure is the symbol of the city. this amazing place is often the first point of which approximately 6 million visitors recorded annually. The imposing building is 157.38 meters at the highest point (North Tower), the cathedral is the second highest church in Europe and also the third highest church in the world. Climb the 533 steps of the south tower up and enjoy the wonderful view over the city!
Cologne Path Trails
10 Experience Cologne round - in the truest sense of the word: A 171 km long trail runs completely around Cologne. The trail is divided into 11 stages and leads to the most beautiful natural areas of Cologne. The start and end points of each stage are all accessible by public transport. Leading the way are small black panels, which are marked with a white circle. Visitors are sure to have a nice time here!

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