Roman Forum Is Simply Impressive and Mind-blowing

Roman Forum Is Simply Impressive and Mind-blowing

Two thousand years ago who would have thought a marsh would one day turn out to be a site that was the heart of the Roman Empire? The Roman Forum is a cluster of massive ruins spread over a huge area when you take a first glimpse at it.

Without any signs of explanations, you can’t even know what it is you are looking at. But, there is always a simple solution for that, which is a private guided tour of Rome that guarantees you a great time immersed in the glory and the highlight of life of the ancient Romans.

In fact, you can’t help but wonder if there is any limit to the achievements of the mankind when you take a closer look at it. The similarity between a Roman forum and a Greek agora suggests that there was some Greek influence on the concept of a public gathering place for the Romans. And yet, the forums in the Roman Empire transformed their function as public gathering places into multifunctional and multifaceted centers where the political, commercial, religious, social, and even legal events occurred.

Just name a few of the ruins you will see during your private tour of Roman Forum

Among the ruins the Regia was the residence of the kings, the rostra were used as a tribune for orators, and the curia was the meeting place of the senate. Built in 141 A. D. by Antonius Pius, the temple of  Faustina was dedicated to his late wife Faustina, and later became the temple of Antonius and Faustian at the instigation of Marcus Aurelius.

In the Middle Age, the temple was converted into a Catholic church, the church of Saint Lorenzo in Miranda. As seen in many other places in Rome, the Roman Forum wouldn’t be a forum without the presence of triumphal arches, would it? Your private tour guide will point out to you the two triumphal arches of Titus and of Septimius Severus.

Roman Forum is simply impressive and mind-blowing

Yes, two thousand years later you find yourself standing in this marsh-turned-into-the heart of the Roman Empire. With what have remained over the centuries, the Roman Forum never ceases to impress visitors. The impact of the mightiness of the Roman Empire along with its art, its architecture, its law and its religion, radiated from here throughout Europe and beyond.


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Reviewed by Stuart Ferguson   July 16, 2016

A professional guide would be necessary while visiting Roman Forum, cause what happened there in history is something you can not imagined just according to some ruins.We were lucky to have Emma as our guide. She is so nice and told us every single detail she knew. Thank you Emma.

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