Try a Luxury Papua New Guinea Private Tour and See the Mudmen Villages

Try a Luxury Papua New Guinea Private Tour and See the Mudmen Villages.  Only second in size to Greenland, Papua New Guinea is the highest island in the world. To its north is Australia and to the west Indonesia giving it a very diverse culture. This island is rich in exotic wildlife, unparalleled beauty and cultural traditions that stretch back decades; it is one of the last adventure frontiers for many travellers.

Take a custom tour of the png, and you will see it is covered in vast rainforest, mountains and a river delta system with coral and the bluest of blue tropical waters. The locals are steeped in the tradition and customs of their culture, and it can be seen in everyday life, most especially in their openness, charming welcome and hospitality.

They host many traditional festivals like The Goroka Show, it is held on the island in mid-September and is a highlight for many tourists on a private tour. Adventures also like to travel to Britain and Ireland Island just off the coast they are popular because of Tavurvur volcano and the Wilhelm mountain tracks. If you take the time to visit Papua New Guinea, you are in for the best adventure of your life.   Read More...

Try a Luxury Papua New Guinea Private Tour and See the Mudmen Villages

The Goroka Show and Festival is held in mid-September over the Independence Day weekend. On a Papua New Guinea guided private tour see how the Festival Attracts more singing, dancing and festival groups than any other on the island.

A glamour event on the social calendar for locals and performers, it is visually beautiful and very popular with tourists and locals. The traditional costumes and intricate face painting are amazing, the number of traditional feathers that go ono the many headdresses is uncountable.

All aspects of this festival are precise and genuine to the culture of the islanders, and a must see on any sightseeing private tours of PNG.

Top Things to See and Do in Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby Nature Park
1 On a guided private sightseeing tour of Port Moresby Nature Park, you will visit one of the leading native zoological parks and botanical gardens in the world.  The park showcases the best of the nation's fauna and flora in one of the most picturesque islands in the region. With birds of paradise, reptiles, kangaroos,  parrots and lots more take every opportunity to see what you can on your visit to PNG.  
2 Madang Province sightseeing guided private tours are the most popular trips in Papua New Guinea for scuba divers and thrill seekers with incredible water sports just off the reef-fringed lowlands.  The backdrop of this area has rugged mountains, lush vegetation and the amazing volcanic islands located nearby.  The prettiest town in the Pacific lives up to its name this place is unforgettably gorgeous.    
Mount Tavurvur
3 The most dangerous volcano in Papua New Guinea is Rabaul volcano as is one of the most active in the world.  A guided private tour will take thrill-seekers as close as they can to the area since its violent last eruption 1994 and its subsequent awakening in 2014 which made headlines around the world.  This is a one-time opportunity don't pass it up on your PNG holiday.      
Kokoda Trail
4 Another excellent guided tour to take is the Kokoda Trail that goes through the Sogeri area near Port Moresby. This 96km trail is regarded as one of the world’s greatest treks that connect the north and south of Papua New Guinea. The trails consist of rugged mountains, jungle, clear streams and valleys. There are easy short trails that cover part of the full trail if you are not an experienced bushwalker.    
Rouna Falls
5 A place for spectacular views on a sightseeing tour is Rouna Falls near Varirata National Park. This waterfall is awe-inspiring the way it thunders down to the Laloki River Gorge. For the best views, take the short walk through the forest and you will come out at a spot where the views are breathtaking. It is a very popular attraction for both tourists and the locals, but when you see it yourself, you completely understand why.  
Bomana Way Cemetery
6 The largest war cemetery found in the Pacific is the Bomana War Cemetery in Port Moresby. Although it sounds wrong to say, it is a great sightseeing tour because it commemorates the bravery of men and women from Papua New Guinea and Australia who lost their lives in wars. There are 3,779 graves of which 3,069 are known, 237 are unknown and 443 allied airmen and sailors. The cemetery is kept in excellent pristine condition.  
National Museum
7 Take a guided tour the National Museum and Art Gallery located in Port Moresby. It is from here you will learn the rich natural, cultural and contemporary history of Papua New Guinea. This national museum, owned by the people, includes collections of over 25,000 archaeological, over 18,000 natural science, over 30,000 anthropological, over 20,000 war relics and over 7,000 pieces of contemporary art.  
The Sepik River
8 The Sepik River guided private tour is one of two tropical rivers in Papua New Guinea.  Surrounded by dense forest and lowlands, it is very unique.  Along the bank of the river, there are many tribes and villages that have not changed their way of life.  See the many spirit houses and ornate wood carvings to ward off evil spirits as many of these people live at the mercy of the river and surrounding nature.  
9 Kokopo is an excellent base for your visit to PNG on private tour.  You can acclimatise to the local elements and get your body clock right before you venture off on sightseeing tours.  This town was developed after the 1994 volcanic eruption that wiped out the first Rabaul.  The people of the town are very proud, helpfull and welcoming.    
Asaro Mudmen
10 Asaro village on the north-west of Goroka is famous for its guided private tours of the mudmen warriors.  These men would cover themselves in mud and ware huge handmade clay masks before heading out on raids and hunting.  Take a village tour as opposed seeing them in a hotel show as you get a real feel for the village life and culture of this unique tribe.      
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