Go to Zimbabwe on a Private Tour for Safari, Waterfalls and Mermaids!

When you go to Zimbabwe on a Private tour, you get to experience adventure in safari, spectacular views of waterfalls and the hope of seeing a mermaid!

This landlocked country located in the Southern Africa may not be a destination you thought to travel to but that would be a mistake. This country has some of the best national parks, safari areas and reserves that offer a dramatic landscape and a diversity of wildlife. Zimbabwe may have had its troubles in the past but what country hasn’t, it is now a much more stable country with tourism increasing all the time.

Victoria Falls is spectacular as it thunders a 108 metres downwards to the narrow Batoka Gorge. The exciting activities that take place in the Gorge include White-water rafting and bungee jumping.

When you go on any of the many safari that you can take in Zimbabwe, you will be shocked and amazed with the wonderful experience and thrill you get from them. The game drive safari in Hwange National Park, a walking safari or canoe safari in Mana Pools National Park are just an example of the type of safari you can take.   Read More...

Go to Zimbabwe on a Private Tour for Safari, Waterfalls and Mermaids!

Tourism in Zimbabwe has been helped tremendously with a lot of investment and one of the best things to happen was the opening of the Victoria Falls International Airport. This means that you can now get direct flights to the main tourist attractions.

The new travel lodges that have been built in the top safari areas are luxurious and a new uni-visa to allow access to both Zimbabwe and Zambia makes life so much easier when travelling here for safaris.

Mermaids to many people are just a myth, but in Zimbabwe, many people believe there are mermaids. However, they also believe that the mermaids are to blame for kidnapping, murder or torture!

Top 10 Things to Do in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls
1 Take a sightseeing tour to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls. When David Livingstone looked upon the falls for the very first time he was breath taken and said it must be gazed upon by Angels in their flight. There is now a tour called the Flight of Angels which is done by a helicopter flying over and around the waterfalls. For more adventure do a bungee jump over the Zambezi or zip-wire across the vast width.  
Hwange National Park
2 You are in for fun and adventure when you go on a safari tour in Hwange National Park. It is the largest game park in Zimbabwe and orders Botswana. Due to the 14,600km sq area, it is not surprising that there is a vast variation in vegetation, scenery and game. The type of mammal species to be seen are elephant, rhino, leopard and lion. The daytime safari is great, but the nighttime safari is something extra special.  
Matusadona National Park
3 Matusadona National Park is home the greatest man-made lake in the world, Lake Kariba, which occurred after the Kariba dam flooded the Zambezi Valley. This park offers the best safari tours on land and water. A boat tour exploring the lake's inlets and creeks also offer great views of the magnificent animals such as elephant, rhino and buffalo on the shoreline. The sunset views are at their best from the lake.
Matobo Hills National Park
4 Located south of Bulawayo, Matobo Hills National Park is a small yet very accessible national park. Throughout the park are very large red tinged Kopjies which are granite boulders mixed with wooded valley and smooth whalebacks. There are many animals to see on safari tours here such as leopard, rhino. It is safer here to do walking safaris tours as there are no lions or elephants in the park. Also, watch out for some Black Eagles!
Mana Pools National Park
5 To reach To reach Mana Pools National Park for a safari tour, you have to fly in. As this park is made up of 4 large pools, it attracts a wealth of large animals and an abundance of greenery. Take an open top game drive or a canoeing safari on the river, but the best tour is the walking safari. Due to not many people living here, there has been minimal animal-human conflict and the game are generally relaxed when encountering humans.
Chimanimani National Park
6 Take a very enjoyable sightseeing tour to Chimanimani National Park which is located on the eastern side of Zimbabwe on the borders of Mozambique. It is a national park of rugged mountains, high peaks and spectacular gorges. It is a fabulous place to see streams cascading through the mountains creating numerous springs and to look upon the wildlife. The type of wildlife to be seen are eland, blue duiker and the occasional leopard.  
Chinhoyi Caves Recreational Park
7 Be amazed when you go on a guided tour to Chinhoyi Caves Recreational Park. Discovered in 1887, the caves were declared a National Monument, then a National Park before becoming a Recreational Park in 1975. In the caves there are tunnels and caverns, some of the tunnels have collapsed causing sink holes. The main one being the Wonder Hole which is 150 ft deep and has crystal clear blue non-flowing water.
Wild is Life in Harare
8 A worthwhile guided tour to take is to Wild is Life which is a wildlife sanctuary for orphaned, rescued and specially protected animals in Zimbabwe. There is an elephant nursery that specialises in helping severely traumatised baby elephants left orphaned. When yo visit you are given personal and guided tours of the sanctuary where you get very close to many of the animals and help with feeding time!      
Zambezi National Park
9 Should you want to go on a safari that is rich in game but not as crowded, tourist wise not animals, then take the Zambezi National Park safari tour. Situated upstream from Victoria Falls, it is not very well known although that may change as it has lots to offer. The river safari is exceptional and will be a highlight of any trip to Zimbabwe. Animals to see here include elephant, hippo, buffalo, giraffe, leopards and lions    
Gonarezhou National Park
10 When you go on any safari tour in Gonarezhou National Park, you not only get the opportunity to see the Big 5, but you also get to experience the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve. The scenery in both these places is stunning and of course, the animals are amazing. For a bird lover, there are 400 species recorded here to keep you captivated. The Malilangwe has the world's greatest concentration of raptors that include 14 species of eagle.
Let the activities begin!