Sightseeing Private Tour of Ulaanbaatar the Yin and Yang of Mongolia!

Ulaanbaatar, the Capital of Mongolia, is an enormous city of throbbing with a life of commerce, crazy traffic, fabulous nightlife and a very bohemian culture, the Mongolian capital is exciting and unforgettable regardless which direction you take! 

Sightseeing private tour of Ulaanbaatar the yin and yang of Mongolia!

This significant yet chaotic Capital of Mongolia is an adventure of a lifetime. Take your time, breathe deeply and go with the flow of this ever-changing city from dawn until dusk! 

It is certainly a city that's a fabulous mix of cultures and all blend in well with each other. Miles and miles of beautiful countryside outside the city are unbelievably stunning. 

The green landscapes rolling for miles with various animals running free is a site to be seen when you choose this holiday destination.

Take your time and enjoy every single minute. 

Ulaanbaatar Sightseeing Tour of the Yak Racing and Yak Polo Show in a Guided Tour of Mongolia

Sightseeing Private Tour of Ulaanbaatar the Yin and Yang of Mongolia!

Mongolian’s divide their country into three distinct ecoregions - Gobi, Khangai and Tal Kerem Bus. Khangai describes the mountain step and mountain forest steppe regions of their country, and that’s what you should be focussing on when you choose this holiday destination.

Ulaanbaatar sightseeing guided tour of the yak racing and yak polo show in a guided tour of Mongolia.

The whole area is dominated by wilderness – rugged mountains, alpine lakes, wildflower meadows, river valleys and the southern forested fringes of the Siberian Taiga.

The Landscape plays an important part in the way of life of actual rural Mongolians, try and discover and explore the different regions of the Khangai, so you’ll experience how the locals live among the landscape they call home.

Book a guided tour to see the yak racing and yak polo and even a yak beauty show!!

It includes a Mongolian festival; it includes a concert of cultural music and dance.

Travel Tips for Ulaanbaatar

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