Numerous Notable Private Sightseeing Tours of Nuuk and Natural Wonders

Greenland’s capital city is Nuuk and even though, by population, it is among the smallest capitals in the world, it is still home to nearly a quarter of the Country’s population. It is from here you can do amazing Nuuk private sightseeing tours far and wide.

When you visit Nuuk, there is both old and new features and lifestyles with the younger generation craving everything modern and some locals still living the traditional life. A Nuuk walking tour through the old harbour will show how strong history and tradition remains in an ever developing city.

The culture and history are important to this city and the best ways to learn is to go on private guided tours Nuuk of Greenlands National Museum, historic homes, traditional churches, the Cultural Centre of Greenland or Nuuk Art Museum to name a few.

Nuuk is a capital city that is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, a city of vitality with modern twists on old traditions. It is a place to visit before you start your great Nuuk adventure tours  Read More...

Explore the Beauty of the Fjord by Kayak on Nuuk Adventure Tours

Numerous Notable Private Sightseeing Tours of Nuuk and Natural Wonders

There is a wide range of Nuuk adventure tours which start out from the city and which can bring you to distances further afield. A great way to explore the Nuuk Fjord is by kayak or boat. Some boat tours Nuuk have available will allow access to explore small huts and settlements in the backcountry.

Thanks to the deep waters found in the Fjord, it is ideal for great fishing tours where you can catch the likes of redfish and cod. There is also whale watching locations and the glacier, Narsap Sermia, flows in the fjord with the odd iceberg in tow!

Top 10 Things to Do in Nuuk

National Greenland Museum
1 The National Greenland Museum is a must with private guided tours Nuuk. Here you learn the history of Greenland going back 4,500 years, See the famous mummies from Qilakitsoq, the intact skin boat which is the oldest in the world estimated to date back to 15th century and Greenland cultural heritage special exhibitions. Along with fascinating artefacts and costumes through the ages, it is a memorable experience.  
Nuuk Art Museum
2 For a touch of culture, enjoy a guided Nuuk walking tour of the Nuuk Art Museum. It was first opened in 2005 and is housed in an old Adventist Church. The contents are the private art collection of the late Svend Junge, a contractor. There are stunning oil paintings by Emanuel A. Petersen portraying nature at its best and fascinating figurines of soapstone and Tupilaks. Visit the showrooms of highly artistic tools.
Katuaq Cultural House of Greenland
3 Take private guided tours Nuuk of the cultural House of Greenland where you find a mix of all things from art to music. Here artists from all over the world can exhibit their work. The building itself was opened to the public in 1997 and the architecture was inspired by the Northern Lights. It is not only a place to visit for cultural and artistic events but also a meeting place for groups and local events.  
Nuuk Cathedral
4 On Nuuk private sightseeing tours, visit Nuuk Cathedral or as it is also known the Cathedral of Our Savior or Annaassisitta Oqaluffia. It is located in the heart of Nuuk and was built of wood around 1849. Its red brick colour is very distinctive and there is a towering spire with a clock at its entrance which was added in 1928. It is one of the most important and recognisable landmarks.
Qornok Village
5 Another great Nuuk private sightseeing tour is that of the small Qornok Village which is found in the Nuuk Fjord system. Take a boat tour or speedboat to the village and explore this village which is located at the mouth of the ice fjord and often has icebergs surrounding it. Meet and learn about the locals before enjoying a freshly prepared fish meal, stroll the area and admire the stunning views.
Iceberg Cruises
6 Enjoy the leisurely boat tours Nuuk has to offer and do an Iceberg Cruise. From the harbour, the cruise takes you to the majestic and stunning icebergs as they float the deep icy waters. It is only when you gradually get closer to the icebergs that you realise just how big they are especially compared to the boat you are travelling in. It is an incredible, fascinating and extremely enjoyable tour to do.
Whale Watching
7 There are many great boat tours Nuuk can offer, but definitely its most popular are the whale watching boat tours. When the Fjords have melted from May onwards, you are into the best months that to see the whales. The type of whales you are likely you encounter include minke, Fin whales and humpback. If you are fortunate, there is the possibility of seeing blue whales, killer whales and sperm whales
Hiking tours - Nuuk
8 Hiking is among the best Nuuk Adventure tours you can do. In the winter it is a bit more extreme but exhilarating. The mountains surrounding the city of Nuuk are the prime location for the hiking tours. There are several types of hiking tours that range from easy to very extreme so you can choose the one best suited for you. All hikes are with professional guides and your safety is their priority.
Fishing Tours Nuuk
9 Fishing is very popular in Nuuk and is the livelihood for many locals. Therefore there are excellent fishing/ angling tours to do when you are here. Spend a day or just a half day out on the waters trying your luck. The waters around Nuuk are teeming with redfish and cod, so you are sure to catch something. The bonus of these tours are the spectacular views of the fjord and mountains from the water.
Kayaking Nuuk
10 For the more energetic tourist and water enthusiast, there are kayaking tours available from Nuuk. It is the ideal way to explore the shoreline of the city and fjord. You are accompanied on these kayaking tours by professional guides who help to steer you in the right direction. It is a fantastic way to spend time out in the fresh air although it can be a bit cold so be sure not to turn over the kayak!

Travel Tips for Nuuk

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