Live It Up in a Lively Birds Eye View London Sightseeing Tour!

Live it up in a lively birds eye view London sightseeing tour London, England remains as one of the most popular and visited cities in the world; the main reason for this is because of the history of the town and the many historical events that have occurred throughout the many famous landmarks.

London is also extremely popular because there are many sights to see once you move little out of the capital too; for example, a short drive will take you to the historic Stonehenge.

For the ultimate exclusive experience taking private tours of London is all about the sightseeing and visiting some of the world-famous monuments so what are the most popular tourist destinations?

With nearly 19 million visitors each year, London was recently announced as the most popular tourist destination for international visitors in the world earning the English capital over $20 billion.

This number was calculated using air traffic, but it isn't hard to see why this is true.

London boasts a whole host of historical artefacts and landmarks; many people all around the world read about memorable stories that take place in England and then live out the dream of visiting them in real life.

If you are one of the millions of people that taking private tours of London each year, have a fantastic holiday !!   Read More...

National Gallery London Sightseeing History Tour Is the Best You Can Do!

Live It Up in a Lively Birds Eye View London Sightseeing Tour!

If you are aware of the dates of your tours of London, it may be wise to book beforehand just to ensure yourself a seat plus the fact that you may be able to save money by booking early. 

Once you are in the heart of London, the underground tube system will allow you to travel quickly and efficiently around the city.

Museums - England is a country that is proud of its history and its many forms of art which are just one of the reasons why many of the most famous museums are free. 

The National Gallery, Historical Museum, City Museum, are all free and can begin days of genuine interest and intrigue. What better way to get to know a nation than through its history?

If you are a fan of art, the Tate Modern art museum is also free and boasts art from Francis Bacon, Sir Stanley Spencer, Sir Anthony Caro, William Blake, and Lucian Freud. 

The National Gallery also holds art from Renoir, da Vinci, Van Gogh, and more.

Guided tours are readily available!

Top 10 Things to See and Do in London

British Museum
1 The building is home to some of the oldest relics known to man, and you will learn all about them from the brilliantly detailed displays. The original Rosetta Stone is just one that can be seen after being found in 1799; the stone is thought to date back to around 196 BC. The museum also holds sculptures from the Parthenon as well as a collection of Ancient Egyptian mummies. Tour guides available.
London Eye
2 The London Eye has attracted millions of visitors who want unique views of the spectacular city. The sight is the largest Ferris wheel in Europe and offers the second-highest vantage point of the city.Visitors enter capsules with groups (unless you pay for an exclusive capsule) where the Ferris wheel starts to rotate; at its highest point, you will have stunning views of the whole city.
Tower of London
3 This is one of the most famous buildings in the world, and you can take a private tour and learn all about its extensive history. After opening as a prison over 900 years ago, the Tower of London has undergone many transformations including as a royal palace, a place of execution, and even as a zoo. It is thought the earliest evidence of animals at the site is in the 13th Century after three lions were sent from Emperor Frederick II; 
Buckingham Palace
4 At 90 years old, the Queen of England is one of the most supported and admired people on the planet, so millions flock to her place of residence, Buckingham Palace, every single year. The palace was built in 1837 and has housed royalty ever since, starting with Queen Victoria, and you can see the famous ‘balcony.' If you time your visit correctly, you will witness the ‘Changing of the Guard’ which takes place before lunchtime every day.
London's West End
5 This is London’s equivalent to Broadway, but it is in no way in its shadow, and the many shows that are on offer have been going for many years. London’s theatre district started in the 1600s and had developed over time to include many different shows and famous streets. Piccadilly Circus, Baker Street, Hyde Park Corner, Trafalgar Square, Oxford Circus, Marble Arch, and Leicester Square can all be found in the West End.
Madame Tussad
6 Marie Tussaud created her first ever waxwork in 1777 of Voltaire and eventually found herself in Baker Street where she opened her first museum ‘Madam Tussaud’s.', and we have lost the apostrophe, but many great waxworks are still held within the museum. Madame Tussauds is now home to some of the best waxworks in the world including those of famous historical figures, politicians, musicians, sportspeople, and more. Guided tour available.
Warner Bros. Tour
7 The Harry Potter series of books and films has become an international phenomenon since the release of the first book in 1997 - a book that has gone on to sell 107 million copies and take fourth place in the most book sales ever after The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Little Prince. Now, the movie studios have been opened up to the world. This tour makes for a great day out for families.
National Gallery
8 The first location in private tours of London is based in the famous Trafalgar Square - which is a brilliant day out in itself - and houses some of the most famous works of art in the last 800 years. Some of the pieces date back as far as the 13th Century, and you will see work by da Vinci, Van Gogh, Renoir, Stubbs, Botticelli, and more. What’s more, the National Gallery is free to enter!
House of Parliment
9 This location is perhaps one of the most picturesque sights on this list and is a truly iconic embodiment of London. The giant clock, which reaches just shy of 100 meters, has long been a favourite for many, and its resounding bell has been used in media for many years. Alongside Big Ben, you will find the Houses of Parliament which were once held by William the Conqueror.looks fabulous in the evening all illuminated.
The London Dungeon
10 For a fantastic guided tour, do not miss this fun interactive and sometimes scary attraction! The actors are funny, and you will have over an hour of entertainment and be part of the act! Be careful you might get your head chopped off!! A few rides add to the fun and its a great family day out. A definite much visit whilst in London.

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