Visit Persia's Beautiful Beating Heart "Tehran" on Private Tour

Visit Persia's beautiful beating heart "Tehran" on a private tour. Irans most liberal and secular city Tehran; with the beautiful Alborz snowcapped mountains and beautiful scenic slopes is a must do visit while travelling to Iran.  

If you are lucky enough to spend some time there, you will realise that there is more to this region than you would think.  On a guided tour you will see that Tehran is the jewel in the crown that is Iran. 

This metropolis hosts many beautiful cultural and historical sites over 250 years in the making.  On a guided private tour take on the famed golden triangle, and you will visit Yazd and Shiraz; they are spectacular. 

There is the Golestan Palace, Azadi Tower or the lovely serene gardens dotted around the city.  Have some tea in one of the traditional tea houses or a cappuccino in one of the cafes, just like other destinations in the region.  

Tehran escorted tours will surprise you with its tradition and culture, but somehow that dedication and hopefulness of its people are what will entice you to stay a while.  

Let the activities begin!
1 Shiraz know as the heart of Persian culture is synonymously know as the city of poets.  This place is full of nature and culture but it is modern and vivacious, and a must see on you escorted private tour.  Home to exquisite mosques and splendid gardens, this place has whispered echoes of ancient sophistication.  Visit Persepolis and see this jawdroppingly lovely place. 
2 Take a custom private tour to Yazd and see why Tehran is the jewel in the crown that is Iran and Yazd is one of the diamonds.  The forest of badgirs, mud-brick towns and lovely country lanes; Yazd is a treasure and the ideal city to have a wander around and maybe buy some silks and local trinkets.  
Golestan Palace
3 The Golestan Palace complex of grand buildings decorated with beautifully painted tiles and set around an elegant garden that's worth visiting in its own right. Book your guided tour and arrange the separate tickets for each of the nine different sections, which you need to buy at the gate try the all it is totally worth it.
Tehran Grand Bazzar
4 The maze of busy alleys and the bazaris or shopkeepers that fill them make this a fascinating place to explore. Despite being known as the Grand Bazaar, most of the buildings surrounding the area are less than 200 years old and pedestrian, although there are some little gems to be found. Visit in the morning, when business is brisk but not yet frantic – later in the day, as it gets busier you may not enjoy it as much.  
Treasury of National Jewels
5 Access to the Jewels Museum is through the Central Bank, so security is very high.  Mobile phones, bags and cameras must be left at reception. As you enter this cavern of delights on your guided private tour, you will be blown away at the collection of jaw-dropping jewels.  The Globe of Jewels and Peacock Throne are the big draws here, and you will just stand in awe, this place is fantastic.    
Iran Holy Defense Museum
6 This museum set on 21 hectares, is dedicated to the Iran–Iraq War, a bloody eight-year conflict that claimed millions of lives.  The seven hall of exhibits commemorates the war.  The many exhibits depict a lot of shocking things, but the most prominent are the (glittering vision display room) which describes how soldiers being sent to their death would see this image.  It may be a challenging tour but worth the visit.      
Islamic Museum
7 The Islamic Museum exhibits a beautiful collection of antiquities and arts through the Islamic period. See the stunning carpets, ceramics, woodcarving, brickworks and textiles.  The unique silks exhibition and Mongol portraits will make you happy you booked your guided private tour package.    
Imamzadeh Saleh
8 The Imamzadeh Saleh Shrine is one of Tehran's most visited and most beautiful shrines. Take a sightseeing tour of the area, and you will be in a position to photograph some of the most panoramic views of the city they are stunning.  The classically decorated Shrine with its twin minarets and tiled dome will let you see how respectful of their culture.     
Haj Ali Darvish Teahouse
9 The Haj Ali Darvish teahouse is famous in this region; opened in 1917 and passed down from generation to generation it is a must visit when you are in Tehran.  Try one of the six types of special tea or have a coffee and watch the world go bye.  Believe it or don't but this is also a hotspot for many visitors as the owner has an active Instagram account which is very popular.    
Tehran's delightful Dizi cuisine
10 So it may seem strange to write about a famous dish in top things to see a do in a city but try it, and you will know why.....  So this lamb, chickpea and potato stew are immense you have to try it with 'Dugh'  a minty yoghurt drink it is just amazing.  Look out for it in the many restaurants and hotel, and I assure you it will be there as this is a national treasure.     

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