KER & DOWNEY AFRICA a is a group of international travelers, flâneurs, adventurers, and entrepreneurs bound by the thrills of adventure, exploration, and discovery.

Monday mornings see us gathering around a fresh brew of dark, strong coffee, and once we’ve uncovered who just returned from coming within arm’s reach of a lion or who jumped off what cliff into which ocean or who climbed what mountain and discovered which cave, we get to what’s important – YOU.

We ask ourselves how we can push the boundaries of adventure travel this week?

How can we drop you in the midst of what we love doing whilst ensuring your safety and comfort? How can we connect you with exceptional moments that will change your life forever?

Okavango Delta & Chobe Classic LuxVenture™ Safari

Okavango Delta & Chobe Classic LuxVenture™ Safari

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This tour is the perfect introduction to Botswana as visitors experience two of the top wildlife regions in Botswana in under a week. Enquire today.

Duration: 6 Days