Go on a Private Tour of Bulawayo for a Buzzing Buoyant Safari Adventure

You will be buzzing from the excellent private tours available in Bulawayo, the second largest city of Zimbabwe after Harare.

It is a very spacious town with a mix of colonial and fashionable design. There is a lot of history and cultural sights to be seen in this, one of Zimbabwe's major tourism centres such as the National History Museum of Zimbabwe, the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Statue and the Bulawayo Railway Museum.

Many of the houses in Bulawayo are still of European style from the colonial era and the influence of British imperialist Cecil Rhodes. The National Museum also have many exhibits in memory of all the things Cecil Rhode did and received from not only Bulawayo but Zimbabwe.

It is from his city that you are within reach of the Matobo National Park which is home to the unusual and amazing rock formations, fascinating wildlife and unique stone age art.  Read More...

Go on a Sightseeing safari Tour to See the Fantastic Sights of Matobo National Park

Go on a Private Tour of Bulawayo for a Buzzing Buoyant Safari Adventure

On your safari tour of the Matobo National Park, you will not just see the wonderful wildlife which includes the endangered White Rhino; you will see the balancing rock formations, caves with rock art or the grave of Cecil Rhodes.

Another great guided tour to take is the Tshabalala Game Sanctuary. A place to see many wild animals while walking through the wilderness.

Also just outside of Bulawayo, there are the ruins of Khami, a 15th-century city, which has Zimbabwe’s second largest monument built of stone.

Top 10 Things to Do in Bulawayo

Matobo National Park
1 When you visit Matobo National Park on a safari tour, you are given the opportunity to see White and Black Rhinos. White Rhinos are endangered, but here they have been breeding successfully. Other wildlife to see are zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, monkeys and much more. The type of bird you may see include Black, fish and martial eagles, pied arrow and weavers. In the swamplands there are crocodiles!  
Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe
2 Take a guided tour of the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe when you are visiting Bulawayo. This museum is ranked the fourth best of African and the best one in South Africa. It has displays showcasing the incredible and valuable collections from all disciplines including Archaeology, Entomology, mammalogy, Archaeology and so much more. It is a very informative and interesting way to learn about Zimbabwe.
Bulawayo Railway Museum
3 Another excellent guided tour in Bulawayo is to the Railway Museum. Here you learn all about how the trains evolved and how much they contributed to the growth of Zimbabwe and South Africa. There are cargo wagons and luxury coaches that you can board and explore. The Jak Tar, a train used personally by Cecil Rhodes is also here to see. Other things to view are the vintage phones and old signal lamps.
Tshabalala Game Sanctuary
4 An excellent place to take a sightseeing tour of is the Tshabalala Game Sanctuary. As there are no dangerous animals here, you have more freedom to walk around the park, without guides if you prefer, catching sights of animals such as giraffe, zebra, impala, warthog and plenty of bird species. Take a horse safari and get even closer to the animals as they get less spooked when a horse approaches them.
Matobo Hills
5 Apart from the Matobo National Park, there are other things to see on a sightseeing tour of Matobo Hills. First the most popular and obvious are the rock formations and granite hills. The way the rocks balance awkwardly is amazing considering they are formed this way through erosion and weather. Cecil Rhodes is buried here at the top of these hills and it is fro this spot that you witness the most perfect sunsets.
Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage
6 A sightseeing tour that will cheer you up is the one of the Chipangali Wildlife Sanctuary. It is fantastic to see the wildlife that have been injured, abandoned and orphaned, cared for in this sanctuary. Set up by an ex-game ranger and his wife, they try, if possible, to release the animals back into their natural habitat. When this is not feasible, the animals are homed here permanently and become family!  
Khami Ruins
7 For a view of pre-colonial life in Zimbabwe, take a guided tour to the Khami Ruins which are located approximately 20 kilometres outside of Bulawayo. These ruins are all that remains of the great empires of South Africa from 1450-1650. Although the ruins are not as well preserved, you can see the foundations of the Chiefs home. Artefacts found here included Ming porcelain and Rhineland stoneware.
The Nesbitt Castle
8 For a little relaxing sightseeing tour, visit the Nesbitt Castle and have afternoon tea in its delightful gardens. Built from the romantic vision of Theodore Holdengarde in the 19th century, it is a Gothic style fortress. There is much to admire in the castle that includes the twisting staircases, granite ramparts and towers that look like they are from medieval times. There are many curious features to see in the castle.  
Old Bulawayo
9 To see all the sights and landmarks of times of old, take the Old Bulawayo guided tour. When you enter old Bulawayo city, it is like you are travelling back in time to when the settlers were around. Old Bulawayo was established in the 1870's, and it was King Lobengula home until 1881. This is a relaxing and inspiring tour and walk through the city where you get an excellent idea of how life was like back then.  
National Gallery of Zimbabwe
10 On a guided tour of the Bulawayo, visit the National Gallery which is located in one of the country’s finest monuments, Douslin House. The architecture of the 100-year-old building is a bonus to all the wonderful art and sculpture you get to view once you enter the interior of the gallery. The way the interior is done, you feel you are looking at somebody’s personal collection hanging up in different living rooms.  

Travel Tips for Bulawayo

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