With Sights to Brighten Up Any Day, Take a Private Tour of Darkhan

With sights to brighten up any day of your holiday, take a private tour of Darkhan

When you are thinking of Mongolia as a destination for a holiday, you think of Gobi desert in the summer heat and Genghis Khan on snowy mountains in the winter but there are great areas that are being redeveloped for tourism or have already been and Darkhan is one of those cities.

Situated between Khangai and Khentii mountains in the Orkhon and Selene's large river valleys, there is no shortage of spectacular views to be seen and admired here.

Darkhan is the second largest city in Mongolia, the largest industrial centre and has rich natural resources which have helped its economy and in turn, has helped to improve the city’s infrastructure.

Due to where Darkhan is situated, tourists can expect lots of fresh air, blue skies, peaceful environment and lots of open space to enjoy outdoor activities.  Read More...

On Private Tours With Nomads in Darkhan, You Get to Experience the Wonderful Life They Lead

With Sights to Brighten Up Any Day, Take a Private Tour of Darkhan

Mongolia is famous for nomads and Ghengis Khan is the most famous as it was him that joined the nomadic tribes of Northeast Asia together which led to the Mongol Empire.

There are still nomads all over the Country and in Darken you can experience the life of nomads by going on specialised tours.

Help the nomads herd the sheep and sleep in a ger (traditional nomad yurt).

Visit the museums in Darkhan to learn the fascinating history of this country and city.

Alternatively, Darkhan has fabulous summers with sunny days and temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius, so relax in luxury and appreciate the surrounding natural beauty.

Top 10 Things to Do in Darkhan

Morin Khuur Monument
1 From the grand monument, you can take a lovely stroll to the Seated Buddha Statue situated over the suspension bridge. The Beautiful view from the bridge is worth it is you catch the sun going down. The stairs can be a bit uneven in places so take your time and once at the top see the glorious views over the old and new Darkhan.A perfect guided tour here for amazing photographs.
Take a Nomad Tour
2 To understand the artistic spirit of the Mongolian locals, the best way is to a stay with a nomadic family who live there life as Genghis Khan had. You too can be part of the community for up to 8 days. Learning the traditional way of life, by cooking, making dairy foods and even herding sheep. This guided private tour is a must when visiting Mongolia! be a part of the culture and become a nomad.  
Kharagiin Khiid
3 Kharagiin khiid is Buddhist monastery situated in the middle of old Darkhan. It is always somewhat busy with the locals and the monks who are in training. The monastery is fully functioning, and you can see them chanting and get a chance to spin the wheel and make a wish. If you want to chill out,  grab a book and sit under a tree for a few hours and inhale the peace and serenity of the area.  
Museum of Dakrhan-Uul
4 The museum of Darkhan Uul is situated on the second floor of a market in the newer area of New Darkhan, the Old District. There is a small collection of taxidermy animals, a traditional culture room, and artefacts dedicated to the city of Darkhan. The tour guides are helpful and friendly and speak some English. However, the artefacts are all in broken English explaining what they are about. No photography allowed unless you pay a small fee.  
Naadam Festival
5 Naadam Festival, guided tour is designed to bring you into the colourful cultural event of the year letting you discover a unique lifestyle of arts and music that reflect the true national identity and culture of Mongolian people. It is held every year between the 11th and 13th July. Plenty to watch and get involved in and people come far and wide to see this fabulous festival. One for your bucket list in 2017!
Visit Erdenet
6 Erdenet is known as the third-largest city in Mongolia and is the capital of Orkhon. Officially known as  Bayan-Öndör by the locals. Located in the northern part of the country, it lies in a valley between the Selenge and Orkhon rivers about 150mi north-west of Ulaanbaatar, the capital. The road length between Ulaanbaatar and Erdenet is about 230mi. Its has gorgeous landscaped with wild horses running everywhere!
Mongolian Blue Trail to Spiritual Shaman
7 A private tour where you get the chance to visit with the oldest holy souls on earth - Darkhad Shaman. Thier beliefs and rituals are all associated with the shaman, a man or a woman regarded as having access to the “spirit world”. Shamanism is a faith without books. All teaching and instruction have been given orally and passed down over the centuries from shaman to shaman. This tour gives a real insight into the spirit world.
Extreme Winter Reindeer Riding
8 Mother Nature has provided us with a unique opportunity to admire her beauty! What if you could be exploring the very North of Mongolia where, among the vast expanses of Taiga and precious natural treasures, where the Dukha-Reindeer herders live? Join a guided tour and make sure you do not miss this great opportunity to create memorable photographs of the people herding reindeer, living in its-teepees, migrating and practising shamanism.
Off Road Adventure
9 A real off-road guided tour adventure which crosses the vast Mongolian land vertically, while passing by different wild passages of nature. See amazing clear waters of the north, peaceful lush green meadows, as well as mega hot desert plains, surrounded by the mighty impressive dunes of the south; An off-road adventure gives you a fantastic chance to see the country at its best!   
Train Tour
10 A private train tour between the stunning landscapes and plains of Ulaanbaatar - Shainshand and Beijing. See the amazing sights around Mongolia and have an adventure of a lifetime experience at the same time. Watch the wild animals roam the plains while you are sitting comfortably on the train. It stops at various points for great photo opportunities.

Travel Tips for Darkhan

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