Take the Trip of a Lifetime in Tremendous Taiwan on Private Tour

Take the trip of a lifetime in tremendous Taiwan on Private Tour.  On the world map, the country looks quite small when compared to nearby Asia, the world's largest continent.  

With Hong Kong, mainland China, and Japan drawing most of the tourists to the region, Taiwan tends to be forgotten.

 But this small island offers a great deal to those who take the time to join one of the many guided private tours of Taiwan. 

This little island offers a great deal to those who take the time to join one of the many custom tours of Taiwan; this beautiful country will make you wonder and change any preconceived notions you had.

One of the world's most dynamic export-oriented economies this is a familiar destination for many business travellers. Just a few decades ago, Taiwan produced only low-technology goods.

Today, Taiwan is no longer considered in the Third World; economists refer to Taiwan -along with South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong - as one of Asia's four 'Little Dragons' or 'Little Tigers.'   Read More...

Take the Trip of a Lifetime in Tremendous Taiwan on Private Tour

Taiwan presents two faces to visitors and tourists: one is the factories, container ships, and crowded cities; but there's also the other, lesser-known side of Taiwan.  

On guided sightseeing tours see the exotic Chinese culture, Taoist temples, fantastic food, friendly people, beaches, bamboo forests and spectacular mountain scenery.

Western pop music and clothing are in vogue, yet students still study traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy.  

Hamburgers, discos, and Western videos are popular, but so are chopsticks and Chinese shadow-boxing so this country hangs on tightly to its culture.

Wherever you go on your private tours of Taiwan, you will discover that the Chinese are among the most hospitable people in the world - and this, perhaps, is the greatest pleasure of travelling in Taiwan.

Top Things to See and Do in Taiwan

Taipei National Palace Museum
1 The National Palace Museum Taiwan has the largest collection of priceless Chinese art and treasures in the world. Spanning 5,000 years worth of history this is a must see guided private tour while in Taiwan. Part of the Chinese Imperial Collection with 600,000 artefacts from a collection that was started over 1000 years ago this is a great custom tour.     
Longshan Temple
2 Lungshan Temple is a famous ancient temple in Taiwan to worship the Guanshiyin Budda and many other spirits.  Built in the 5th year of the Qing Dynasty and restored several times it is a uniquely beautiful tourist destination.  On a guided private tour see how the beams, doors, and poles are beautifully and ornately decorated. There bronze dragon poles in the front hall and four pairs of dragon poles in the middle hall are breathtaking.    
Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
3 Take a guided private tour and see the most prominently historical landmark in Taiwan.  The CKS Memorial Hall was built in honour of Generalissimo Chiang Kai, on your tour venture up the 89 steps to the main hall you will see the magnificence of this red and white decorated beautiful building (the use of red and white represents The flag of the Republic of China).  
The National Museum of Marine and Biology
4 The Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium close to the Kenting National Park in Pingtung is a must see private tour.  Dedicated to preserving the rich sea life and educating the public to respect the environment.  With lots to see and do on this guided tour including the coral aquarium its a perfect day out for all the family. 
Sun Moon Lake
5 Located in the middle of Taiwan the Sun Moon Lake is the only natural big lake in Taiwan.  On your private guided tour see how the famous tourist attraction gets its name from its moon shape.  With a flourish of beautiful nature this area is so pretty it's breathtaking and a must see attraction  
Shilin Night Market
6 The Taipei Shilin Night Market is one of the biggest markets in Taiwan.  Take a custom guided tour to see this crazy market.  Split in two with food in one area and general good in the other it's both eclectic and fun to banter with the traders.  Visit this market it will be an experience you will never forget, and maybe you will get a bargain as well.    
Chimei Museum
7 As you make your way to the entrance of the Chi Mei Museum on your, private guided tour, you are greeted by a magnificent artificial lake with statues of horses galloping it is breathtaking.  With five major galleries, there are lots to see and do here from the Ancient Weapons section to Natural History department you will spend the day steeped in culture.     
Kenting National Park
8 The Kenting National Park located on the Hengchun Peninsula is a great off road trip to take while you are on tour in Taiwan.  Its white sandy beaches, coral reefs caves and mountains will have you spoilt for choice. In Kenting town, the street food (Wow amazing)  bars, markets and nightlife will keep you plenty busy.       
Yangmingshan National Park
9 The Yangmingshan National Park Private guided tour is fantastic; you will see the fabulous hiking trails, parks, wildlife and hot springs located in this huge region.  There is a lot of Japanese influence here with the hot springs and planted beautiful trees.  This area is very popular with Japanese tourists so pop over for a day trip.       
National Taiwan Museum
10 For over a century, the National Taiwan Museum has been standing in front of the Taipei Railway Station.  The elegant architecture, unique position and design are beautiful and full of elegance.  The outside and inside of this museum are radically difference which is unusual in Taiwanese culture.  This is a nice day trip while you are travelling around Taiwan.    
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