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Are you planning a trip to Cologne? Have you already booked the flight but are now looking for things to do? If either of these is true for you, we have the perfect solution in the shape of our Cologne Experience. In our private guided tour of old town/altstadt Cologne, we believe that you should not just ‘visit’ a place but truly ‘experience’ it by getting to know the culture, history, food, nature, and more. In this Cologne Experience, we are offering you the chance to join us on a relaxing walk through Old Town.

Firstly, right at the beginning of the tour, you will be paired with an experienced and passionate tour guide who will show you everything there is to see while informing you of the history and culture of the area and landmarks. Of course, one of the main sights to see in the location is Cologne Cathedral. After first being erected way back in 1248, this cathedral has an interesting history and is still used as the seat of the Archbishop of Cologne today. However, aide forms the cathedral many people often forget that there are others sights to see, and that is where the tour really comes to life.

If you like to immerse yourself into the history of an area, this is the tour for you as you will enjoy remains from the Middle Ages and even the Romans that can still be found dotted around this great city. In addition to this, you will also learn of Cologne’s extensive relationship with beer, and if you are visiting towards the end of the year, you will get to make the most of ‘Fifth Season.' Otherwise known as Carnival Season, this is a time of year that sees all kinds of markets, festivals, carnivals, and more.

  • Our tour guides are passionate about the great city of Cologne and love to pass information on to visitors so please do get in contact today if you want to book your spot on this superb tour.

    Furthermore, also get in contact if you have any questions or want more information about any of the individual sights or the tour itself.

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Reviewed by Zara Paul   November 18, 2016

Cologne is a simple city with Gothic flare. A combination of old and new. It kept raining the day we arrived. It kinds of disappointing. Because of the rain we could't follow our schedule for the first day. Our guide had to keep us in the hotel. But she was still so kind that she tried to organised a welcome dinner party that day. We felt so well greeted by that. The following days were great. We had a great view and could even see the live entertainment. Highly recommended. It worth your penny.

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