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  • Booking directly saves you money
  • Booking directly gives you more personalised rooms
  • Booking directly gives you more flexibility
  • Book a hotel directly and get your discount code
  • Book a hotel directly get more free complimentary
  • You don't have to pay additional booking, change or cancellation fees
  • You can leverage elite benefits and earn loyalty currency
  • You can capitalise on co-branded credit card bonuses
  • You have more leverage in case of changes, delays or cancellations
Need Inspiration for Where to Book Your Next Hotel?
Benefits to Direct Booking a Hotel
Benefits to Direct Booking a Hotel

There are many great advantages to booking your hotel room directly and not through Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) and here are just a few...

Choosing the Perfect Hotel
Choosing the Perfect Hotel

With the number of promotions, deals & wonderful tantalizing photos available on the websites of Hotels and Country Homes, it is difficult to make a decision on where to book.

Some Tricks to Scoring Deals With Hotels Directly
Some Tricks to Scoring Deals With Hotels Directly

Where there is a will there is a way’ to scoring excellent deals when booking any of the various types of accommodation directly,

Which Travel Persona Are You
Which Travel Persona Are You?

Well, would you be surprised to learn that there are actual studies and researches on the persona of people who travel?

Book a Hotel Near These Free To See Great Attractions
Book a Hotel Near These Free To See Great Attractions

Another interesting fact that may help you choose the perfect destination and Hotel, Inn is the excellent Sights or experiences which are free to see.

Book Directly With Hotels, Compare Rates & Receive Complimentary Extras

privatetour.com will only promote a hospitality provider that will give bookers from our website a minimum of 2 extra free amenities separate from their standard ones.

It has always been our belief that if hotels or whichever type of accommodation cannot lower their prices due to rate parity clauses with OTA’s then giving people stuff for free is as good as a lower price.

We want you to get more free amenities than the average guest, for instance;

We have hotels who give privatetour.com bookers the likes of a free Sand Trip Tour. A journey to an isolated island of sand in the middle of the Indian Ocean but don't worry, they guarantee us they will come back for you! Or they invite you to an evening BBQ on the beach. We can confirm that there are meat and vegetables cooked on these BBQ’s, you would be surprised with how many people actually ask that question as they think there is a catch to getting something for free ;)

Another very popular free amenity which privatetour.com bookers benefit from when booking accommodation in safari countries is a free nighttime game safari tour. These safari tours tend to start at sunset and continue for two to three hours later. See the activity of the nocturnal animals like never before.

The advantage to booking your hotel directly via privatetour.com is that we encourage hospitality providers from all over the globe to offer amenities that guests need as well as others they can enjoy.

For instance the cost of airport transfer can be expensive the further away the hotel is and this is one of the main reasons that discourages people from booking their preferred hotel as it is an unnecessary added cost when they can choose another hotel, not as nice but closer, so we advise hotels to offer airport transfer and then everyone is happy. Whereas by booking on another platform you will not get this free amenity and incur the cost or not get to stay in the hotel you wish to.

From research and without stereotyping people, and of course, everyone can enjoy the following, but just as examples here are a few suggestions of the amenities you can experience from different hospitality providers:

For a girly type weekend away, find the hotel that will give you plenty of free spa treatments, a VIP chauffeur driven shopping experience or even your very own sunscreen butler, a personal butler to make sure you have sunscreen on all the hard to reach areas of your body, your back of course!

For the tomboyish getaway, there are hotels who will give you personalised football jerseys when there for a match, in America there is a hotel where you can have the World Series Trophy for a night in your room, enjoy endless rounds of golf at a golf resort or better yet, have your own beer and ice attendant!

For the romantic couple enjoy a meal cooked by your own personal chef, some hotels offer ‘pillow fight prep’ which are light feather pillows for the fight and milk and cookies for afterwards or there is always the ‘pleasure menu’ to choose from!

Pet lovers are not left out either as some pet-friendly hotels offer the services of pet psychics and pet psychologists as their additional perks. There are also dog surfing lessons for those hotels close to the beach.

When you take the time to investigate the range of amenities that hotels or other hospitality providers can offer, you will be surprised and sometimes maybe even shocked but in a good way!

Other amenities we have found include Tarot card readings, Netflix streaming, Book Butler to choose your perfect book from an extensive library, an aura architect to create a room atmosphere customised to you to ensure a peaceful stay and zen like vibe, a cycle ride with the Manager Director, a personal wardrobe consultant, customised perfume, personalised soap made a chosen scent, a personalised sewing kit left by the housekeeper after her first visit with colours to match your wardrobe, a beekeeping experience, roof top guitar lessons, easel and paints in your room to create unique artwork, a walk with a hawk or a drive around town in a Ferrari or Lamborghini. And these are only a few!!

With our ‘booking hotels direct with a difference’, we endeavour to have hospitality providers who will offer guests as many of the above as possible. Then you can find the perfect hotel or any other type of accommodation for any occasion with specific free amenities ideally suited for that event.

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