Heart-stopping Adventure on Private Safari Tours of Hwange National Park

When you go on a private safari tour in the Hwange National Park, you are in for some heart-stopping adventure as you get in amongst the amazing wildlife.

Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe’s biggest park with around 14,650 square kilometres. It is found in the north-west of the country about an hour from another fascinating place, Victoria Falls.

In the early 19th century, it was King Mzilikazi (a Ndebele warrior) royal hunting grounds before becoming a Game reserve in 1929 and a National Park along with its neighbouring Robins Game Sanctuary in 1949.

This National Park is definitely among the finest wildlife havens in all of Africa and home to the likes of elephant, buffalo, giraffe and zebra along with many endangered species and predators such as lions. It is also a perfect birdwatchers destination with a large and varied amount of bird species to be seen.  Read More...

Take a Jeep Safari to See the Large Herds of Magnificent Elephants

Heart-stopping Adventure on Private Safari Tours of Hwange National Park

You will have the best experience by safari when you visit Hwange National Park. With it having the world's largest population of elephant, you are sure to have some encounters with them.

All specially protected animals in Zimbabwe are in this National Park, Gemsbok and Brown Hyena are only found here in great numbers. The largest surviving groups of wild dog are also specific to this Hwange.

As you travel through the park, you can see the diverse landscape of desert sand, sparse woodland, granite outcrops and grasslands. During the dry season, the man-made water holes that were introduced are vital to sustaining the animals.

Top Things to Do in Hwange National Park

Game Drive Tour of Hwange National Park
1 When in the vicinity of the Hwange National Park, you must take a game drive tour through the park. With over 100 different mammal species to be seen, you will not be disappointed. The fact that this park is home to the largest herd of elephants in the world has to be enticing to any animal lover. The thrill and excitement are something else when you are on any of these Game Drive tours.
Painted Dog Project Centre
2 Take a guided tour of the Painted Dog Project Centre, a conservation which protects and rehabilitates orphaned or injured Wild Dogs. Painted Dogs or Wild Dogs as they are better known have dropped in great numbers over the years due to urbanisation and the loss of their natural habitat, so a place like the Painted Dog Project Centre is life-saving to these animals. It is a heartfelt place to visit.
Village Experince in Hwange District
3 An excellent and insightful guided tour to take when in the Hwange District is to a local village. These tours were set up to empower local villages as well as giving tourists an opportunity to learn about the unique traditions and cultures of the local villages here. Make sure you stop at the local market where you get a chance to buy arts and crafts that have been made in the village by the locals.
The Eye, Sleep Out Deck
4 One of the very exciting night tours to take in the Hwange National Park is on the Sleep Out Deck. This ‘Eye’ is a small eco-retreat situated over a very busy watering hole. You get to spend the night under the magical stars and then you get to be woken up by the trumpeting elephants or the rising sun. It is a totally unique experience and one that should not be missed if possible.
Walking Safari
5 For an authentic experience of safari tours, take a walking safari tour. These tours are with very experienced guides who lead you to the best but safe viewing points to see some amazing animals up close, you get to follow animal footprint tracks and learn about the plant life in the bush. It is a different way and a more personal way to experience the Hwange National Park.
Victoria Falls
6 When you are in the district of Hwange National Park, why not take a sightseeing tour to Victoria Falls which is about an hour away. Described by some as being one of the seven natural wonders of the world, it is a mesmerising, rather large, waterfall. There are trails and bridges to bring you to the best viewpoints and there are also flying tours to give you the whole effect. It is a spectacular place!
Sinamatella Camp
7 When you are on a safari tour in Hwange National Park, one of the camps you may want to go to is the Sinamatella Camp. It has been around since 1966 and was once a cattle ranch. The camp is located on a rock formation around 55 meters high near the Parks north boundary. It overlooks a grassy plain and riverbed in the distance. There are excellent safari tours during the day to Mandava Dam, Detema Dam and Shuba Hide.
Robins Camp
8 Another excellent camp in Hwange National Park to stay when on a safari tour holiday is Robins Camp. Visit Big Toms and Little Toms viewing hides where you get spectacular opportunities to view game. The names are of the farms which belonged to Harold Robins before he left them to the Park in 1939. There are excellent enclosed picnic areas here and you never know who or what will join you for a snack!

Travel Tips for Hwange National Park

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