Mesmerizing Scenery on Marvellous Private Sightseeing Tours of Merida

The mesmerizing city of Merida is an ideally located beautiful city, in a long valley which is surrounded by the impressive Andes Mountains. There are many marvellous private sightseeing tours to do when you pick this city as a destination to visit.

Merida, not only has spectacular landscape surrounding it, but there are also remarkable historical areas, a number of museums, beautiful and activity packed parks, architectural wonders to admire in awe, stunning botanic gardens, a zoo with a wide variety of animals and much more to be seen and explored.  Read More...

For Spectacular Views Take a Sightseeing Tour in Teleferico De Merida

Mesmerizing Scenery on Marvellous Private Sightseeing Tours of Merida

Flowing through the city are several rivers that flow in harmony and cross each other at three viaducts. These rivers add more activities for tourists to do when visiting Merida such as kayaking and rafting. On the river banks are walking trails to leisurely stroll and after, cafes to relax and watch time go by.

The food and nighttime entertainment is another plus for this exciting city which a variety of restaurants and bars to choose from.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Merida is Teleferico De Merida which is the best way to see the landscape on a sightseeing tour.

This is the longest in the world cable car journey stretching 12.5 km in four different sections. It is also the highest in the world reaching an altitude of 4765m.

The views are breathtaking all along the trip and the photo opportunities are plentiful as you travel over the Merida Valleys ascending towards the highest point of Venezuela, Pico Bolivar. This is a tour that should not be missed if possible.

Other places to take sightseeing tours and where to find great activities is in the National Parks, Sierra Nevada and Sierra La Culata which are located near the city of Merida.

Top 10 Things to Do in Merida

Teleferico De Merida
1 Take a sightseeing tour from the highest and longest cable Car Railway in the World which is located in Merida. This tour is divided into five stations with the final one being Pico Bolivar, the highest point in Venezuela. At each station, you can leave the cable car and explore the area. The views as the cable car ascends are breathtaking and mesmerizing. This is a thrilling and delightful tour.  
La Venezuela de Antier
2 For a different way to learn some history of Venezuela, take a guided tour of La Venezuela de Antier. This is a historical Theme park that is dedicated to Venezuela. Its creator Alexis Montilla wanted to recreate what life was like in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Its intention is to immerse visitors in the architecture, customs, cuisine, music, folklore and characters from that era. It took 3 years to construct.
Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception
3 Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception is situated in the city of Merida and is a great place to visit on a private guided tour. It was built in 1805 and modifications were made up to the 1960’s. The architecture is beautiful as are many of the interiors features such as the stained glass, painted ceilings especially in the domes and the historical valuable religious objects.
Museum Chorros Zoo
4 The Museum Chorros Zoo is located 1850 metres above sea level and a wonderful park to visit on a sightseeing tour. The River Milla crosses the park and there are over 160 reptiles, mammals and birds to seek and see. Visit the Tibisay Waterfall which legend says was formed from the tears of Princess Tibisay after the death of her beloved. There are also over 2000 plants to be admired on your tour too.
The Juan Felix Sanchez House of Culture
5 On a private guided tour of Merida, see the Juan Felix Sanchez House of Culture. This late 19th-century house is home to important Merino’s popular art which includes paintings, wood carvings and ceramics. This house of culture is named after one of the most important artists in the state Juan Felix Sanchez. It is also the National Commission of Artisans of Merida headquarters. 
Merida Botanical Garden
6 A beautiful and relaxing guided tour in Merida is that of the Merida Botanical Gardens. Founded in 1991 it was the first of its kind in the city. There are 44 hectares of fauna and flora being preserved and investigated by the University of the Andes. You will find the finest collections of Bromelias of Venezuela. The way the gardens are laid out, make it very easy to explore and see everything.
Sierra Nevada National Park
7 This national park is somewhere you can go on exciting safari tours by jeep or hiking. This is a mountainous national park with excellent hiking trails to many of the mountain peaks the highest of which is Bolivar Peak. It is also where the cable car ends. On jeep safari tours you can see the likes of bear, deer and many species of bird. Skiing is another activity which can be done here on the snowy mountain slopes.
Sierra La Culata National Park
8 On a guided tour is a great way to see all there is to see and explore in the Sierra La Culata National Park which is located north of Merida. there are fantastic hiking, walking and climbing trails for the energetic or relaxing jeep safaris exploring the beautiful landscape of the mountains. The higher you travel, the better the views and photo opportunities are. This is a refreshing escape from the city tours.
The Museum of Science and Technology Merida
9 The Science and Technology Museum of Merida is a great place to visit when on a city tour. This is a museum that appeals to both young and old with all the fascinating things to see and learn about. It was established to promote the adventure of knowledge on subjects like Chemical Reactions, The Solar System, Human Organism and much more. There is even an earthquake simulation room.
Shopping in Merida
10 The shopping outlets in the city of Merida vary from Shopping Malls to street markets which are great to spend a few hours. The main market is a multi-level building and is the most visited place by tourists. This is where you will find stalls selling absolutely everything. Do not be surprised to see souvenirs on one stall and beside it a stall selling food produce. There is a fantastic atmosphere.

Travel Tips for Merida

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