The Wild and Culture Are Reasons Why You Visit Paraguay on Guided Tours

Why should you visit Paraguay? There are many reasons why you visit this country especially with the vast range of Paraguay guided tours it has to offer. From landscape, major attractions to people this is a country that will not disappoint you.

Paraguay has the nickname Corazón de América which translated means the Heart of America. The reason for this nickname is due to it being a landlocked country situated in the centre of South America. The countries surrounding Paraguay are Argentina to its south and west, Brazil to its east and Bolivia to its north.

This country is a perfect example of natural and cultural history with an endless list of places recommended to visit. Due to its tumultuous political past, it has a fascinating social and political history which you learn greatly about on any Paraguay city tours or culture tours Paraguay offer.

The people of Paraguay are among the friendliest in South America. The natives are Guarani people and lived in this country long before the Spanish ever arrived. Descendants of Spanish men and Guarani women are called Mestizos and they make up 95% of the population. Everyone in this country speaks Guarani and it among one of their unifying strengths.

Paraguay suits everyone from nature lovers to city-goers!  

The Wild and Culture Are Reasons Why You Visit Paraguay on Guided Tours

The natural wonders found in this country provide amazing adventure tours Paraguay can be proud of. For instance visit the Iguazu Falls which are the broadest set of waterfalls in the world, or the subtropical rainforest full of wildlife and nature in Ybycuí National Park.

The most significant protected area of the country is Cerro Cora National Park with more stunning natural beauty and caves with ancient inscriptions. It is a ‘must see’ destination with any Paraguay sightseeing tour.

Paraguay’s capital city is Asuncion and is among the oldest Latin American city. The range of Paraguay guided tours is high in this city due to the wonderful culture, architecture, historic district, museums and botanical gardens and parks.


Top 10 Things to Do in Paraguay

1 The city of Asuncion is the capital city of Paraguay and was founded in 1537 which makes it among the oldest Latin America cities. Enjoy any of the great culture tours Paraguay offers and visit the wonderful museums, architectural attractions, churches, palace, historic districts, parks and gardens. At night have lots of fun and laughter in the delicious restaurants and entertaining bars and clubs.
Cerro Cora National Park
2 The biggest protected area of Paraguay is the 5,538 hectares of Cerro Cora National Park. It was February 1976 when this national park was established and it has blossomed ever since. It is more than just a nature reserve due to the major historical site here. It was here that the last battle of Paraguayan War in 1870. On Paraguay sightseeing tours visit the caves with ancient inscriptions and museum.  
3 The city of Encarnacion is called the ‘Pearl of the South’ located in the South of the country. It is also referred to as the most attractive city in the Country. It is very popular with natives and tourists during the summer months due to the best man-made beaches and the most up and coming boardwalk boulevard. At the edge of the town are the major Paraguay sightseeing tour attraction the UNESCO listed Jesuit Ruins  
Ybycui National Park
4 Ybycui National Park is located 150km from the capital Asuncion and is where you can partake in many adventure tours Paraguay. Watch the Capuchin monkeys as they swing from tree to tree, see the gushing cascade of the waterfalls, take a dip in the plunge pools at the end of the waterfalls or visit the ruins. There are many more natural hidden gems to be discovered in this tight-knit protected national park.
5 Sitting on the edge of Gran Chaco, a hot and semi-arid lowland natural region, is the town of Filadelfia. This is where the hills and forests of the ‘Region Oriental’ open up to the boreal plains and what makes this town different. Other curiosities of this town which you learn about on Paraguay guided tours is that the people here speak German and home to a Mennonite community, the Ferheim Colony who fled Russia in 1930’s  
Iguazu Falls
6 With Paraguay sightseeing tours visit the most extensive set of waterfalls in the world the Iguazu Falls. These waterfalls are so vast they spread from Argentina through Paraguay and into Brazil. The impressive sight of these waterfalls when they are at their most active cascade is spectacular. The nearest town in Paraguay to these waterfalls is Ciudad del Este and it is easy to journey here as it is only 5 miles.
Ciudad del Este
7 The town of Ciudad del Este is not only known for its close location to the Iguazu Falls but also for the markets that spread out along the Parana River. You should not be surprised to hear the sounds of Taiwan and middle easterners as they haggle the price of electronic items or brand name clothing. This is the unashamed spot of the black market in Paraguay and the place to get the best bargains once you haggle.
8 In the shadow of the rocky hills and bulbous cliffs near the city of Asuncion is the small town of Yaguaron. This town started as a Spanish mission nowadays all that remains is the striking church built by the Europeans. This town, you learn on culture tours Paraguay, is the Country’s best example of Franciscan tradition. Visit the one-time home of Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia, a Paraguayan dictator, which is now a museum.  
Itaipu Dam
9 A fascinating and huge attraction to see on Paraguay guided tours is the Itaipu Dam. This is a vast hydroelectric dam located on the Parana River nestled between Brazil and Paraguay. Arrange your tour for the nighttime as it is famous for the lightships and views from the observation decks/ lookouts. Close to the dam is the Museum of the Guarani Lands which is also with a visit.
10 Itaugua is a small city that is well known for the traditional Paraguayan folk music scene and distinctive tribal art. It is a place you come to while away the days in peace and tranquillity. Lining the streets are eucalyptus trees swaying in the breeze and numerous workshops for the likes of Nanduti which is the intricate and beautiful embroidery of Paraguay. Travel to the hill of Cerrito to see amazing views.
Let the activities begin!