Sightseeing Private Tour of Ulaanbaatar the Yin and Yang of Mongolia!

Ulaanbaatar, the Capital of Mongolia, is an enormous city of throbbing with a life of commerce, crazy traffic, fabulous nightlife and a very bohemian culture, the Mongolian capital is exciting and unforgettable regardless which direction you take! 

Sightseeing private tour of Ulaanbaatar the yin and yang of Mongolia!

This significant yet chaotic Capital of Mongolia is an adventure of a lifetime. Take your time, breathe deeply and go with the flow of this ever-changing city from dawn until dusk! 

It is certainly a city that's a fabulous mix of cultures and all blend in well with each other. Miles and miles of beautiful countryside outside the city are unbelievably stunning. 

The green landscapes rolling for miles with various animals running free is a site to be seen when you choose this holiday destination.

Take your time and enjoy every single minute.  

Ulaanbaatar Sightseeing Tour of the Yak Racing and Yak Polo Show in a Guided Tour of Mongolia

Sightseeing Private Tour of Ulaanbaatar the Yin and Yang of Mongolia!

Mongolian’s divide their country into three distinct ecoregions - Gobi, Khangai and Tal Kerem Bus. Khangai describes the mountain step and mountain forest steppe regions of their country, and that’s what you should be focussing on when you choose this holiday destination.

Ulaanbaatar sightseeing guided tour of the yak racing and yak polo show in a guided tour of Mongolia.

The whole area is dominated by wilderness – rugged mountains, alpine lakes, wildflower meadows, river valleys and the southern forested fringes of the Siberian Taiga.

The Landscape plays an important part in the way of life of actual rural Mongolians, try and discover and explore the different regions of the Khangai, so you’ll experience how the locals live among the landscape they call home.

Book a guided tour to see the yak racing and yak polo and even a yak beauty show!!

It includes a Mongolian festival; it includes a concert of cultural music and dance.

Top 10 Things to Do in Ulaanbaatar

Genghis Khan Statue Complex
1 This amazing 130-foot statue of Genghis Kahn is breathtaking; you can see nature at its finest with a fabulous view of the countryside from the top of the figure where you are looking out the horses head! Amazing . You can also take photographs in the traditional Mongolian costumes. Lovely museum and shops to visit as well. A Perfect sightseeing private tour while in Mongolia.
Gorkhi-Terelj National Park
2 This is one the most stunning and scenic national park just 2 hours away from Ulaan Baatar. The Gers are blended in spectacular settings amidst the Granite Rocks. It is a privilege to go and see the fantastic views over this park. Especially in winter with the snow lying on the ground, it is just spectacular! New lodges being built to accommodate overnight stays for the tourists. A guided tour here is a must for your bucket list.
Gandantegchenling Monastery
3 Very Interesting monastery to visit, and a holy place for the locals. Good spot for to taking photographs of the stunning architecture and the monks praying and chanting. Also great to sit and relax and watch the locals go about their day. The interior of the temple is beautiful with a massive Buddha. Although the outside is in disrepair the inside is worth the small entrance fee to see the inside. Remember to leave a wish on the wishing tree as you leave!
Hustai National Park
4 Mongolia is really a huge natural park with herds of animals, horses, cows, sheep roaming around free! Some of them wild some not so much. Lots of wild horses roaming here in groups and a great experience to have a private jeep safari tour to drive through the national park and see these beautiful animals up close and personal. You can camp overnight on your guided tour as well and take in the ambience of the park at night.  
Bogd Khan Palace Museum
5 This is a massive complex and fascinating Palace. The temples and pagodas are architecturally spectacular, mostly painted in green and dark red. The roofs are very intricate in their detailing. The buildings house many paintings, thangkas, carvings and sculpture. It is best to get an excellent tour guide so they can describe the history behind the temple. No photographs allowed to be taken inside. For a fee, you would be authorised.  
Mary and Martha Mongolia
6 While Mongolia and discovering its rich culture and amazing landscapes.Mary and Martha's shop are doing a fantastic job ensuring incomes for the local community and locals throughout Mongolia and how everything is ethically sourced locally and traditionally made products. Huge selection of products from clothing to toys. A fantastic project that is supporting the locals financially all year around.Pop in and buy some free trade goods as souvenirs.
Steam Locomotive Museum
7 Rail continues to play a significant role in Mongolia's history and growth. In the museum, the machines responsible for helping Mongolia be what it is now, are on showcase. It contains many trains and engines from different times in Mongolia's history. An interesting sight is a train with a plate that has Joseph Stalin on it.
Migjid Janraisig Sum
8 The Gaden Monastery is a must-visit for anyone travelling to Mongolia, and this statue is the highlight. WOW! the huge Buddha statue is amazing to see you can get a real feel for the culture here as the locals are praying to their god ( Janraisag) You are allowed to take photographs for a small fee. The biggest figure of God can be seen as well in the garden of longevity.  
National History Museum
9 The museum has many pieces in the exhibition, showing the history of Mongolia divided into different periods of time. Very well organised and cheap entrance ticket, about 3 USD. However, the presentations are a fabulous way to get an overview as well as some detailed information about the history from prehistoric times up to now. Genghis Khan plays a huge part of the Mongolian history.A private guided tour is exceptional.
Zaisan Memorial
10 This fabulous Zaisan Memorial Monument has 642 stairs to climb. This amazing statue was created showing the friendship between Mongolia and Russia. The rise to the top is very worthwhile as the view you get is a breathtaking scene of the whole city. A perfect place for photograph opportunities. The interior is made up of puzzle art out of stone. A visit here is a must for your bucket list.

Travel Tips for Ulaanbaatar

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You will taste nomadic life 100% like herders do. Herding dozens of animals, produce dairy curd, alcoholic drinks, cooking traditional meal under guide

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