Top Places In The World To Take A Road Trip

Top Places In The World To Take A Road Trip

Taking a road trip is one of the most important things one must include on his or her bucket list. However, not all trips are enjoyable. Some trips are filled with bad roads, very little sightseeing and boring landscapes. On the other hand, some road trips are unforgettable and every single moment produced from such a trip would be worth remembering. Numerous locations all around the world are unique for their roads and surrounding environment, and they happen to create the best road trip experience that one can imagine.

Top Places in the world to take a road trip to;

  • Cape Point Route, South Africa

This is one of the most amazing road trips to take in the entire world. The popular Cape Point Route in Cape Town, South Africa is a beauty to behold and the entire trip can be completed in one day. It is also possible to get a private tour of the area and its surroundings. It features a long road that is also winding and filled with breath-taking views provided by Hout Bay. Whilst plying this route, it is also possible to see a number of African penguins. 

  • Abu Dhabi-Qasr Al Sarab

The trip from Abu Dhabi to Qasr Al Sarab Resort is one of the greatest ever road trips that you can take on the planet earth. If you happen to own a sports car, this is one of the best roads you can find to test your vehicle’s potential. With vast open and well paved roads, you would be more than tempted to raise the speedometer above its limits. It is also possible to get a private tour of Abu Dhabi and the Qasr Al Sarab desert resort.

  • Bulgaria

Cruising through Bulgaria gives every driver and passenger the true feeling of Europe. This route is filled with fields of flowers and ancient buildings. It is sure to give everyone who plies this road a true feeling of nostalgia. Driving through Plovdiv and Rila gives every driver a deep feeling of Bulgaria and its surrounding environs.

  • Scotland

Taking a trip from Edinburgh to Loch Ness is one of the greatest ways to fill up your camera. With over a million fantastic sights, you are sure to never get bored whilst on this road. The route features a number of old castles and captures the true essence of Scotland.

  • Mallorca, Spain

This is one of the most famous routes for a road trip. The route is so famous that it is often featured as track for racing in video games. Feel free to race through the island of Mallorca and encounter all the little villages like Sa Calobra. With a number of crazy turns, this road trip is meant for the brave at heart.

There are a number of great destinations all around the world to take a road trip. Each and every one of these routes is sure to keep you captivated. Be sure to take your camera along, because there a lot of breath-taking sights on each of these routes. 

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Reviewed by Aaliyah   April 10, 2016

The last destination captured my attention. I really intersted in adventures. I'm sure road trip in Spain will be very exciting and breath-taking. If it's possible may I have some suggestion on the road trip in spain in details?

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