Top Ten Items To Pack For Your Next Trip To The Airport

Top Ten Items To Pack For Your Next Trip To The Airport

  • Number one. ID.

Need I say more? Or would you like a private tour of the curb?

  • Number two

A bag, within a bag, within a bag. Maybe the Russians had it right with their nesting dolls. Put the sheer essentials, e.g. ID (See number one), ticket(s), medicines, cash, and a mint or two in a small see-through bag that is immediately accessible. This should never leave your sight or grasp.

  • Number three

A unisex purse.Gender notwithstanding, a functional bag capable of storing handy if not essential items. Things like that magazine or book you had meant to read for the past week, snacks like trail mix or fruit for when you are stuck at 11pm in the Boise terminal and everything is closed. The bag should be the size to fit under the seat in front of you. Number two bag can then fit inside of it. 

  • Number four

Electronics. This goes back to number three concerning the bags. Consolidate all electronic devices, from phones to laptops to small kitchen appliances in one bag that can be easily opened by your friendly TSA agent for inspection. Make sure they work and will turn on. No one likes a blender that won’t turn on in a search que. This goes under the seat for easy access if you absolutely, positively have to work on your laptop in-flight. 

  • Number five

If you don’t have anything listed in number four, good for you. Keep a little notebook. You don’t need to charge a pen and paper, and you never know when you may need to write down a flight or gate number, or the phone number of the new friend you met in line.

  • Number six

Your carry-on. If you are like me, this is my primary bag. I purposely pack light, because if you don’t pack it, you don’t have to carry it. I also like to shop at my destination, so the bag should have room to grow.

  • Number seven

Speaking of packing. Wear what you need when you land. Pack things like belts and laced shoes in your bag. There is no need to put those on and off in line. Wear slip-on shoes.

  • Number eight

Maps. Know where you are going, or at least how long it will take you to get there. Research on-line for landmarks and helpful stops like stores or malls.

  • Number nine

That little indulgence. So far this list has been about playing by the rules. Treat yourself, and stash your favorite little pillow in your bag, or something from home that gives you comfort. You deserve it.

  • Number ten

And probably the most important item you will need for your next trip to the airport is a sense of humor. Everything from making sure the cat is in, to which parking option you choose, will sorely test your patience. Unless you are boarding a private jet for a private tour, every other passenger is having the same kind of day you are. Go with it. If you are in the waiting area, sit tight until your row is called to board. You don’t have to be the first one to be seated. They won’t leave without you.

  • And remember, you paid good money for that bag of peanuts. Savor them. 

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Reviewed by kadisk@@   April 12, 2016

Whoever wrote this article did a great favor for me! I should write this down on my notebook so that I will not go to the airport without passport again! :)))

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