Taj Mahal Private Tour of Agra the Majestic Wonder of Maharajas

Like moths to an eternal flame, tourists are drawn to this wondrous place home of the Taj Mahal. A Taj Mahal private tour of Agra the majestic wonder of Maharajas, allows you to witness Indias most famous resident in all her glory and she never disappoints.  

Mere words are not enough to describe its remarkable beauty, grace, and elegance.  Who doesn't want their photograph taken here??

Agra, however, is not just the Taj Mahal it has many other attractions left over from the glory days of the rule of the Mughal Empire.  

Straddling the holy Yamuna River, Agra has its fair share of other spectacular mausoleums and tombs and, although overshadowed, they are still fascinating in their own right.

A part of Indias Golden Triangle which includes Delhi and Jaipur, it forms an important component of the tourism industry here and is on most people's holiday bucket list.  

Often overlooked though is the fact that India also holds two other UNESCO World Heritage Sites just as impressive and important.  The mystic ruined city of Fatehpur Sikri and Mathura the most famous Hindu Pilgrimage Centre which should also be visited.   Read More...

Take an Agra Sightseeing Tour of Taj Mahal Indias Bittersweet Monument

Taj Mahal Private Tour of Agra the Majestic Wonder of Maharajas

Is there anybody in the word that hasn't heard the tragic love story of the Taj Mahal?  However, Agra is not just the Taj Mahal there are plenty of other amazing sites and monunments to see there.  Take an Agra sightseeing tour of:-

Baby Taj delicately carved lattice screen dedicated to a Persian Nobleman

Make a guided private tour of the fantastic Taj Museum containing the original Taj Mahal architectural drawings as well as other preserved artefacts

UNESCO protected Agra Fort a monumental feat of Mughal construction and powerful fortress

The unique spectacle that is the Taj Mahal, serene and stunning in all its breathless glory 

Colourful market stalls and even more unusual traders are vying for business in the tiny maze of lanes at the Bazaar.

Take a custom tour to see the amazing Bear Rescue Facility dedicated to saving these Sloth Bears from poachers and extinction.

Top 10 Things to Do in Agra

Taj Mahal
1 Described by Kipling as ‘the embodiment of all things pure’ the Monumental glory of the Taj Mahal is known all over the world. Undoubtedly the world's most beautiful building  I don’t think there is anybody that hasn't heard its tragic story. On a private tour, your first sight of this exquisite construction will leave you speechless and breathless, truly indescribable. Designated a World Heritage Site and rightly so.
Agra Fort
2 Another well-deserved UNESCO site is the striking Agra Fort. The Red Fort of Agra as it is known was constructed in the 16th century and is a monumental feat of Mughal construction. The red sandstone walls of this fortress give an indication of its might and power and protects the Imperial City. A private tour inside finds two beautiful mosques, as well as two fantastical Palaces of Jahangir and Khas Mahal, also built by Shah Jahan.
Mehtab Bagh
3 Built as part of a series of 11 parks on the east bank of the Yamuna River this centuries old garden complex is known as the Moonlight Garden. After falling into disrepair and severely neglected it was rebuilt mainly to protect the Taj from the sand blowing across the river and its erosive effect. Restored to its former glory as a lush oasis now it is the best place for a photograph of the great Taj down their perfectly aligned gardens.
Taj Museum
4 Situated inside the Taj complex at the edge of the picturesque gardens is the Taj Museum. A private tour of this small museum has excellent examples of original Mughal miniature paintings as well as some well-preserved silver and gold coins. Most interesting are the original, intricate architectural drawings of the Taj and portraits of Emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal to whom the great Mausoleum is dedicated.
Itimad ud Daulah
5 Baby Taj as it is affectionately known is not as grand as the Taj Mahal, but its delicate appearance makes it a unique building in its own right. This Persian Nobleman's Tomb with its finely carved lattice screens was the first structure to be built completely from marble by the Mughals. The first of many tombs to be constructed on the banks of the Yamuna which, until then, had been just a succession of Spectacular pleasure gardens.
Chini ka Rauza
6 Lying hidden behind a shady avenue of trees on the banks of the river lies Chini ka Rauza. The Persian style tomb of Afzal Khan was built between 1628 and 1639 and is one of Agra's hidden gems and rarely visited. As a poet who served as chief minister to the Shah Jahan his tomb was once richly decorated with glazed tiles thought to be brought from China some of which remain to this day and make this a site worth seeking out.
Kinari Bazaar
7 A crazy maze of tiny lanes behind Jama Masjid is where you will find the Kinari Bazaar. Colourful market stalls pack the streets vying for trade and trying to catch your attention. Even if you don’t want to buy anything you have to visit just to witness the sheer craziness of the whole thing. Selling literally anything from clothing to spices its hard not to be tempted. You even see the odd elephant wandering through..as you do..
Fatehpur Sikri
8 During the reign of Emperor Akbar built his short-lived Capital here. This monumental fortified ancient city included three Palaces, one for each of his favourite wives. Still today the stunning mosque is used for everyday prayer. A Saint in the village predicted that an Heir to the Mughal throne would be born Akbar erected his capital here after it came true. Take a private tour of this mostly abandoned site now protected by UNESCO.
Khas Mahal
9 On the banks of the Yamuna lies the beautiful Palace of Khan Mahal built by Shah Jahan for his beloved daughters. Adorned with golden engravings and ornamental floral designs the interior is even more spectacular than the outside. Constructed in red sandstone but then covered in white plaster it sits majestically reflecting the sun in beautiful glory. Take a private tour and stroll its gardens, open courtyards and stunning fountains.
Agra Bear Rescue Facility
10 Something a bit different is a private tour of Agra Bear Rescue Facility which has the world's largest Sloth Bear population. In a large, shady forest enclosure live over 200 sloth bears. After rescue, bears are vaccinated and then put into a socialisation unit where they are monitored for social problems. A brilliant facility where these cuddly bears are loved and cared for and protected from the threat of poachers.

Travel Tips for Agra

Let the activities begin!
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