The Non-green Glaciers of Greenland Are Great to Explore on Guided Tours

There cannot be many countries in the world whereby its name is a contradiction when it comes to describing the Country, well, meet Greenland! The exploring Greenland private guided tours will, for the most part, be conducted surrounded by snow and ice.

Greenland is the World’s largest island and should be called ‘Whiteland’ because 85% of the Island is covered in Snow and ice. Legend has it that Eric the Red, a Viking exiled from Iceland to the Island, named it Greenland in the hope of attracting settlers to it. It is a self-governing Country that is part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

There are virtually no roads or railroads here except for a small few in the major cities. All private sightseeing tours Greenland are done by dog sleds, snowmobiles, boats, plane or helicopter.

Summer in Greenland is when the Sun never sets, from the end of May to the end of July the sun is visible in the sky even at night and giving a ‘warm glow’. It may be the reason that July is the only month of the year when temperatures in Greenland goes above freezing!

Winter is the season for the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis and just another great reason to visit on private Greenland tour. These are spectacular to see on clear nights from mid-September to mid-April.   Read More...

The Non-green Glaciers of Greenland Are Great to Explore on Guided Tours

Greenland adventure tours are limitless at any time throughout the year. Go on a thrilling Greenland safari tour and see the likes of Polar Bears, Muskox, caribou, fox, polar hare, wolves and ptarmigan.

Other great adventures include climbing or mountaineering the glaciers, cross-country skiing, ice hiking, dog sledging, kayaking, scuba diving and so much more. The great private boat tours Greenland have to offer include seeing the fabulous Fjords, moving icebergs and best of all the whales, Walrus and seals.

It may surprise you to learn that you can go on private Greenland tours and end up enjoying some time in a Hot Spring. There are many hot springs located throughout the Country, but the hots springs on the island of Uunartoq, which is uninhabited, is highly recommended. It is incredible to relax in a heated spring with icebergs and snow-capped mountains as your view!

Top 10 Things to Do in Greenland

Ilulissat Ice-fjord
1 Visit the Earths most northern UNESCO World Heritage Site the Ilulissat Ice-fjord on private sightseeing tours Greenland. Where you get to see the spectacular sight of icebergs in their thousands including the fastest glacier in the world, the Sermeq Kujalleq, that moves 40m a day. From the sky, the icebergs look small but then when you see a boat or ship along side them, you realise just how large they are.
2 Nuuk, the capital city, where you will find excellent Greenland private guided tours. Be introduced to contemporary culture and history of the Country. Visit the Museum of Inuit art, learn the history and lifestyle of living in the Arctic, have fun shopping before relaxing in trendy cafes and bars. At night enjoy fine dining in a gourmet restaurant. Outdoor activities include skiing, mountain biking and hiking.
Hot Springs
3 There are many hot springs to visit with private Greenland tours. However, the most popular Hot Springs is on the uninhabited island of Uunartoq. The main spring was once three smaller ones that merged over time and now looks like one giant hot tub or small pool. The temperatures of the water are always perfect for bathing no matter what time of the year you are there. The views of icebergs and snow are surreal.
Northern Lights Greenland
4 When visiting Greenland during September to April, you are in for a treat with the ‘greatest natural light show on earth’ the Northern Lights or as also known the Aurora Borealis. This natural phenomenon of colour and light dancing in the sky is due to the sun’s electrically charged particulars clashing with atoms in the earth's atmosphere. Take specialised private Greenland tours to the best viewing points.
Blue River
5 The best way to see the Blue River at its best is with helicopter private sightseeing tours Greenland. From the sky, the Blue River, a natural wonder, looks like a blue vein creeping and winding its way through the white ice and snow. It is found on the Peterman Glacier and its shape changes every year due to the melting snow. The best way to explore the river is by kayak. The sights are spectacular.
6 Greenland private guided tours of Qaqortoq are a must when you visit this country. It is the largest town in the south of Greenland and has been occupied for around 4,300 years. Enjoy relaxing in the peace and quiet or explore the unique architectural structures and museums. The town square fountain is the only one in Greenland and was built in 1927. There are great hiking trails to explore the fjord and glaciers nearby.
7 Travel to the east of Greenland and you arrive at Tasiiilaq, the largest eastern town that icon the island of Ammassalik approximately just 100 km from the Arctic Circle. This is the place to come for exciting Greenland adventure tours thanks to the fjord, mountains and river. Take your pick of kayaking through the icebergs on the fjord, climbing glaciers, ice hiking, skiing, dog sledge tours or whale watching.
Glaciers / Icebergs
8 With fantastic specialised private Greenland tours, it is recommended that everyone should experience a close encounter with a glacier or iceberg. It is only when you are in such close proximity of either that you realize what a natural phenomenon they are and how breathtakingly beautiful they are too. Enjoy a pleasurable boat tour on a Fjord and you may get to see an iceberg closer than you thought!
Whale Watching
9 Private boat tours Greenland include many professional boat tours that specialize in bringing you to the best locations for whale watching. By May, most of the fjords have melted and June/July are the best times. The type of whales you are likely you encounter include minke, Fin whales and humpback. If you are fortunate, there is the possibility of seeing blue whales, killer whales and sperm whales.  
Northeast Greenland National Park
10 Northeast Greenland National Park is the largest park and largest protected area of land in the world. With a Greenland safari tour experience the unique and unspoiled park. See the wildlife of the northern hemisphere which includes polar bears, giant walruses. This park is not your conventional park and special permission is needed to enter which is why you can only visit with authentic tours.    
Let the activities begin!