Swiss Family Treks & Expedition GmbH, in Partnership with Swiss Himalayan Family Treks & Expedition P. Ltd

Swiss Family Treks & Expedition GmbH and Swiss Himalayan Family Treks & Expedition P. Ltd are a friendship enterprise of Swiss and Nepalese. We are Nepal wide active, with the headquarter based in Pharping, Kathmandu. The Director is Stephan Kocher a mountaineer who has climbed many mountains in Switzerland. He lives with his 4 daughters since 14 years in Pharping, 40 minutes outside of Kathmandu. We speak German, Nepalese, English, French, Nepali, Tibetan and Italian...

The Managing Director is Ashta Lama who knows very well about Trekking / Mountains of Nepal and also huge knowledge about trip management. To make the destination safe and secure one should select excellent and competent guides for your trekking. The long experience and successful career in this field have made us more dedicated and careful in our job. We will work with you throughout the planning process and will consider your budget carefully. We offer choices ranging from small - Individual to large groups, from low - budget accommodations to all-inclusive camping trips that offer any imaginable comfort. You will be offered various choices for your trekking adventure far beyond the fixed itineraries that most agencies offer. Your personal interests, whether they are focused on mountain scenery, rafting, nature exploration, cultural experiences, or all of the above will be considered more personally by your Friendly Trekking Guide for the Himalayas. We organize tea-house and camping treks all over the country particularly in the Himalayan and remote areas including the semi-restricted trekking areas for which special arrangements are needed. Nepal is rich in multi-language, ethnic, culture, religion and so on. In the same way, there are possible troubles. So, our guides lead you to prevent such dangerous situation. There is no problem at all if something happened during the mountain trekking tours. We can arrange the treks most carefully, designed to meet the expectations of our valued clients. We also provide trekking and tour slideshows, presentations and other necessary resources. If the emerging rescue is needed, we hold contact with the rescue agency immediately and manage the means like helicopter, other available resources like transportation or muscle power as well.
The Basis of this company is to bring to families, travelers and mountaineers the beauty of this country closer through tourism, which is ecologically and ethnologically clean. This means trying not to produce pollution and always bringing back our garbage and to bring economic means to the country through paying good salaries, insurance in case of accidents to all the staff if climbing guide or porter. Also we pay proper taxes to the government of Nepal which is absolute importance for every country in the world. We can proudly say that all this aims, we were able to integrate into our company over the last years.

Our agency is specialized for treks and all kinds of sightseeing with family and people, who want to enjoy a holiday and see a lot more from this country. If you travel with your family, you can be sure, to be welcomed even warmer. It is the friendliness of the people here, which will make your trip complete. This may be one of the main factors to travel to Asia for a family holiday. We will make sure to organize your stay in a way, that you get the most out of the country and culture. 9 years experience traveling with kids here in Nepal, India and Tibet have showed, it is the perfect destination for a wonderful trek, combined with cultural/handicraft sightseeing and a lot more. For certain destinations we offer horses with helmet for safety concerned for the kids, or they will simply be being carried in our branded and imported baby/child carriers from Europe.

We will provide you always a local guide, which will help you to explore and explain the country and culture. And be assured, there is a lot to explore and see! Whilst the local peoples natural friendliness here will undoubtedly impress you and in addition you get all these fascinating, almost magical landscapes.

