The Six Best Places For a Walking Tour in Amsterdam

The Six Best Places For a Walking Tour in Amsterdam

There is no better way for you to enjoy a private tour than exploring a new city on foot. During your private tour, you can absorb the sounds, scents, sights, and scenery first-hand. This article comprises of a list of the best places one can enjoy a walking tour in one of the most-visited cities in the world, Amsterdam. If your desire is art, history, food, or culture, you will find that Amsterdam has some of the best places for a private tour.

Amsterdam City was made for walking, "The Six Best Places for a Walking Tour in Amsterdam"

Amsterdam's small, flat, and lively streets make the city ideal to explore on foot. In fact, walking might probably be the best way to have a view of the gorgeous 17th-century canals, former industrial docklands, and leafy parks. Let us take a list of six glamorous places to take a walking tour in Amsterdam

1. The Hungry Birds Food Tour

This tour gives tourists the opportunity to try out Amsterdam's best street food in just one afternoon. Some of the city's street foods Belgian fries (Vlaamse Frites), spicy spring rolls, raw herring, Dutch cheese, local beers and home-baked cakes. The hungry bird’s food tour can be tailored to suit vegetarians.

2. Amsterdam Photo Safari

Give your selfie stick a rest as you explore this beautiful city with one of the best photographers Tim Collins on his photographic tour. You can take some pictures with Tim as he knows the best and the most original locations in Amsterdam's. From the off-the-tourist-track, to the picture-perfect canal views, and sandy urban landscapes. You can choose any time of the day (either during the day or at night) for your tour.


3. The AlTerNative Amsterdam Street Art 

AlTerNative Amsterdam street art takes participants to the comparatively tourist-free zones in the city. Places that feature Amsterdam's most lovely graffiti and street art, and funky independent shops and galleries.

4. WWII and the Holocaust 

This tour will allow you learn about the traumatic era in Amsterdam's history with experts on World War II Ben de Jong and Peter Schaapman. On the tour, you will visit all the important locations, which includes a day trip to the area of the war of Arnhem.

5. The Night Watch Walks

The night watch walks will allow you see the Night Watch in the Rijksmuseum. Explore and discover the interesting story behind the most famous artwork in Amsterdam. Jacques Hendrikx, who wrote a novel about this famous painting, takes tourists to the location where this masterpiece was painted, and relates its journey over the years. He will also recount the life stories of the people who are featured in the painting.

6. The Amsterdam Design Tour

During and after the course of the 20th century, the Dutch design has gradually become a world-coveted phenomenon. This tour will let you find out about the thinking behind this design, and about the places and people that have helped make Amsterdam's design a world-coveted phenomenon, while having a glimpse of the city's best design shops.

Apart from been a great way to discover the best places a walking tour can also be ideal for working off extra calories and receiving some fresh Amsterdam air. So, why not bring some comfortable walking shoes and begin your private tour. 

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