Venture to Vivid Views of Angel Falls on a Private Venezuela Guided Tour

The vivid views of the incredible landscape to be found in Venezuela is exceptional on a private guided tour.Situated on South America’s northern coast, Venezuela offers diverse natural attractions.

There are few countries in the world that can compete with the idyllic islands, Andean peaks, the Orinoco Delta, a stunning Caribbean coastline, the world’s highest waterfall, grasslands which are full of amazing wildlife or, wetlands where you find anacondas and piranhas in numbers, all of which is found in this spectacular country.   Read More...

Venture to Vivid Views of Angel Falls on a Private Venezuela Guided Tour

National Parks in Venezuela, there is no shortage of, have something amazing to offer the venturous explorer, water sports enthusiast and nature lover.

There are national parks along the coast offering many water sports tours and activities or incredible birdwatching tours, then there is the national park with miles of rolling sand dunes where you can go on your very own desert safari tour.

However, the best has to be the three million hectares of Canaima National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the Canaima National Park you will find the World’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls, which cascades from fantastic table top mountains. Then there is La Gran Sabana which includes 100 table top mountains which are ideal for hiking tours.

The best place for exciting safari tours is The Orinoco Delta. Due to the different landscape found here, you can have totally different adventurous experiences. See the wildlife from boat safari tours or visit the local Warao people on a cultural guided tour.

The chain of islands north of central Venezuela are idyllic havens for escape from busy lifestyles. Amazing sun drenched sandy beaches, all shades of blue crystal clear waters, coral reefs to be explored on diving tours, excellent resort facilities and lively or romantic nighttime entertainment.


Top 10 Things to Do in Venezuela

Angel Falls, Venezuela
1 Located in the heart of Venezuela, cascading from giant table top mountains is Angel Falls. This is the highest waterfall in the world dropping 979 meters and a brilliant place to visit on a sightseeing tour. The best way to see the waterfall, due to its remoteness, is on a sightseeing flight tour or on a 3-day boat tour. Ideally, you want to see the waterfall at its most plentiful and this is during the rainy season.  
Morrocoy National Park
2 Take a sightseeing tour to Morrocoy National Park which is a marine preserve and protected island on Venezuela’s Caribbean coast. There are island beaches, mangroves and cay to be explored and lots of activities. Diving is one of those activities to the coral reefs in clear blue waters where you meet sea turtles, tropical fish and dolphins. There is also many amazing bird species, some of which are endangered.    
3 For all nature lovers and adventure explorers, a hiking tour to the table-top mountain of Roraima is a must. There are some that say this is like a mystical Jack and Beanstalk type of wonder. It was these table top mountains that were the inspiration for Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Lost World'. The unusual meat-eating plants, rock formations, waterfalls make this a fantastic if not demanding at times, hiking tour.    
Birthplace of Simón Bolivar, Caracas
4 A fascinating guided tour in Venezuela is the Simón Bolivar Birthplace House. This is one of the last remaining colonial house built in the 17th century, the birthplace and childhood home of the most iconic revolutionary in South America which is found in Caracas's historic quarter. Simon Bolivar was the second president of Venezuela and ‘El Libertador’. There are two museums, the Casa Natal and Bolivar Museum.
Orinoco Delta
5 In the Orinoco Delta located in the northeast of Venezuela, there are amazing safari tours to do. There are many interesting wildlife that call the delta home that includes monkeys, sloths, tapirs, jaguars and Opossums to name a few. On fascinating boat safaris, there are the likes of piranhas, crocodiles, dolphins and otters to see. Alternatively, visit the Warao people on a guided tour to their villages.
Medanos de Coro National Park
6 For a unique experience in Venezuela, go on a desert safari tour in Medanos de Coro National Park. Even though this country is a tropical country, in this national park you can find spectacular sand dunes, some of which as high as 40 meters. This is where you can have lots of fun in among the orange and yellow colored dunes. Sand boarding is becoming the top activity to do here, but it is still possible to go on camel rides.
Henri Pittier National Park
7 The Henri Pittier National Park in located in the northern Venezuela states of Carabobo and Aragua and is the oldest national park in the country. Originally named Rancho Grande National Park, it was renamed in 1953 after Henri Pittier, a Swiss botanist influential in the conservation here. There is much wildlife here and it is a haven for birdwatching tours to see hundreds of bird species including hummingbirds and toucanets.
Mochima National Park
8 When you visit Mochima National Park, you are entering a marine, continental and insular park that runs along Venezuela's east coast. This park is inundated with great water activities, but a highlight is a diving tour to swim with the dolphins and explore the reef formations. Other activities include water skiing, snorkeling, sailing kayaking or wake boarding. Alternatively, relax on the sandy beaches and enjoy the tranquility.
Canaima National Park
9 The Canaima National Park takes up 3 million hectares of Venezuela's southeastern coast and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It borders Guyana and Brazil and is where you will find Angel Falls, numerous table top mountains, grassy savannas, steep canyons and tropical forests. There are many hiking trails leading to amazing views and fantastic sights, cultural tours to villages and wildlife safari tours to see the wildlife found here.
The Islands of Venezuela
10 Los Roques Archipelago and Isla de Margarita are popular island destinations in Venezuela situated in the Caribbean Sea north of Venezuela. These are the escape destinations for many Venezuelans and foreign tourists due to their beautiful natural beaches and turquoise waters and tranquility. It is worth taking a sightseeing tour of the islands when you are there and admire the amazing views from high viewpoints.
Let the activities begin!