Top places around the World to take a walk

Top places around the World to take a walk

There are some great destinations around the world for hiking or walking. These beautiful locations are perfect for people who have wanderlust and an unquenchable thirst to see the world. When taking a walk through each of these destinations, it is important to bring your camera along because it is almost certain that you would be blown away by the breathtaking beauty that each of these locations have to offer.

Whether you have a preference for long walks in the warm afternoon sun, or cool chilly walks in the evening, each and every one of these destinations is sure to leave you captivated and filled with awe at the beauty the world has to offer.

Top places around the world to take a walk, "Best 3 Trails For Walking"

1. The Inca Trail (Latin America)

This fantastic location in Machu Picchu, Southern Peru is one of the best places around the world for walking. It is a rough terrain, so you should think about bringing a pair of walking sneakers. You do not particularly need a guide to walk on this route. Also, it is possible to arrange a private tour.

The journey through the Inca Trail is quite daunting, but you would most definitely enjoy the task. There are a lot of fantastic sights to behold, including the ruins of Peru.

2. Pati Valley (Brazil)

Pati Valley, Brazil is one of the most fascinating routes in the world for walking. The terrain is relatively easy, but there are a number of steep and rocky areas that would require a great deal of care. It is very important to hire a private tour guide within the area because it is quite easy to get lost when taking a walk through this region.

The rocks bear a stunning resemblance to those in Jurassic Park and there is a lot of vegetation around the area.

3. The Silver Trail (Mexico)

The Silver Trail is perhaps one of the most famous destinations in the world when it comes to walking. This route has been in existence since the 18th century, and was formed by the Spanish inhabitants of the region who needed to create a trail to walk in order to access the mines where they obtained silver.

If you are looking for a rocky walk through the outdoors, this is a great route to walk through.

Apart from these three destinations, others include the Tsitsikamma trail (South Africa), Toubkal circuit (Morroco), and Sentiero degli Dei (Italy). Each of these destinations provides the perfect escape for the outdoor enthusiasts looking to surround themselves with a world of beauty. Long walks are best shared with friends or family, you must also be sure to bring along some water just in case you get thirsty and dehydrated during your walk.

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Reviewed by Jessica   April 23, 2016

When going for a walking trip, not only the destination is important, but also who you walking with. Sometimes a good walking team can also make your trip fantastic. I really want to know someone who interested in walking. Maybe we can plan a trip to Pati Valley some day.

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