See the Captivating City Sights by Cable Car on Private Caracas Tours

Caracas is the capital city of Venezuela, located in the northern mountain valley of the country. This is a city full of culture and history which should be seen on private guided tours.

There is traditional charm mixed with modern day life in this ever growing capital city. Despite the bad reputation it has received over the years, it is a great place to visit and can be as safe as anywhere else in the world once you are careful.

When you want to see the city, the best and safest way is with a guided tour or on a group city tour and there are plenty to choose from.  The sights are spectacular with beautiful colonial architecture, old towns, Spanish quarter, parks but its history and culture is fascinating to learn on the museum and cultural centre tours.  Read More...

El Ávila National Park for Sights and Adventure on a Private Tour

See the Captivating City Sights by Cable Car on Private Caracas Tours

Expect great nights when you are visiting Caracas. The food in the restaurants is delicious, the bars and clubs are entertaining and to top it all, there are romantic cable car tours over the city which can be done.

There are many tours to do in the city, but an excellent escape from the city is on many private tours in El Ávila National Park.

This park is situated among the mountains separating the city of Caracas from the Caribbean Sea and a natural playground for tourists and city dwellers.

The highlight of a trip to El Avila is the cable car ride which links the villages at the top pf the park with the city. It is the best way to see this park from on high.

The activities to be done here include hiking tours, jeep safari tours, birdwatching tours which include butterfly watching.

Top 10 Things to Do in Caracas

Birthplace of Simón Bolívar
1 The birthplace of Simon Bolivar is two museums. One dedicated to the 17th-century colonial house, one of a few remaining,  which was the birthplace and childhood home of Venezuela's most iconic revolutionary. The other is dedicated to his later life with memorabilia, personal effects, military uniforms and weapons to name a few things. On a guided tour learn the fascinating history of ‘El Libertador’ and Venezuela's second president.
El Ávila National Park
2 The El Ávila National Park is a great place to take sightseeing tours with all it has to offer. The type of activities includes cable car rides, hiking tours, cycling tour and walking tours. This is a paradise for bird lovers and you can go on excellent bird watching tours to see over 500 species and you also can see more than 100 types of butterfly. As you wander through the park, there is spectacular flowers such as orchids.
National Pantheon of Venezuela
3 On a city tour of Caracas, visit the National Pantheon of Venezuela. This is the final resting place for South America’s national heroes which was originally going to be the Church of the Holy Trinidad built in 1870. The architecture which began as colonial was transformed years later to neo-gothic design. It was the first of this style in Venezuela. This is a fascinating place to visit for both architecture and history.  
Caracas Cathedral
4 Take a private guided tour of Caracas Cathedral which historically dates back to 1665. The architecture style of this cathedral is quite grand and of Baroque style. The interior has altars which are carved by hand, a stunning private chapel and many paintings by famous artists such as ‘Resurrection’ by Rubens and ‘the Presentation of the Virgin’ by Murillo. There is also a small museum to explore.  
Museum of Fine Arts Caracas
5 When you are taking a sightseeing tour of the city of Caracas, a private guided tour of the Museum of Fine Arts is recommended. This museum contains a vast variety of Venezuelan and international art which are stunning and unique. There are exhibits of Oriental ceramics and carvings of marble and wood also to be seen. The fine gardens of this museum are lovely to take a relaxing stroll with sculptures to be admired.  
Galipán, Caracas
6 A fascinating cultural tour to take in Caracas is that of the village of Galipán which is located on a mountainside around 15 km north of the city. The best way to visit this village is on Jeep safari tour or for fantastic views to and from go via the Cable Car. This village is used to welcoming tourists from all over the world and there are places to purchase traditional handicrafts and fresh produce. This is a peaceful place.
Parque del Este
7 The Parque del Este is a beautiful place to visit when on a private city tour of Caracas. This little piece of paradise and tranquility is located in the city. It was designed by Robert Burle Marx in 1958, an artist and landscape architect from Brazil. There is great work going on to bring this park back to its former glory by the locals with international support. It is still worth a stroll around even nowadays.
Children’s Museum of Caracas
8 On a private guided tour of the Children’s Museum of Caracas, you get to see and learn many things. This is a privately run museum which was established 1982. Its aim is to give children a place to be taught about technology, science, culture and arts. There are sections on communication, the conquest of space, physics, biology and ecology as well as a planetarium. This was the first Latin American Museum of kids.
Iglesias de San Francisco, Caracas
9 Visit the Iglesias de San Francisco when on a sightseeing tour of Caracas. This church was built in 1593 and is dedicated to Francis of Assisi and it was designed by Antonio Ruiz Ullán. The facade was redesigned a number of times during the 17th and 18th century, but the interior has remained the same thanks to its decoration and features being preserved. There are many beautiful features to be admired.
Pico Naiguatá
10 Go on an adventurous hiking tour to Pico Naiguatá which is the summit of Cordillera de la Costa, a mountain in El Avila National Park. The hike to the summit and back can be done, depending on your level of fitness and interest in the landscape on the way, in 6 to 10 hours. However, many hikers like to stay in the campsite El Anfiteatro which is 30 minutes from the summit. The views are spectacular from here.

Travel Tips for Caracas

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