When in Rome do as the Romans do

As a child I always wanted to visit the Vatican, seeing the pope on Television waving to all the crowds below made it so awesome. However with work and family I never really had the chance until my husband surprised me on our anniversary with a long weekend in Rome ..without the children {result !} First thing I wanted to do was throw a coin in the trevi fountain and make a wish , they say that if you through a coin in you will definitely return to Rome [hint hint husband !! }

The Vatican was absolutely amazing and more stunning that I could ever imagine, we had a Private Tour guide called Suzanne and she was super, she enriched our tour and made it come to life, we had a 3-hour tour and still did not see it all, but what we did see was something special, and I am so glad I got to achieve my childhood dream.


Next on the agenda was the Colosseum, we found it hard to believe it's not rated very high as a place to visit as I found it breathtaking, to think it can hold 65000 people to watch gladiator fights back in the day is incredible!

As we were on our anniversary, we had plenty of time to enjoy the fine food and wine in Rome.

One of the most romantic restaurants just had to be visited while we were there, and it was called " That's Amore"  I was a bit suspicious it would be another tourist trap, but I was pleasantly surprised, and we ate there twice while on our three-day trip. The waiters were excellent as was the food and wine!

All in all a fabulous break in Rome with my husband and somewhere I would definitely return to for a week next time, Rome was not built in a day and cannot be seen in one either I would recommend longer than three days.

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Reviewed by Mandy & Trevor   December 26, 2016

Fabulous, breathtaking and the most exceptional holiday we have ever taken..

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