For a Sun and Fun Portal With More, go on a Private Tour of Port Moresby

When you visit the capital city of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby on a private tour, it is like a portal for sun, fun and adventure. It is also the largest city not just in Papua New Guinea but in the South Pacific.

Famed for its beautiful sandy beaches, deep blue seas off the Gulf of Papua and stunning mountain ranges as its backdrop, the opportunities for adventure are very high.

In the past, Port Moresby has had some interesting things said about it that has not always been good, but this should not stop anyone from visiting here. There are two sides to Port Moresby like most places in the world and all tourism and attractions are only in the good side.

It is an amazingly beautiful place with great daytime activities, very friendly people that are happy to help you, excellent mouth watering tasty food and lively entertainment at nighttime.  Read More...

For Excellent Trails to Spectacular Views Take a Sightseeing Tour to Varirata National Park

For a Sun and Fun Portal With More, go on a Private Tour of Port Moresby

Some of the types of places to see in and around the city of Port Moresby include a sightseeing tour of Varirata National Park, Rouna Falls, Adventure Park PNG, Museums, Monuments, a zoo, an aquarium, Orchid gardens and a War Cemetery.

When it comes to activities to do in Port Moresby, there is no shortage. As the city is pretty much surrounded by water on three sides, there are excellent water sports such as swimming, water skiing, water boarding, jet skiing, snorkelling and scuba diving. With the mountain ranges close by there are many walking, hiking and mountain biking trails

Top 10 Things to Do in Port Moresby

Port Moresby Nature Park
1 When you are in Port Moresby, take a sightseeing tour to Port Moresby Nature Park. This is Papua New Guinea’s best botanical gardens and native Zoological parks showing the nations plants and wildlife in a very picturesque setting. Some of the types of animals that can be seen include kangaroos, wallabies, cassowaries and many species of exotic birds. The city’s only rainforest is located in this park.
Varirata National Park
2 Not far from the city of Port Moresby is Varirata National Park and a great sightseeing tour. There are great walking trails that are from 45 minutes long to three hours long that lead you to spectacular and stunning viewing points to look back on Port Moresby and its coast. It is a wonderful place for Birdwatcher to see such birds as Raggiana Birds and Kingfishers and many more interesting species.  
Rouna Falls
3 A place for spectacular views on a sightseeing tour is Rouna Falls near Varirata National Park. This waterfall is awe-inspiring the way it thunders down to the Laloki River Gorge. For the best views, take the short walk through the forest and you will come out at a spot where the views are breathtaking. It is a very popular attraction for both tourists and the locals, but when you see it yourself, you completely understand why.  
National Museum and Art Gallery
4 Take a guided tour the National Museum and Art Gallery located in Port Moresby. It is from here you will learn the rich natural, cultural and contemporary history of Papua New Guinea. This national museum, owned by the people, includes collections of over 25,000 archaeological, over 18,000 natural science, over 30,000 anthropological, over 20,000 war relics and over 7,000 pieces of contemporary art.  
National Parliament House
5 Take a guided tour to the National Parliament House in Port Moresby for something different. Your guide will tell you some very interesting facts about the goings on in the politics of the Country and the history of its politics. The architecture is of a Maprik style ‘Haus tambaran’. There are many fascinating features such as the handles on the doors to the cavernous lobby which are shaped like a drum with lizard skin.  
Bomana War Cemetery
6 The largest war cemetery found in the Pacific is the Bomana War Cemetery in Port Moresby. Although it sounds wrong to say, it is a great sightseeing tour because it commemorates the bravery of men and women from Papua New Guinea and Australia who lost their lives in wars. There are 3,779 graves of which 3,069 are known, 237 are unknown and 443 allied airmen and sailors. The cemetery is kept in excellent pristine condition.  
Bulldog Track
7 One of the best exciting and adventurous guided tours in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea is the Bulldog Track in the Owen Stanley Mountains. It is an off the beaten track adventure through the jungle. The route mainly follows the track the Anzac soldiers used during World War II for supplies when fighting the Japanese. The track entails walking through chilly highlands, coastal swamps, thick jungle and many rivers.  
Kokoda Trail
8 Another excellent guided tour to take is the Kokoda Trail that goes through the Sogeri area near Port Moresby. This 96km trail is regarded as one of the world’s greatest treks that connect the north and south of Papua New Guinea. The trails consist of rugged mountains, jungle, clear streams and valleys. There are easy short trails that cover part of the full trail if you are not an experienced bushwalker.    
Diving in Port Moresby
9 To enjoy some of the best diving, take a fantastic boat tour to go scuba diving and snorkelling in the waters surrounding Port Moresby. There are fascinating sunken barrier reefs, sunken wrecks, colourful and surprising sea life all to be explored. The guides and diving instructors on your tours will lead you to the best places and make sure you get to have the best experience when underwater.
Ela Beach
10 When you are taking a rest from the many sightseeing and guided tours that can be taken when visiting Port Moresby, spend the day relaxing on Ela Beach. There is not too much to do here but relax, wind down, sunbathe and swim. The waters are shallow, clear and inviting after being in the sun on the wonderful white sandy beach that stretches for one kilometre.

Travel Tips for Port Moresby

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