You Will Be in Utopia With Adventures on a Private Tour of Ethiopia

In a country that is spectacular in beauty and history, you will be in utopia with the adventures you can have on a private tour of Ethiopia. It is the oldest independent country in Africa.

The Horn of Africa is where Ethiopia is situated and it is a landlocked country that is split by the Great Rift Valley. For many people, when they think of Ethiopia, they might think of famine and drought, but they would be doing the country a huge injustice. Ethiopia may suffer droughts in certain areas of the country; however, the majority of the country is green and fertile.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions are related to water such as Lake Tana or the Blue Nile Falls. National Parks are in abundance and it is here, you can have the adventures of a lifetime. On a jeep safari, hurtle through the parks catching sights of the impressive and curious wildlife as they carry on their lives in their natural habitat.   Read More...

You Will Be in Utopia With Adventures  on a Private Tour of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country steeped in history and culture. The people of this country are beautiful and get on with life like there is no tomorrow. Their commitment to traditions is admirable and the welcome they have for visitors is wonderful.

Regarding historical or archaeological sites, there are many, but one of the most important sites to see on a sightseeing tour are the Lalibela. Here it has rock-cut Chrisitan churches going back to the 12th-13th centuries.

There are many exceptional places in Ethiopia to have an excellent trip and adventures, but wherever you go, the traditional cuisine must be tried to be believed. This is a magical country to explore.

Top 10 Things to Do in Ethiopia

Rock-Hewn Churches, Lalibela
1 Within the mountainous area in the heart of Ethiopia, you will find, carved out of rock, eleven medieval monolithic churches. On a sightseeing tour learn all about King Lalibela and his creations in the 12th century. The way these churches were carved and then chiselled forming doors, columns, windows and so much more, is fantastic. Biete Medhani Alem, with five aisles, is the largest monolithic church in the world. 
Lake Tana
2 Take a sightseeing tour to the largest lake in Ethiopia, Lake Tana. It is the source and from here that the famed Blue Nile river starts its journey to Khartoum. There are some 37 islands scattered about the lake that are home to amazing monasteries and churches that can be dated back to the 13th century. Taking a private cruise tour is one of the most enjoyable excursions in Ethiopia and a relaxing way to see the sights.
Simien Mountains National Park
3 The natural beauties and unique wildlife found in the Simien Mountains National Park make for a great sightseeing tour when in northern Ethiopia. The exotic setting offers breathtaking views of the landscape. The high mountains have steep cliffs and deep gorges that are almost like canyons. The fabulous wildlife that can be seen include Simien Fox, Ethiopian wolf, the Klipspringer, Gelada Baboon and several birds of prey.
Sof Omar Caves
4 On a private cruise tour, see the natural phenomenon of Sof Omar Caves. This is the largest cave system found in Ethiopia and possibly in the entire continent. The 15 kilometres of magnificent cave is in a zigzag. First discovered in 1897 it is formed by the fast flowing waters of the Wabi River. One of the main attractions in the cave is the Chamber of Columns and its meticulous pillars. The Cave is of religious importance to locals.
Awash National Park
5 East of Addis Ababa is Awash National Park. This excellent destination for a sightseeing tour is a volcanic national park with a beautiful canyon, hot springs and semidesert wildlife. The famous Awash Waterfalls fall from the cliffs where the Awash River runs through the canyon in the Southern part of the park.  The North border of this park is Fentale Volcano which last erupted in 1820 and the Filwoha oasis with stunning hot springs.
Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Axum
6 Take a fascinating guided tour of the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in the town of Axum. It is claimed that this, the most important church in Ethiopia, contains the Ark of the Covenant. Originally built during the reign of Ezana in the 4th century but has been rebuilt and added to several times. The old church is only accessible to men as Mary who is symbolised by the Ark of the Convenient is resting there and the only woman allowed.
Lake Turkana in Southern Ethiopia
7 A fascinating sightseeing tour to take is the one to Lake Turkana. It is the most saline lake in East Africa and the largest desert lake in the world. The lake drops down along Rift Valley on the theEthiopian border into Kenya. The dry desert-like landscape that surrounds the lake represents unique geo-morphological features as well as a hundred identified archaeological and paleontological sites. Look out for the crocodiles!
National Museum of Ethiopia
8 When on a guided tour of the National Museum of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa see the contents that are displayed in this museum which is ranked among the most important in the Sub-Saharan Africa. One of the highlights of a tour here is the paleontological exhibition which is home to ‘Lucy’. The discovery of Lucy changed the understanding of human origins forever and there are two casts of Lucy on display. 
Omo National Park
9 Take a safari jeep tour to Omo National Park and have an adventure. This national park is one of the largest in Ethiopia but the least visited. The best way is by an organised private tour as it is worth the visit. When you are on safari see such wildlife as elephant, giraffe, buffalo, topi and lelwel hartebeest, lion, leopard, zebra are only a few! For the avid birdwatcher, there are birds you never thought existed here.
Fasil Ghebbi in Gondar
10 Located in the town of Gondar, near Lake Tana on the high plateau of northern Ethiopia is Fasil Ghebbi. This fortified royal enclosure which looks like a medieval castle is a great place to take a guided tour. It was built around 1636 by Emperor Fasilidas when he moved his capital to Gondar. See the impressive views from the roof top and the remarkable architectural features. It is a very interesting tour.    
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