Adrenalin and Action Packed Party Town Guided Tour of Vang Vieng

Adrenalin and action packed party town guided tour of Vang Vieng. The stunning landscape around Vang Vieng draws you in enticingly.  

This action packed town is really little more than a bus station and a few streets and was once just a stop off point on the journey to the Thai border.  

Now, however, it has made its mark and is probably best known as Adventure Town due to its amazing array of adrenalin-inducing activities like kayaking, rock climbing and ziplining and its once hedonistic ways.  

Although many of the bars have been closed, it is still quite a party town with lazy, activity strewn days and party nights.  However, its stunning scenery and friendly locals still make it a place for thrill seekers and explorers of all ages.

After your partying is over head on over to the sleepy town of Laos their love for their country and its famous Temples and sites can clearly be seen, and from the Royal Palace to the humble waterfalls, they have nothing but pride and enthusiasm for it.  Read More...

Adventure and Fun for Everyone on These Thrill Seeking Private Tours of Vang Vieng

Adrenalin and Action Packed Party Town Guided Tour of Vang Vieng

Once a remote 'bus stop' this now vibrant town is the adventure capital of the area with many tour activities to choose from 

 Kayaking on the Nam Song River either slow and peaceful or fast choose!

Cool off in the stunningly beautiful Blue Lagoon with its piercing blue waters

Get dirty and motorbike around the region taking in the local villages and scenery

Become a local by shopping and eating at the local market

Tubing through the darkness of the water caves 

Fabulous sunset balloon rides over the jaw-dropping landscape 

Throw in a visit to the capital Vientiane a big capital city with a small town feel.  It's friendly and laid back atmosphere beckons you in to enjoy some of its charm and warm hospitality. 

Its complex history and old worldly charm seem to have kept it back somewhat but this only adds to its magnetism and visitors are easily seduced. 

Top 10 Things to Do in Vang vieng

Tham Phu Khan and Blue Lagoon
1 This breathtaking natural phenomenon is a must, but you really need to visit in the dry season when the lagoon is actually blue. After the extreme heat of Laos cool down in these sky blue crystal waters or, if you dare, jump from the high tree or just laze on the swing taking in the perfect scenery. After taking a climb to the vast cave for a splendid view and also inside you can find a Buddhist altar. Remember to rent a torch, though.
2 Kayaking on the Nam Song River is one of the great ways to explore the area. For the nervous traveller we found the dry season to be the best time to take up this activity as the river is reasonably calm and you can just drift along and admire the all round stunning view. For the more adventurous amongst us the wet season is perfect with a faster flowing river and a few rapids to add to excitement. Half day or full day trips on offer.
Wat That
3 This small Temple is popular with tourists wanting to witness the stunning architecture without be overwhelmed as in the larger temples. Its peaceful surroundings and the spiritual atmosphere of its lush gardens add to its charm. A large golden entrance arch stands guarded by ornate green multi headed Nagas welcoming you into the temple complex with its Stupas, statues of golden Buddhas and a colourful main hall.
Balloon rides
4 A dream come true for many a trip in hot air balloon is a popular way to see the stunning landscape from a different perspective. A private Tour at sunset was absolutely jaw dropping as we floated over the villages it seemed as if we had returned to a different era. The surrounding mountains with the sun setting behind them were indescribable and photos couldn't do it justice. As we glided into land we were only sorry the trip was over.
Motorcycle or buggy tours
5 Probably the most incredible thing to do in Vang Vieng was to hire an ATV bike and head off exploring for ourselves. For a couple of hours we felt like rebels riding out to tiny villages past muddy rice fields and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. In one village we were stopped by a local and together we drank some traditional rice whiskey..well would have been rude not to. We arrived back tired and muddy but very happy.
Tham Xang elephant cave
6 Once feared by the locals because of a rock formation inside resembling a monsters head this cave has now become a significant Buddhist shrine. Not long after fear made them destroy the said monster an elephant head appeared from the rock in a different area of the cave. This head has become revered and is now a pilgrimage site to sprinkle water on it and pray for their good health. Small passages off the cave lead other smaller caves.
7 Zip-lining a thrilling adrenaline inducing activity at the awesome Blue Lagoon. A private tour took us to a small traditional village to watch local handicrafts being made and then on to the Lagoon. After safety instructions we climbed to the top cave and an amazing display of stalagmites and stalactites before it truly started. Zooming over rice fields complete with ant sized workers and the stunning Blue Lagoon was truly exhilarating.
Wat Sisaket
8 Surrounded by tropical fruit trees this small Temple is best visited early morning when you may witness the charming ceremony of the locals coming to pray but also to offer the Monks here some food. It was a delightful thing to witness. Famous for its beautiful architecture it also houses hundreds of seated Buddhas along its cloister walls. Its ornate tiered roof and Ordination Hall ceiling covered in flowers are a must to see.
Tham Nam water cave
9 Of all the many caves in the area this is by far the most popular so we went early to avoid the crowds. You travel into the darkness of this huge underground cave on your own tube. Pulling yourself along on the guide rope, once inside you can climb out or just continue to float around admiring the stunning natural rock. Not a large cave as it has a very low roof but certainly worth a visit for a few hours of relaxation.
Vang Vieng Market
10 Wherever you are you should never miss the chance to visit a local market to get a real feel of how locals live their everyday life. During the day the area is alive with many covered stalls and shouts from traders offering their fresh produce at ridiculous prices. After night fall the market takes on a different vibe with its sparkling lights tempting you in to try some of the local Laos cuisine or other Asian influenced dishes.

Travel Tips for Vang vieng

Let the activities begin!