Tallyho Off We Go on Colourful Safari Tours of Canaima National Park

Colorful Safari Tours are what you can expect when visiting Canaima National Park in Venezuela. A three million hectare national park located in the south-east of the country boring Guyana and Brazil.

Canaima National Park is listed as the world's sixth largest national parks and is famous for many things. It has been one the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1994 due to the stunning natural wonders found here.  Read More...

The Wonderful Views of Angels Falls on Sightseeing Tours

Tallyho Off We Go on Colourful Safari Tours of Canaima National Park

The ancient table top mountains, Tepuis, take up much of the landscape of the park which has stunning waterfalls and lagoons coming from them.

The Park has an incredibly vast variety of wildlife and vegetation which you can see on safari tours that include the likes of monkeys, poison arrow frogs, armadillos, jaguars, tapirs, three toes sloths and hundreds of different types of orchids.

The amateur or professional ornithologist will love the bird watching safari tour in this national park. The King Vultures, White Bellbird, musician wren, bananaquit, sooty-capped hermit and paradise tanager are examples of the bird that can be seen here.

The Canaima National Park is where you find the world's largest waterfall, standing 979 meters high and with a plunge of 807 meters. This is a spectacular sight to see on a sightseeing tour.
The lagoon at the bottom is another beautiful place to visit.

The sights of Canaima National Park are not all easily accessible and the best way to see many of the sights is on a 3-day boat tour or flight tour.

There are lots of hiking safari tours to do that can range from easy to more difficult, half day, full day or overnight. All are with experienced guides and rangers.

Top 10 Exciting and Fascinating Things to See and Do in Canaima National Park

Angel Falls
1 To visit the tallest waterfall in the world on a sightseeing tour it will entail a bit of traveling. Angel Falls is located in a remote area of Canaima National Park and to get to it will take a plane ride, boat tour and some hiking which all add to the adventure. This is a spectacular sight you will never see again anywhere else. During the rainy season is best when the cascade is in full flow.  
Table Top Mountains hiking tours
2 There are many table top mountains or Tepuis in Canaima National Park which in turns means there are many great hiking tours to be done. They range in long, short, steep, easy or difficult to hike. The views from the flat tops are superb and the endemic species you see along the way are incredible. “The Lost World” is how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle called them. It is a place to capture anyone's imagination.  
Mount Roraima
3 The four sides of the 400-meter tall cliffs that make up Mount Roraima are surrounded by three countries Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. On a hiking tour, there is a natural trail to lead you to the top because it is only very experienced climbers that will scale the cliff walls. This is one spectacular Mountain with amazing views often through clouds. Watch out for the carnivorous pitcher plant!
Village of Kavac Cultural Tour
4 An overnight cultural tour of the Village of Kavac is an experience you will never forget. This basic living village welcome you like family, share their food and tell stories of the legends of Pemon Indians. There is a local ‘bar’ and craft shop for souvenirs. Your bed is a hammock and your shower is the River. The town is located near the base of a waterfall, so there is a natural pool too.
Laguna de Canaima
5 The boat tours to explore the Canaima Lagoon usually means going by canoe. This lagoon is among the most picturesque places in the national park. By canoe, you can get close to the waterfalls feeding the lagoon. Due to the high levels of minerals in the waters of the lagoon, the water has a reddish hue and the sands on the shore are pink. Another way to see all the lagoon is on a flight tour.
Isla Anatoliy
6 The largest island found in Canaima National Park is Isla Anatoliy which is not far from Canaima Village and en route to Angel Falls, perfect as a side trip on a sightseeing tour of the park or a full day tour. There is lots to be explored the island and set of waterfalls called Salto El Sapo, which might well be smaller but still impressive, especially as you can walk behind the cascading waters.
Cave of the Ghost Helicopter Tour
7 Visit the Cave of the Ghost or La Cueva del Fantasma on an experience of your life sightseeing helicopter tour of Canaima National Park. This is regarded as the widest cave in the world and the helicopter flies all the way into it! There are, however, some experts who disagree that this is a cave but rather a steep gorge which collapsed. Either way, it is a fascinating and unique place to visit.
Wildlife Jeep Safari Tours of Canaima National Park
8 There is much jungle in the Canaima National Park and the best way to explore as much of it as you can is by a jeep safari tour. This is a tour to watch out for the amazing wildlife such as many species of monkey and poison arrow frogs. The shyer species which you have to be patient to see include the three toes sloth, porcupine, the ever elusive jaguar, tapirs and armadillos.
Birdwatching Safari tours Canaima National Park
9 It is not surprising to learn that there are excellent birdwatching Safari tours to do when in Canaima National Park. It is regarded as one of the birdwatchers prime destination. Some of the species of bird to see include the Roraima Nightjar (which is endemic here), the Cock of the Rock, Blue-Cheeked Parrot, Paradise Tanager, lots of Macaws and the rare Harpy Eagle.
Extreme Adventure Tours Canaima National Park
10 For the outdoor extreme adventure lover, the Canaima National Park provides the best environment for adrenaline-charged experiences. The Table-Top mountains are a favorite place for skydiving and cliff jumping. Even scaling the steep cliffs of the mountains will make your hair stand on edge. Exploring the jungle can be another extreme adventure depending on what you come across!  

Travel Tips for Canaima National Park

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