The Historic and Iconic City Sightseeing Tour of England

England, United Kindom is full of excellent history; whether it is London, Liverpool, Manchester, or anywhere else you are in for a fabulous holiday. London offers the beautiful Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, and much more.

Meanwhile, many people from around the globe like to visit the birthplace of The Beatles, Liverpool.

However, even once you move away from the cities, you are still visiting smaller towns full of histories like Bath and Oxford.

England shares its borders between Scotland and Wales and is separated from Ireland by the Irish sea.

England is a country full of history and culture, so please plan ahead on what you wish to see and do before you arrive.

For a long time, the UK has invested big amounts of money in attempts to become the world leaders when it comes to sustainable growth and Tourism.   Read More...

The Historic and Iconic City Sightseeing Tour of England

The Eden Project in Cornwall houses some the main projects for this goal. A visit to the location will allow you to see some impressive gardens as well as environmental projects and art displays. 

In addition to this, there is also a calendar that boasts many events including live music. 

This is a great day out to learn more about the many projects via interactive displays and helpful staff members.

Of course, anyone taking private tours to England should remember that the pound is one of the strongest currencies in the world but it it is a journey worth making.

The big cities offer a bustling atmosphere and incredible monuments and the countryside offers picturesque views and allows you to immerse yourself into the nature the country has to offer.

With easy access by train plane or automobile, you are sure to travel around with ease.

You will find everyone very welcoming and helpful.

Top 10 Things to See and Do in England

Roman Baths
1 The first location is in the city of Bath, the Roman baths remain and make for a great trip. The Roman Temple, Roman Bath House, and the Sacred Spring can all be accessed on street level with the 19th-century baths slightly below the modern street level. This truly is a fantastic sight and was even voted as one of the modern seven natural wonders of the Western world. Currently, the baths receive over one million visitors per year.
Cambridge University
2 Erected in the 13th Century, the University of Cambridge is the second oldest English-speaking university in England behind only the University of Oxford; This location is the hub of all public research for the United Kingdom and has beautiful views around over 30 colleges that surround the university. Over 18,000 students attend the University every single year, and you have the opportunity of visiting the prestigious buildings. Guided yours available.
Hadrians Wall
3 One of the oldest artefacts or remains that you will find in England comes in the shape of Hadrian's wall which was first built in 122 AD and was originally a defence construction for Roman Britain. A large portion of the wall remained thanks to good construction when it was first built along with significant help and protection from John Clayton in the 1800s. Sightseeing tour a must.
York Minster
4 York is home to one of the largest cathedrals not only in England but Northern Europe and is, therefore, one of the most famous sights in the country. The cathedral boasts classic gothic architecture and a chapter house as well as medieval stained glass. Furthermore, York Minster also boasts the ‘Five Sisters Window’ which is over 50 feet tall and was first made in the 14th Century. 
5 One of the most iconic landmarks not only in England but the whole world. The date of construction is largely unknown although specialists believe that it was probably around 2400 to 2200 BC. Pictures simply do not do this sight justice and even now, research continues around the area. As recently as 2008, historians made the breakthrough of discovering the stones may have been a burial ground.
Westminster Abbey
6 This location has been made famous recently due to the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton), but it also has an extensive history. The Abbey is known for its Gothic architecture, and there are also some memorials to Kings and Queens gone by. Around 3,000 famous people have been buried at Westminster Abbey including Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens. A fantastic guided tour.
Tower of London
7 This location is the home of the ‘Crown Jewels’ and is probably the most visited and famous fortress on the planet. The Tower of London has been standing tall for nearly 1,000 years now after it was first erected for its original purpose, a prison. If you pre-book, you will be able to receive a tour from Beefeaters where you can experience the history that is held between the famous walls as well as the ‘Ceremony of the Keys’ which is a daily occurrence. 
Big Ben
8 Another two sights teeming with history is the giant clock of Big Ben, which is located next to the Houses of Parliament making for another brilliant trip. It is so picturesque and is one of the most iconic sights in London, if not the whole of England. The huge bell alone weighs more than 13 tonnes! It looks stunning in the evening all illuminated. An excellent private tour.
St. Pauls Cathedral
9 The marriage of the most beloved people in the world, Princess Diana when she married Prince Charles. Furthermore, it was also the location for the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill. St Paul’s Cathedral has an even deeper history than the Tower of London having been built 1,200 years ago, and you will get the opportunity to make the climb nearly 250 steps to the famous dome. 
Durham Castle
10 This historic castle was first built way back in the 11th Century and was first used as an attempt to instil fear into other nations and project the power of King Norman.  Furthermore, as it sits on top of a hill, it offers tremendous views across Durham’s Peninsula as well as the cathedral opposite. This site is only open to the public via a guided tour due to the hundreds of students who use it as a working building.

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