Here are some reasons why travelers have faith on us;
Quality & Value
Our services are intended to offer quality and value for money, together with a rich, varied and a rewarding experience. We have built our reputation as the best service provider. Our prices of all the tours are highly competitive and unmatched with any other local tour operators. We provide high quality and guaranteed services; therefore, we have an excellent track record of our customer’s satisfactions. We plan before starting of any sort of activities or journey with proper consultation with everyone involved in it and brief possible threat beforehand, so that we can prevent the possible unwanted aspects and therefore, we ultimately could impart the maximum satisfaction to our clients.
Sustainable Accommodations
At most of the places where we organize cultural tours & teahouse treks we provide the best available accommodations. While on teahouse trek we provide lodges with hot and cold running water and flush toilets, unique features in the mountains. Each lodge is superbly equipped and the trained chefs serve an array of regional specialties.
Our transportation department provide A/c & non-A/c large Mini Coaches, cars to cater to Groups and Individual requirements. The chauffeurs and accompanying guides are polite, well behaved, highly experienced and trained. They are well versed with the local areas and can communicate in English.
Government authorized and professional company:
We are registered under the government of Nepal, have been organizing professional treks and tours in the Nepal Himalayas with its customized trip as per the client’s wishes. We are very flexible to answer all the questions arise from clients and corresponding with them very precisely.
Strong Foundation:
Dedicated, young, experienced and committed team imparts your holiday a memorable, your journey a success and achieves your ultimate destination. We believe on work rather than word, serve quality service with wide range of choices. We have adequate of equipments necessary for all sorts of tourism adventures, either that is trekking, tour, expedition, peak climbing, rafting to name a few. Each team member holds license, experience and expertise in their respective field. They are regular paid, insured of their health. They are always ready in their area to make your holiday a lifetime achievement.
Another reason, why you should choose us is for your safety and security. As aforementioned, each team members are well trained of the First Aid in case of any incident, either that is high altitude sickness to strand in any menace. We have emergency and rescue helicopter services in case it is needed. We have 24-hour hotline services and satellite phone facilities for communication while in the journey in case of emergency.
Stress free and relaxed travel:
We know that you have come to Nepal to spend your holiday and release your stress after long and continuous shores. We have designed the itineraries and the packages in such a way that you will feel relaxed and stress free journey and splendid sightseeing, so that you feel at home away from home, like you are watching TV or doing any exiting and fondest activities in and around your cozy place. Because, we believe, during your journey with us must be fun, memorable and fondest in your lifetime.
Variety of services in reasonable price:
We provide wide range of services in reasonable price. We can guarantee that any travel and trekking company in the country provides such service in the price, we have been providing to the visitors. We provide the best possible services to our guest with the blend of care and sincerity to make you feel at home away from home at the cost you can afford.
Eco-friendly Company:
We believe that the nature and the culture of this country are the biggest assets and therefore, any activities, we undertake attempt to ensure no, if not minimal negative impact upon the nature and its unique culture. Our team members have taken various trainings relating to environmental awareness and cultural prevention.

Responsible Tourism
Our holidays aim to maximize benefit to traveler, the local people and their culture, and the environment in general by:
• Minimizing negative environmental, social and cultural impacts.
• Providing more enjoyable experiences for you through meaningful connections with local people and a greater understanding of local, cultural and environmental issues.
• Generating greater economic benefits for local people and enhancing the well being of host communities. Use the services of local guides and porters as much as possible to explore more about local environment and culture.
• Making positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage and to the maintenance of their diversity.
• Use designated routes, campsites and resting places to reduce trampling and other negative environmental impacts.
• Respect local culture and traditions, use home-stays, locally owned hotels/ lodges or campsites as much as possible to support the local livelihood.
• Avoid/ minimize using firewood. Use common space for heating. Opt for alternatives to minimize deforestation.
• Maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Use the litter box locally available. Carry back your own garbage while traveling through ecologically sensitive areas.
• Encourage to place mobile toilets at a considerable distance from sources of water, river banks and springs while camping along the river sides.
• Money spent here will contribute directly to the local livelihood, women’s empowerment and environmental conservation.
Before you begin your journey we request you to abide by the above guidelines in order to safeguard the nature and culture of the area and be a responsible tourist.

Ghorepani (Poon Hill) Family Lodge Trek, Rafting and Chitwan Tour

Ghorepani (Poon Hill) Family Lodge Trek, Rafting and Chitwan Tour

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This trek is more significant trails in Annapurna Area due to its Himalayan scenery, cultures of peoples and geographical diversity. Poon Hill is popular.

Duration: 14