Visit The Amazing Italian City Of Cinque Terre

Visit The Amazing Italian City Of Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre comprises of five breathtaking hillside towns known as Corniglia, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, and Monterosso. It is set in the west coast region of Italy. This spot is incredibly picturesque and should not be missed during your private tours to this ancient country. However, it can be a bit expensive. Only a few hotels are available for tourists, and most accommodations and meals are costly. However, with such an amazing scenery, you can enjoy activities such as exploring, nature walks, trails, and visit vineyards in the surrounding areas. With a carefully planned budget, you can visit the spot and this place in Italy is probably a favorite for most tourists, and it’s even better during summer time.

Places to See and Things to Do in Cinque Terre

  • Hike around the Cinque Terre

Any tourist or local will convince you to hike around the Cinque Terre. In fact, a lot of people visit the Cinque Terre mainly to go hiking. The views are astonishing and simply cannot be described. They must be seen physically. The coastal walk also called the blue trail, is the calmest path and also the best way to observe the city. If you prefer something more challenging, walk through the red path and pass the vineyards and steep hills. (Path 8 is the most problematic one.)

  • Go swimming

The water in Cinque Terre is so blue, and it makes you want to jump in immediately. The calm waters also attract the town’s locals especially the kids who love to jump off from the nearby rocks. All through the Italian holidays, this beach can be crowded.

  • Rent a kayak

Playing on the water makes cliffs even more dramatic, the colors become more intense, while the water develops a deeper shade of azure. It's a unique way to view the five adjoining towns.

  • Take private tours of Torre Guardiola

This spot is a bird-watching hub and is also natural observation center. It's located in the southeast region of Riomaggiore marina and on Fossola Beach. There’s a ton of local fauna and flora to be seen here and lots of exotic birds flying about. The spot also has a trail that leads to the shore from the center, and it is a great swimming area.

  • Go for a Ligurian beach picnic

Take tours to the beach. Grab a basket and shop for some local treats. There are some small restaurants the sell fresh, hot focaccia and a lot of cheap local wines as well. After that, you can head a beach, where you can swim, eat, and be merry.

  • Take guided private tours of Chiesa di Santa Margherita

The picturesque harbor has a waterfront piazza. The spot is ideal for people watching and resting from walking around. Also, the Gothic church called Sata Marghertia di Antiochia is also located here. Originally constructed in 1318, it features a bell tower that still works.

  • See the Nativity in Manarola

If you are visiting Italy between December and the ending of January, this spot is worth a quick visit. The Nativity Manarola is unarguably the world’s largest lighted nativity scene. Its opening ceremony is a great event. A lot of locals come out to light their candles and join the fun.

  • Go camping

From spring to early fall are excellent periods of the year to try camping here and the bookings fill up quickly. Also, there are few campgrounds to pick from, which provide inexpensive tent set-ups, including linens and beds. Aqua Dolce is a great spot, and it is near the town, and also quite close to the beach.

  • See the Museo delle Cinque Terre Antiche

The small local history museum is located in Riomaggiore. The museum projects everyday life, as well as the region’s background as the UNESCO World Heritage site. Entry is free with a Cinque Terre Card.

  • Go for a seafood dinner

You cannot get seafood that is fresher anywhere than from a cafe overlooking the ocean. It might be somewhat expensive, but it is worth the try, at least once. Taste the prawns, because they’re amazing in the Cinque Terre.

  • Go and see the castle ruins

In Monterosso, tourists can visit the 16th-century castle ruins which were built as a defense mechanism after the Saracen attack. These ruins lie near the cemetery on the San Cristoforo Hill.

  • Take a private tour to the churches

Every town in the Cinque Terre has its collection of churches, and they vary in age as well as architectural style. Go and a peek inside the magnificent Church of San Lorenzo in Manarola, and Santa Margherita di Antiochia Church or San Pietro, for instance.

  • Learn about the Italian naval history

The Technical Naval Museum, La Spezia, has collections and contains valuable information and artifacts which come from the naval history of the province.

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Reviewed by Carla Ashe   August 22, 2016

Finally came to the famous Cinque Terre, some people may think that here is general, but it is very close to my taste. I stayed for two nights in Vernazza, not enough for me to enjoy the beauty of it. If I had chance next time, I would love to stay for one week or even more to savour its charm!

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