Get Lost in the Romance of Los Roques Archipelago on Private Guide Tours

When you immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Los Roques Archipelago on amazing private guided tour and it is very easy to get lost in the romance of these Islands.

Los Roques Archipelago has been a National Park since 1972, and this means that its marine ecosystem is protected which include such things as dominating coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangroves.

The Islands have the most fantastic white sandy beaches that are exceptionally beautiful and the most amazing, multi shades of blue, crystal clear waters which have a warm temperature for the majority of the time. All the ingredients for a place of paradise!  Read More...

See the Wonderful Los Roques Archipelago on Island Hopping Sightseeing Tours

Get Lost in the Romance of Los Roques Archipelago on Private Guide Tours

The islands that make up Los Roques Archipelago are located approximately 160km north of Caracas. There are around 50 islands and over 200 small isles and cays that surround a 400 sq km lagoon. A private boat tour is how you reach any of the islands and cays or by light aircraft to the main island Gran Roque.

The only way to see all that Los Roques Archipelago has to offer is on an Island Hopping Sightseeing Tour. These are tours by boat which stop at a number Islands and cays for you to see and explore. Obviously, it would take more than a few days to see all the islands, but you get to decide which to visit.

These Islands have every water activity that was ever thought of, somewhere on the Islands but the best has to be the diving tours. The underwater exploration of these islands is even more impressive than that of above water.

Top 8 Exciting Activities in Los Roques Archipelago

Private Island Hopping Tours
1 If you would like to see as many of the islands that make up Los Roques Archipelago National Park then go on private Island Hopping Tours. These tours are customed to what and where you want to see and explore, you also decide the length of time to stay in each place. The smaller isles and cays are amazing to explore and the views as you sail from one to another are beautiful. This can be a very enjoyable and relaxing tour.
Diving Tours and adventures
2 The underwater world around Los Roques Archipelago National Park is magnificent and must be explored by going on diving tours. There are diving tours for the inexperienced where you are brought to safe and shallow waters and then there are the adventurous diving tours for the experienced to deep and marine life filled waters. There different areas all over the island to explore diving; you could do tours every day to somewhere different.
Gran Roque Island
3 Gran Roque Island is the largest island of the Los Roque Archipelago and where you fly into from other major cities. This is a lovely place to be seen on a sightseeing tour, the colorful inns and houses, sandy streets, navy and turquoise waters washing up on the sandy beaches. However, nighttime is the best time to visit, the sunsets are spectacular and you can enjoy a drink on pop-up bars with beanbags as seats and lanterns for light.
Birdwatching Tours in Los Roque
4 Los Roques Archipelago has many species of bird to see on great bird watching tours. There are over 90 species of birds which include blue-eyed booby pelicans, frigate birds, laughing gulls, lapwings and great blue and white-necked herons. The majority of these birds migrate to North America in the summer so keep that in mind when planning a bird watching tour. There are pink flamingos also found here occasionally.
Fishing Tours in Los Roques
5 There are many fishing tours to do when anywhere in the Los Roques Archipelago National Park. Fly fishing and Bonefish fishing are the most popular tours. All the tours organized for fishing are very professional and you are brought to the best areas where you are almost guaranteed to catch what you are looking for. These tours are exciting especially when you get a big fish!
Windsurfing and Kitesurfing in Los Roques
6 The vast waters of Los Roques Archipelago National Park are perfect if you are interested in windsurfing and Kitesurfing. There are lessons where you can learn both these activities if you have never done them before but always wanted to. For the more experienced windsurfers, there are tours to other nearby islands which can be done in a group. Windsurfing is great fun once you have mastered it. 
Ultralight flights in Los Roques
7 Another activity tour to do when in Los Roques Archipelago National Park which is totally different is an Ultralight Flight. On an ultralight tour, you are brought by an experienced ultralight pilot to see the islands from an aerial view. These aircrafts are like gliders and you can have the most thrilling experience, especially when it's a bit windy, and see amazing views of the islands below.
Boat Tours when in Los Roques
8 Spend a relaxing day on a boat tour, traveling the crystal clear waters and seeing the islands and cays or sailing through the mangroves seeing the wildlife in the surrounding areas. The boat tours around the islands, stop at coves and idyllic areas to swim and relax. They also include lunch either on the boat or a bbq on one of the islands. These tours are very enjoyable and great for topping up a tan.

Travel Tips for Los Roques Archipelago

Let the activities begin!