Eze on a Private Tour for a Memorable Medieval Village Experience

Eze on a private tour is a great way to experience this tiny medieval-like village. Described as the Jewel of the South of France, Eze is a popular place to holiday for everyone including royalty, the famous and the rich.

This village is perched on a rocky hill and has often been referred to as the 'Eagle nest village' due to its position on the hill.

 From the hill are the most spectacular views of the surrounding landscape and alluring sea below. It really is an idyllic place to visit or to see on a sightseeing tour.

As you step towards the village, you feel yourself gradually stepping back in time along the pedestrian only narrow cobblestone streets. The buildings look the exact same as they did when they were first built centuries ago.   Read More...

Take a Lovely Sightseeing Tour of the Jardin Botanique D’Eze

Eze on a Private Tour for a Memorable Medieval Village Experience

When you can draw your eyes away from the lovely views there are plenty of places within or close by the village to see. Further above the village is the Jardin Botanique D’Eze which was established in the ruins of a medieval castle.

When you climb towards the village, its church with an orange hue stands out among the other buildings. As you walk through the narrow streets, you notice that many of the houses are no longer lived in but are quaint cafes, restaurants, galleries or shops.

Top Things to See and Do in Eze

Jardin botanique d’Eze
1 Go on a stunning guided tour of the Jardin Botanique d’Eze, or as it is also called Jardin exotique d’Eze. These gardens were established in the ruins of a medieval castle that was once here. There are beautiful sculptures and amazing plantlike which includes a collection cactus from all over the world. In the exotic garden, you can see and learn about the exotic plants. 
Eglise Notre Dame de l'Assomption
2 As you approach the village of Eze, you can see this church with its yellow/orange hue as it stands above everything else in the village. When you are in Eze on a sightseeing tour, you should take the time to see it. The architecture is interesting yet simple and inside there are murals which are very beautiful. The outside has a well-maintained graveyard from which there are stunning views of the surrounding land and sea.
Parfumerie Galimard, Eze
3 Take a guided tour of the perfume factory and museum in Eze. This tour will take you behind the scenes of a traditional French parfumerie. Learn the secrets of how to create beautiful scents for lotions, soaps and perfumes. The museum that is part of the parfumerie is well worth the visit too and it is very interesting to learn everything there is to know about perfume.
4 This little kingdom is residence to very small streets, beautiful architectural structures, a globally famous casino, as well as huge contemporary yachts and all within reach with a private tour from Eze. There is so much to see when you visit here, it really is a fabulous place to sightsee. Also famous for the Grand Prix!
Hiking tours to Eze
5 For a different way to approach and sightsee a village why not take a hiking tour to Eze. You get to see the most amazing and spectacular views along the way. The trails are easy to follow and you get to meet some very interesting people that are on the same hiking tour, see fascinating flora and fauna too. It can be a bit of a trek but so worth the effort.
Nietzsche Path
6 Take the historic walking path tour from Eze Sur Mer which is beside the sea to Eze village up in the hills or vice versa. This is the path that a famous German philosopher named Friedrich Nietzsche walked every day when he was staying here or at least that is what legend says. It is a wonderful path with lots of breathtaking views.
Parfumerie Fragonard - L'Usine laboratoire
7 For a small village, Eze has two Parfumeries. The Parfumerie Fragonard - L’ Usine Laboratoire is another great place to take a guided tour. It is fascinating to walk through the laboratoire and learn the wonders of perfume making. There is a long history with this particular company that goes back to 1926 which is very interesting to learn about.
8 From Eze, Nice is one of the nearest major cities. It is a beach city in the south and is a popular location for tourists who would like to soak up the sun in the south part of France, but may not be in a position to afford Cannes or simply Monaco. So head here to explore the simple parts of the glorious coastline. See the amazing sights this city has to offer.

Travel Tips for Eze

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